Iran Protest

By on 9-12-2009 in News

Alyssa and Chris Gorham attend the Freedom For Iran Rally


  1. Hi Alyssa, thankyou for all the humanitarian work your doing. I can tell from your acting that you are a passionate and generous person. I am so happy to hear that you have found a wonderful partner and i wish you both exponential love and happiness. Peace :)

  2. DITTO to wut Jess just said cudn’t hav sed it better myself!!!

  3. I know that the regime in Iran seems really alien to us westerners and I don’t condone the way the people are treated. But the thing that I can’t get my head around is why do we want to start getting involved in a regime again when we havn’t sorted out the last two yet (Iraq, afganistan) its ok to just go in blitz them for a bit and then pull out but what about the aftermath? Wouldn’t their people suffer more with reprisals? you only have to look at whats happening in the helmund province. Is there an answer? I think that the people should have more fundermental rights like we do but again how do we as normal westerners get that to happen?

  4. how do you change a regime like Iran without blitzing them and creating more trouble

  5. @ ped009: I don’t think that western countries or any other country should invade or go to war with Iran. It’s just important that the people of Iran know that they are not alone, that ‘the world’ supports them.. That the gouvernement of Iran experiences non-stop pressure to release all the students, all the prisoners who are mearly prisoned for speaking out. If there should come a war, it should be between the Iranian people and the gouvernement and nobody else.

    @ miss Alyssa Milano (and Chris Gorham) : thank you so much for supporting our cause!! Celebreties draw attention and that is what we need!

    You’re truly Charmed :)