Single with Parents

By on 9-12-2009 in News

Trailer for the pilot Single with Parents


  1. that seems like itll really hit off..i love it when your in a comedy…when will it air

  2. thiz show is just wut tv needs wen iz thiz gunna air i hav 2 c it it’s hiiiilarious. I mean tha trailer wuz so funny so tha show haz got 2 b gosh… idk …wen will it air???lol

  3. congratulation, it’s very nice.. when will it air in Italy? thank’s.. :-))

  4. Alyssa,
    I just watched the pilot for “Single with Parents”. It was awesome! Cpuldn’t stop laughing. It’s going to be a hit, can’t wait for it to air. Wishing you the best…give Gibson a squeeze for me!! :@}

  5. LOVE IT!!!!