Piers Morgan Tonight

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Piers Morgan Tonight

Alyssa will be on Piers Morgan Tonight Tuesday, March 29th (6:00 pm PST/ 9:00 pm EST) discussing the twitter revolution.

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Piers Morgan is dedicating his Tuesday show on CNN to Twitter. “To celebrate my new obsession, we’re going Twitter mad at @PiersTonight on Tuesday,” he tweetedearlier today. “(It) will be the first fully interactive Twitter show – I’ll ask guests questions from live tweets as we go.”

Twitter founders @biz and @jack will be on the show, as well as “top tweeters” Martha Stewart and Alyssa Milano. Executive producer Jonathan Wald said they’re also working on a hashtag for the show.

Morgan in his own right is a “top tweeter,” nearing a half-million followers with a steady stream of tweets throughout the day. Earlier this week, Morgan sent dozens of tweets while stranded on a Delta plane as he tried to get Minneapolis for America’s Got Talent auditions. Delta apologized.

Last month, the Piers Morgan team experienced a social media-fueled ratings bump for its last-minute Charlie Sheen interview. Sheen arrived at the studio with just 4 minutes to air. “Incredible power of social media,” tweeted Wald the next day. “Record ratings for @PiersTonight with no promotion whatsoever, just twitter/facebook, word of mouth.”

As we’ve written about before here on Lost Remote, Morgan’s Twitter tricks should be a case study in TV promotion, from live-tweeting and booking to DMing media reporters for coverage. And for his next trick, we’ll be watching Tuesday’s show, 9 p.m. ET.


  1. Ask Alyssa when is she going to take a trip to Australia, and not to Sydney, but the real Australia. I have all these personallities who fly into Sydney and sprout how they’ve seen Australia. You will love it


  2. Ask allyssa about a charmed reunion? And what’s the deal with pierce and rosie love watching there banter :)

  3. epp!!! so watching that!!!! :D

  4. Speaking of Walt Disney, was the man himself cremated or frozen in a cryonics chamber? I’ve heard both. Which one is the rumor?