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To all women asking for TOUCH in plus sizes,

There is nothing I want more than for ALL women to be able to wear Touch. The line was created for the female sports fan and I’m well aware that female sports fans come in all shapes and sizes.

For the last two years our sales representatives  have offered Touch in sizes up to 4XL but for some reason, the retailers have been hesitant to order the larger sizes. As you can imagine, this has been very frustrating for me.

I have a plan and I need your help!

Please take a moment to take our poll and LEAVE A COMMENT below and let’s show those retailers that there is a consumer demand for Touch to be made available for women of all sizes.

Thank you so much,

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  1. Stores should have products for all sizes! Shouldn’t discriminate against some customers, they buy stuff too!!

    • Completely agree. Clothes should be made from the smallest sizes up to the biggest. For all women to wear. Clothes line is great in general. Thank you!

  2. Size shouldnt be a reason to discriminate on what fashion a woman (or man for that matter) should be able to purchase.

  3. I would gladly buy anything if I can find it in my size. Alyssa, keep up the great work…you ROCK!

  4. I laughed when I saw the no answer. Its not the nicest thing to say. I love Touch! :]

  5. I don’t like to buy clothes online because they never have anything in my size.
    but I think all stores, should carry clothes in all sizes!

  6. I would buy the clothes for myself and my daughter if available in plus sizes!!!! Please please please retailers…let’s start supporting women of all sizes. Size 14 is the AVERAGE size of the American woman these days!

  7. yes i think stores should have product in all sizes especially touch because i am a plus size women and would like to get it but cant find my size and in this society there is a lot of women who are not size 2 or size 16

  8. who wants to see fatties wearing those cute clothes??? they need to wear plus size burkas!

  9. I didn’t realize you had Twitter…cool. Nice web site will follow you for sure.
    and I miss your show…the three witches…”Charmed” they should bring it back…good stuff

  10. It’s time we stop discriminating and include all …the more you have available the more you will sell! :)

  11. Stores should have products for all sizes of course!

  12. All sizes of women like sports! It isn’t fair to those that can’t find a cute shirt or jacket to wear to a game!

  13. Retailers need to understand that people of all sizes, races, religions, and ethnicities have wallets that can spend money! There’s no reason anyone should be excluded from the best designs and clothes.

  14. Size should not matter at all stores should carry what ever the public needs.


  15. I am a plus sized woman who has been desperate to find cute clothes to wear to games. RETAILERS, please offer touch in larger sizes.

  16. i’ve actually heard salespeople say, “the clothing is really cute, but it doesn’t come in big enough sizes, so i can’t buy it.” too bad the “retail gods” haven’t picked up on this yet.

  17. I am a follower of Ms. Milano’s on Twitter and am THRILLED that she is looking to expand her TOUCH line to Plus sizes! As a former Size 6 who is now a plus size, there’s nothing worse than having your fashion and sports fan choices limited because of size. It is discriminatory and treats a woman of size as a second class citizen. The average woman in the U.S. is now a size 16. Fashion designers are ignoring the majority of women in the U.S. and imagine the revenue they are missing out on too! Good job, Alyssa!

  18. Alyssa,
    Thank you so much for trying to get plus size versions of your Touch gear into stores. You’re right, female sports fans come in all shapes and sizes, and it pisses me off that retailers discriminate so obviously. I’m sick of having to beg to be treated (and spend my money) like a normal consumer!

    Let us know how we can continue to help you communicate this to distributors, and thanks for all your efforts on behalf of female sports fans everywhere.

  19. Retailers need to realize that women of size will buy it if they offer it. “If you build it, they will come…”

    I mean come on a shirt for my size 4 sister costs her $18, the same exact shirt in my size will cost $25. More material, higher costs. We get it and we still have the means to go out and buy it. My husband and I are avid sports fans and I’d love to be able to wear more “girly” type clothing with my favorite teams logo instead of having to buy guys shirts and jackets (which is what I normally do). I want to sport my Yankees pride, I just want to sport it in pink with a flattering neckline :o)

  20. I haven’t tried “Touch” before, but I’ve found that sportswear for women (at least the stuff sold at ball parks) tends to run smaller than usual. (e.g.: I’ll need to buy a large-size t-shirt at a baseball game, vs. buying size medium in most other places.) This might account for needing larger sizes.

  21. Retailers are missing a good portion of the women’s apparel market by not carrying items that cater to sizes 12 and up. Currently, 40% of women are size 12 and larger. I should know, I’m in the same boat with my brand and have to sell beyond retail stores. Heck, even Rachel Zoe’s clothing line caters to all ‘true’ women’s sizing including plus sizes. Thank you for your push to recognize and broaden this market, Alyssa.

  22. The larger women among us have just as much money to spend in stores as thinner counterparts. Do stores feel as though money from a normal-sized woman just isn’t good enough? Does a woman’s size have any negative or positive effects on the worth of every dollar she spends? I think not. Stores that refuse to sell larger sizes are cheating themselves out of money they could surely benefit from in this economy.

    You can bet that if the worth of our money depended on our physical size, you’d never see another double-zero again!

  23. I would love to wear these clothes, as would many of my friends. Please stock them in larger sizes!

  24. Retailers really should carry the clothes in all available sizes. Just because we are plus sized doesn’t mean we can’t, or don’t want to, be fashionable. We want to look nice too!!

  25. considering the majority of women in America are plus sized, the fact that so many stores still cater to sizes 0-12 is hard to comprehend, and you would think they would want to expand their merchandise to a wider market and make more money.

  26. I would love to be able to find and wear Touch if it was in my size. For some people bigger sizes are not just because you are fat but maybe have broader shoulders, a bigger chest, or are a little hippy. Even if that’s not the case I hate how stores don’t carry anything over a size 12.

  27. My husband is a HUGE Eagles fan and I want to wear the gear too, but not guys stuff. It’s really hard to find cute girls team gear in plus sizes. I know for sure if I could find TOUCH at a retail store in my size I would definitely buy it. How many women are wear plus size clothes? A lot. It is unfair and somewhat discriminatory that retailers don’t offer extra sizes.

  28. Stores usually stock inventory based on demand for an item. It’s a lot to ask a store to carry all available sizes without knowing if they will actually be able to sell through the inventory. If you’re confident that it will sell, give the stores the inventory at no cost up front, let them pay you for the items that sell, and be willing to take unsold inventory back at no cost to the store.

  29. Hi Alyssa,

    Being a woman of large size I must say it’s a bit disappointing when the most current trends are not available in my size. Depending who your retailers are, perhaps they could carry some of the line in larger sizes in preferred (or flagship) stores with the entire line available online.

    I feel a talk a show appearance coming on with the audience consisting of woman of the larger size. =) That would get the retailers attention!!


  30. I think it’s really bad marketing for them not to carry the brand in all sizes. They are making themselves look bad and losing a lot of sales. Whoever is doing their marketing isn’t doing a good job. Carol

  31. I wish the clothes were proportioned better. I’m only a size 10/12 but since I’m 5’4″, the Ls are too narrow and the XLs are way too long! I love the clothing line and have many of the Mets gear, though. I know tons of other female fans who would love to be included — don’t leave them out!!!

  32. I am a huge Atlanta Braves fan, and I’d love to be able to find clothing supporting them without having to go to the men’s section for it!

  33. I was a Cubs game a while back and wanted a shirt to commemorate to occasion, but I couldn’t find women’s shirts in a size bigger than L, and had to settle for a man’s shirt… what a pain! Retailers need to recognize those of us who are plus-sized! Look at all the profits they are missing out on! I would especially love to buy from Touch, please make that possible!

  34. As a plus size blogger and avid sports fan, I absolutley hate that I can’t find any womens plus size team gear. I would love great women’s fitting t-shirts, a hoodie that isn’t designed for men with broad shoulders but that will accomodate my bust, and track pants to take my dog to the dog park. And a 2x IS NOT plus size. Reach more people by going to a 4x.

  35. I would love to wear Touch if I could find it in my size. I am a bigger woman and find it frustrating that the stores don’t carry it in larger sizes. Please help!

  36. We believe we can help get you a retailer. Please read about us

    we are nationl

  37. In order for a woman to look good, she needs to be in clothes that fit. When a fuller-figured woman finds clothes that fit her and look good, she will keep buying and spread the word. Touch is all about women looking good while they cheer for their favorite teams… shouldn’t that mean ALL women? Stores need to remember that when the only clothes available are XS, most of the population can no longer be a customer!

  38. If a store can cater to someone who is very small and has a hard time finding things to fit, they should carry the sizes to fit the bigger folks too.. Not everyone in america is a size s, m, or a large!!

  39. You should check out the chain Addition Elle and Penningtons here in Canada (owned by Rietmans)
    maybe they’d carry your line!!! Sarah

  40. As a plus size baseball fan I would love to see them carry touched in my size. I actually went shopping with my tiny sized sister and she able to find herself something as a store from the line. Kind of made me jealous.

  41. The average adult woman is NOT a size six. The average adult woman is more likely a plus-size woman who is tired of wearing bulky man-shaped large tshirts and sweatshirts where the arms are too long and the chest too tight.

    If you make the larger-sized sports apparel for women, you will tap into an as-yet undeveloped market that will explode.


    A plus-sized sports fan who is tired of bulky shirts and PINK!

  42. I am a big time Stl. Cards fan. With that being said I have a hard time finding cute cards gear in my size. I can always find a mens t-shirt, but I want to be able to find some of the cute Touch stuff that I’ve seen for women that are smaller than I am. I would hope that retail stores would be smart enough to carry all sizes because larger people like sports too, and we go to games and want to support our teams!

  43. The XL is just a little too tight for my liking in a certain area! Please, please, please!!! Tried to get some gear in two different locations but alas, XL was the largest size they had.

  44. For the life of me, I still haven’t been able to figure out why plus-sized clothing is not more readily available, when a large percentage of buyers are sizes 14 and up. Personally, I can be in a size 14 one week and a 12 in the next.

  45. Definitely should carry all kinds. Not only for women who are plus size, but for those that buy larger sizes to layer for things like camping, or say outdoor football games!

  46. I think retailer’s should carry ALL sizes for ALL Women & Men, NO matter what their size is! Retailer’s think that we the public, that buy their clothes, are ALL the size of those ridiculously skinny models that they get to model their clothes!! Think its about time that THEY ALL woke up an smelled the coffee, but a rubber band around their heads an “SNAP THE HECK OUT OF IT”, and realize that people come in ALL SHAPES AND SIZES!! Blczz999

  47. I would definitely buy TOUCH if I could find my size. I hate how stores seem to think that just because someone is a little bigger than the norm that we don’t have fashion sense either. Big girls need pretty clothes too!

  48. Yes stores should offer it in all sizes. Just because your not a “standard” size doesn’t mean you don’t want to be stylish and show team spirit.

  49. I am a plus sized woman and I LOVE TOUCH clothes. It is very upsetting to me that I can’t find it in my size. Sports fans aren’t just skinny girls. We are women of all types. We would all love to be as thin as Alyssa, but we aren’t. But we ARE all just as BEAUTIFUL and I think we should get the chance to be beautiful in TOUCH!

  50. I have always loved Touch products but have never been able to find them in my size at the ball parks… It would be amazing if retailers carried larger sizes!!!

  51. Yes!! Plus size clothes should be sold everywhere!! all women have the right to look good and clothes of all sizes should be available for all of them no matter!!

  52. The stores need to remember consumers keep them in business.
    All sizes need to be available..

  53. I can find Touch in my size, but I think it is only fair that all women can enjoy Alyssa’s fabulous designs and look amazing on game day, and every day

  54. Hate to use the word discriminate, but that is what stores do when they only carry smaller, magazine-cover sizes. If a label is available in all sizes, it should be sold in all sizes.

  55. I waited 2 yrs two be able to own my first piece of Touch clothing because I needed a size 3X and couldn’t find the size I needed in stores. It is really hard to fall in love with clothing you know you could wear if the retailer would just carry the larger sizes. Size shouldn’t make you leave a store heart broken.

    ~C.J. Faria

  56. I myself am smaller but my mom is a 2X and she loves my Touch stuff. The Detroit Tigers retail stores only carry to a L! And so far we haven’t found anywhere else in the Detroit subburbs to buy Touch.

  57. Well, let’s see. The typical woman is not a size 2 or 5 ( this includes myself). Yes, I would love to wear the “in” clothes but not always made possible. I buy sports clothes but not a “woman’s” but a “mans” size. Cherry

  58. All available sizes offered should be carried. The reluctant merchandiser should at minimum carry a handful. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. What happened to them “test marketing”?

  59. Retailers should be smarter than this! Make all sizes available! Women come in all shapes & sizes. Duh.

  60. I love the TOUCH line and would love the opportunity to purchase in my size range.

  61. Hey you! Retailers! Get a clue.

    A person that happens to be a size 5XL or higher has a beating heart and I think that entails that they have needs as much as the next size 3-4.

    So If the author of TOUCH, whom got you a job in the first place, decides to open up pssiblities for all women, then do it… it’s not that hard.

  62. I wish retailers would realize that it doesnt matter what size a woman comes in, we all love to shop! And it doesnt matter what size a woman is, she still wants to support her team! THANK YOU ALYSSA!!!!!!! KEEP TRYING FOR US!

  63. Mainstream retailers like Old Navy have increased the size range that they carry. Why shouldn’t fashionable sport apparel be available for ALL fans.

  64. I bought for my daughter – I would love to buy for myself as well – but being older prefer not the tighter look … would be great!!!

  65. According to the news the average American is a plus size. Why would retailers not want to offer merchandise for the majority of America. Wake up people.

  66. What retailers need to see is that people no matter their shape or size want to wear nice comfortable and stylish clothes. I know I personally have stopped going to certain stores just because the selection was limited this goes for every size xs-xxl. Stores should be smart and have one or two of each size on hand and have the ability to order extras if they should need. I know people of all sizes that don’t always buy the size that most retailers think that they should.

  67. I think all clothing should be available in many sizes but especially Touch. It’s hard enough to find sports clothing as a female and it makes even more frustrating when your size isn’t available.

  68. Whoohoo, Alyssa! Good for you for making it available. Shame on the stores.

  69. Stores should buy all sizes available and let the customers decide what they want. I think they will be surprised at the purchases I see size 2 on the sales racks all the time :o)

  70. Retailers, please carry clothing lines in all available sizes!! It’s too hard for the ample woman to find flattering and feminine sports gear these days.

  71. Not everyone is 100 pounds. Be fair to others. We matter too.

  72. Sports fans come in all shapes and sizes. Our clothing options should too.

  73. Alyssa,
    I myself would love to wear your line, unforunately I’m too skinny. No I’m not anorexic or belemic I just am a very petite women. You should carry sizes that fit the petite people as well. Also with respect to the plus size stores, an idea for your marketing team, go to your plus size bigger box stores like Penningtons, and see if they will carry your line. Chances are they will. :)

    Just a suggestion.

  74. When will society stop discriminating against people that have muscle, fat and curves?! All shapes and all sizes are beautiful. It is the hate that is ugly!

  75. I would love to see Touch in plus sizes. I am a plus size and am disappointed that I can’t wear this incredible line. I’m afraid that retailers don’t want to encourage the currnet obesity problem. And though it is a huge motivation to shed a few pounds to wear these clothes, retailers should be more concerned about making sales and promoting what the GENERAL public is looking for rather than what they think is what is needed.

  76. Thanks to Alyssa Milano for being so kind as to want to provide clothing for women that don’t fit into society’s mold. Why on earth any company wouldn’t want to provide a product to a large portion of society is beyond me!

  77. As a plus-sized female sports fan myself, I wish I could purchase plus-sized Touch clothing to support my teams. I’m just a TINY bit too large to fit in the largest available at my team’s shop. And unfortunately, that means I have to spend more to buy Men’s merchandise. And to add to that, being in Canada it’s hard to find decent plus-sized clothing as it is let alone Sports related.

  78. I have had to buy my daughters clothes on line for years since most of the clothes lines she wants to wear don’t carry her size in the store. Not only is it humiliating for her when she can’t go shopping at the mall with her friends but it costs us more because of shipping & handling fees. There is also the time factor having to waite for it to arrive. It is a very difficult thing for a young girl to deal with on top of being bigger than her friends. An adding insult to injury type thing. Thanks so much Alyssa for trying to right this aweful wrong.

  79. Absolutely disgraceful and discriminatory, what’s next, plus sized people having to sit at the back of the bus?

  80. As I have said before: Alyssa Milano YOU ROCK!!! There is enough hate in this world and we don’t need anymore!! All female sports fans no matter what size we are should be able to find cute clothes with our team’s logo on it so we can show support. This is a no brainer!!! ALL STORES SHOULD HAVE PLUS SIZES!!! I myself am a HUGE BRAVES FAN!! and a size 14 the average and my best friend is a size 16 and she is also a HUGE BRAVES FAN!!! I live in Jacksonville, Florida and she lives in Richmond, VA!! We may not live the closest to the stadium but we love to support our team none the less!!!

  81. Retailers don’t seem to grasp that 60% of women are size 16 and up. Which also means 60% of women sports fans are size 16 and up. I would buy it if I could find it.

  82. Im not plus size anymore but when I was I was mad that I couldnt look cute in my teams clothes I think its wonderful what ALyssa is doing she is really making clothes for the Average women not just the skinny ones.

  83. Thank you! I think your XLs might run a little small anyway, because I bought a sweatshirt for my wife when they first came out and she had to pass it on to a teen. I had no idea you even had 4XLs. If the retailers won’t stock them, where is all this product? At least get to put it up. We will buy it. And good for you for going against the excessive Hollywood never-ending blonding, tanning, thinning image downward spiral.

  84. Having been on both ends of the spectrum, small and now larger, it would be
    nice to be able to support my team(s) just as I once had. With all the studies showing America as a whole has gotten larger, why would any retailer leave out the vast majority of the population who wish to support their teams. Seems, especially in these economic times, that retailers would want to open themselves to the largest possible market in order to increase or maintain sales. Just my opinion, but it seems to make more sense.

  85. I just can’t understand why they wouldn’t carry them. I’m glad to hear that you do.

  86. In this day and age, it is irresponsible for a merchandiser NOT to offer such a popular clothing line in all of the sizes that it is offered in. I would definitely purchase the clothing if it were it my size.

  87. I knew that Alyssa would make clothes that could fit every women no matter what their size was. Plus, Alyssa would never want to have people not buy her clothes because they don’t fit. Seeing as since she’s a very kind-hearted and sincere person, I’m happy for all those women that can finally get the experience and have to ability to buy clothes from Alyssa’s line. Now all women can support their faovrite teams from the stlye they like!! Thanks Alyssa!!!! xoxoxoxo

  88. Since the average size of a woman today in the US is a 14, finding fashionable fitted women’s apparel can be a challenge. I am a size 14 and depending on the label I sometimes wear a 16. Please note, despite the fact I might say I could loose a few pounds my body is in perfect proportion and I am in great health. I’ve noticed that a large or x-large fits very different coming from different manufacturers. I recently purchased a very fashionable women’s fitted t-shirt that fit perfectly in a XXL. Making apparel available in extended sizes certainly makes me happy.

    I understand that retailers are looking very carefully at the merchandise they stock especially with the current state of the economy. I also know that women want to look pretty but look carefully at what they purchase. Clothes need to fit as well as look good so any help in that department would be much appreciated. Full figured women want to show off their curves!

  89. I love your touch line of clothes. Happy to hear that you do offer them in plus size. Not happy to hear that retailers won’t sell them. They would sell out if they would offer them.

    I would buy Alyssa’s clothing line every football season. I love my team and I love Alyssa’s clothes. Please help the fat girls look cute supporting their teams.

  90. the TOUCH line is so great that I would to love to find hoddy fleece for example in my size. It’s a good thing if there is a large choices of sizes. Thank you Alyssa for doing this.

  91. Women should be able to wear the great Touch-Collection even if they are plus-sized like me!
    Come on i mean the collection is so awesome and im not able to wear any of this…So it would be great to go to larger sizes…so not just me, so any othe women can wear the marvellous Touch-Collection
    Thank you Alyssa for you concern and your will to make the Touch-Collection be available to any kind of Woman
    Mary-Alice Alyss van Mavoi

  92. Thanks Alyssa for thinking outside the box. Not everyone is a size 0! I would have totally bought something by now from Touch if they had my size.

  93. I have been looking for Cowboys items in plus sizes (1 & 2 X) forEVER now….To find them in local sports shops would be great, but to even find it IN STOCK online ANYWHERE would be wonderful!

  94. Although Touch does come in my size, I think that it is unfair for the women who can’t find their sizes in the line to be denied the ability to wear such a fabulous line such as Touch, and I think the retailers should indeed make the plus sizes available to them. Women of all sizes should be able to enjoy the Touch collection so that they can support their favorite teams! =)

  95. My husband and I attend several hockey, baseball, and football games a year. I would -LOVE- to be able to buy stuff from the Touch line to wear to each event! Thank you, Alyssa, for wanting to make the clothes for women of all sizes.

  96. I’m a girl and a sports freak. I also think the touch stuff
    is great and would love it in a bigger size! I’d buy it in a heartbeat!

  97. Touch has a one of a kind look and everyone should have an opportunity to wear this wonderful line.

  98. Hi, I’m from Belgium and yesterday a finally got my touch-delivery. :-) It was hard to find a site where my size was available. (XXL) It was also hard to find a site that had a lot of choice in the Touch-merchandise and deliveres outside the US. Thanks to TouchbyAM on Twitter where the link was posted for FansEdge I’ve found a site where they had more sizes, more items and delivery to Belgium.

    Retailers: Large seizes for the Touch-line is a goldmine.


  99. even though it does come in my size i think that everybody should be able to wear it because its such a fantastic line!!

  100. I would wear the touch athletics IF you had some DALLAS COWBOYS gear!!!

  101. Yes big girls want fan clothing too!!! Listen up retailers…you would sell so much you couldn’t keep it in stock!! But I really want to buy the steelers v-neck you wore in the new ad for my daughter for Christmas but can’t seem to locate it online anywhere…please help and let us know where to get it.

  102. That lovely Steelers v-neck you wear in the latest NFL commercial should be available in larger sizes. If I could find your line in larger sizes, in particular that shirt, I would buy it in less than a minute. Suppliers are missing out on a gold mine by ignoring a dominant buying force. Not all women are tiny. Most of us are luscious. Catch on and cash in.

  103. Both my mother and I are huge fans of football, especially the Patriots. I’ve looked at the Touch line and there are tons of things that I would love to have and that I know my mother would enjoy as well, but since retailers don’t sell plus sizes, we can’t get these awesome clothes to show our never swerving support for our favorite team.

  104. I thank you for including 3x in your line! I definitely would buy St Louis Cardinals and Rams merchandise by Touch if available.

  105. I am always disappointed when I cannot find nice plus size clothing in stores. It’s unfortunate that retailers don’t want to allow a very large portion of their buyers be able to buy what they actually want, forcing them to buy online or not at all. Being able to find plus size Touch apparel in stores would be awesome.

  106. I’ve been an avid sports fan all of my life. I’ve also been a plus-sized woman since high school. I realize that the way to convince retailers to carry the line is to talk money, so let me put my vote into those terms.

    -I’m a season ticket holder for a minor league baseball team.
    -I’m a fan of baseball, football, hockey, and Nascar.
    -I’ve gone to multiple Ravens games, Orioles games, and Sprint Cup races, spending more than my fair share of money at all of the sporting events I have attended.
    -Imagine what I’d spend if I were able to find fashionable items in my size for my sports teams.

    Please. I’ve seen the other women at the sporting events I attend. I know I’m not the only one feeling left out.

  107. I have wanted to buy your clothing but it’s just too small if you have breasts.

  108. I find it rather insane that any retailer in today’s economy would turn up their nose at a sale – in any size! Besides, what should it matter to them? Talk about a loyal fan base a retailer would have if they were open to ALL women. I kinda just can’t wrap my head around the…well…idiocy of this. Alyssa, female sports fans everywhere love your stuff!

  109. I definitely think retailers should purchase larger sizes. It confuses me on their decision not to. It would mean more money/business for them!

    p.s. would love for there to be more raven’s and oriole’s items :)

  110. I have been waiting for plus sized TOUCH clothing since it started. I would have had a lot of the pieces by now if they had been available in-store or online. Us healthier girls can make the clothes look good too you know:-) Any retailer that doesn’t carry ALL size clothing is just missing out on A CRAP LOAD of money!! Just plain stupid on their part!!

  111. As a woman who is a larger size, I have issues with women’s clothing sometimes. I usually have to buy my sports clothing in men’s sizes because that is what is available. I would LOVE to be able to get TOUCH in my size…

  112. I WISH Touch were available in plus sizes. I have actually sent a few @replies to Alyssa asking if there were any plans to launch Touch plus size. I for one would purchase Touch plus size in my favorite baseball team(Yankees), Football team(Steelers) and Hockey team(Rangers)!!!!

  113. It’s great that you cater to larger sizes! I’ve worked in retail many years and can honestly say that the selection in the “plus” department is seriously lacking. I see some of you are complaining about certain teams lacking representation. Well, FYI….The Cowboys merchandise is extremely hard to get. The Cowboy Organization is to blame for that. They would rather you get their merchandise where they say. There are quite a few teams like that. Always look to the source when looking for merchandise. There are some teams that are easy to deal with, so their stuff is readily available. Women almost never have a good selection of merchandise to choose from unless you are a “stick” size 0 or a “perfect” size 6 and are willing to show “the girls” off.

  114. I have bought TOUCH in XL (as that was the biggest size I could get) but find it a little snug, for me I would need the next size up, if it were available up to a 4XL I would buy more, I currently buy mens to get the size I need.

  115. Why would retailers lose customers? Good for business to have stuff for all your customers.

  116. Please! I would love touch to carry sizes up to 4x! I am an avid sportsfan and constantly must order mens
    sizes because I cannot find 2 or 3x. Thanks.

  117. I would but then i’m a fit BRIT, laters dudes x :Q) and a Man x

  118. Touch is a one of a kind sports clothing line and every beautiful women should have the opportunity to wear this wonderful line…

  119. I am not someone that need an extra large size but It’s great that someone finally remembered that people come in all sizes and shapes ;). It would be fantastic if we could find your wonderful products in European stores.

  120. I would definitely buy touch products if they were available in my size. Unfortunately I’m a big girl. Which means I’m stuck buying shapeless men’s shirts that don’t fit properly and look terrible in order to support my team.
    If I could have a shirt that fit around my boobs without hanging off my shoulders, I would be beyond thrilled. If I could wear Yankees jeans to work on a Friday I would jump for joy.
    Alyssa designs such cute stuff. We WANT to wear it. We WANT TO SPEND MONEY on it. Please let us by providing our sizes.

  121. Are you kidding? I wouldn’t have to buy Touch in my size – my husband would buy it for me in Cubs or Leafs. He especially appreciates that you refuse to pink-a-fy your line.

    Being plus size, I end up buying my sports wear in the men’s department. So depressing. More often, I just raid my husband’s shirts. Also depressing since I want to look feminine while cheering for my teams.

  122. Touch Plus is a must! The clothes are so gorgeous, I’m drooling over them, but unfortunately the fact that I have boobs prevents me from wearing ANY of it! The mens sports clothing is too manly and boxy. Touch is the answer to the female sports fans prayers!

  123. I am so happy to hear that Touch has been offering the larger sizes & the retailerd are why I’ve never seen them. I need to lose weight, but even when I reach my goal, normal women’s sizes rarely fit. God didn’t bless me with a small frame! I currently just buy all men’s clothes for my large collection of sports related clothing. If larger sizes were made available for women, I would stock up & fill my closet in a heartbeat!

  124. Any NHL gear on the horizon? You will make a FORTUNE.

  125. I think it’s a great clothing line! Don’t forget us small people, too! It’s just as frustrating for us when we can’t find what we like in our size. =)

  126. would love to see the Touch line in minor league baseball. i work for a minor league team, and i think it would do awesome!

  127. i have and always will be a baseball hat and hoodie girl!!! keep representing us!!! peace, luv, & da bears… sd :)

  128. I think the Touch line is beautiful and really fills a need. I am a plus-sized lady and I know that if I wore one of your designs to a game I’d have other plus-ladies wanting to know where they could get one for themselves. It would not take long before the word spread that a retailer was supporting us and supporting you by carrying the larger sizes. I appreciate your efforts to get the retailers to purchase these sizes. You’re awesome!

  129. I’m one of those who can wear certain things in one size and can’t wear other things in the same size. Unfortunately this is the same with the Touch line at the moment. I would LOVE to wear reagular t-shirts that don’t constrict or are unflattering, because its the only largest size. I LOVE Alyssa for going about this and rallying people to get together. Thanks!!

  130. I love your line of sports clothing. My problem is that I find something I like, and it only comes in two sizes lg & xlg (Pittsburgh Penguins Women’s Rivalry Hoody ‘touch’ by Alyssa Milano). So, I thought I would look up the same product for my favorite football team (Colts) and it only comes in one size..xlg. I need x-sm or sm. I found the shirt in my size but I don’t want a Patriots Hoody! (-: Need more variety of sizes. Just as women have a hard time finding the plus sizes, us smaller women are having a hard time finding the petite sizes. Still love your line!!! Would definitely like to see it in the stores!!

  131. I used to be a 3xl and am now in a L on a good day, or XL on my “comfy” days. I know I can buy more now in my smaller size, but was heartbroken whenever I couldn’t find larger sizes before. Being overweight causes the person to feel isolated, and by not offering trending clothes in their sized only increases that feeling of isolation. I know that part of my problem was that I “ate” my loneliness, so being left out by retailers not carrying my size only “fed” that loneliness.
    Thanks Alyssa for working for all of us!
    Jane in AZ

  132. hI! MY NAME IS Vladlena.i itself from Russia.Не I know this collection! But I know that that people should have possibility to buy a thing of the size.

  133. There is a misconception that “big” women don’t want to look cute. WRONG!! We want to look just as cute and the “non big” women. The styles of TOUCH by AM can work for all sizes of women, and are what most of us would love to wear to support whatever team we love. Alyssa, thank you SO much for everything!!
    Tracy in Tucson AZ

  134. This also reminds me of how larger chested women are discriminated against by companies who produce bras. Those of us who have larger breasts cannot find beautiful, sexy bras in DD+. They don’t have them in the pretty colors, and they don’t have them with any type of frilly lace, or pretty styles. :(

    I would also like to put a special request in to the Dallas Cowboys – please allow Touch to use your logo on the back of their jeans. Please!

  135. can one buy your collection on this site ?? thank you

  136. The average woman is sized 12 and up, so it is insulting that that group is practically sent to the back room, online, or specialty shops for clothing. Whatever fantasy retailers have that only small people shop needs to stop. It is discriminatory.

  137. Hi Alyssa im feeling left out.When does touch hit South Africa.We dont hav alot of baseball but we hav rugby,football,cricket and lots of other sports that us females totally support…and we need gear to.U hav so much fans here so ur clientelle is already here.

  138. I would LOVE it if Touch was available in plus sizes!! There are so few choices for plus sized women and sometimes we have to settle for men’s sizes. We want to flaunt our curves! Not hide them in potato sacks!!!

  139. Touch is made for women! Women come in all shapes and sizes and it is an awful feeling to walk into a store and find clothes only for smaller women. Alyssa has worked so hard to produce this line for the female fan and it is unfair for stores to discriminate against a majority of these females! Good luck Alyssa! Thank you for caring.

  140. I don’t think I can add much more to what everyone else has said, but I do agree that stores seem to only cater to small/skinny women – more like juniors sizes these days. I hate to shop for clothes simply because sizes are shrinking by the year (today’s large is more like a size medium of 10 years ago), and there’s just nothing cute or fashionable out there for us more curvy females. I don’t understand why everything has to be so tight and why the sizes continue to shrink year after year making it even more frustrating for us. Normal people cannot achieve the super model physique because it’s not normal to be that skinny unless you starve yourself or take drugs (or both). *sigh* Every time I go into the store, all the tiny sizes are the ones left on the racks because whatever larger – more normal – size they might have had has sold out. I hate frumpy clothes, but unfortunately that is all I can purchase and I don’t even consider myself plus size. When is a size 14 a plus size??? It’s just unfortunate that retailers don’t cater to ALL sizes, not just the “skinnies”, because not only would they would make a lot more money, but also would make the general public a lot happier. I would totally buy Touch if I could find it in my size. It would make me feel better about myself if I felt good in the clothes I wore. I have a whole closet full of frumpy clothes that I would love to exchange for more fashionable/feel good clothing. Now, I just need to find stores willing to let me spend my money!

  141. i believe that all woman that love sport all shapes and sizes should be able to wear touch :)

  142. ALL sizes and ALL teams. There aren’t a lot of Touch products for female Nats fans of any size. Thanks for leading the way, Alyssa!

  143. I purchased some Touch clothes last year in St Louis, Jacket was great and my girlfriends daughter very much enjoyed what she bought also but the shirt was too small for my girlfriend. Elise has Alyssa’s autographed pic still hanging on her wall! We loved meeting Alyssa!

  144. My daughter has a lot of Touch items that I’d love to also own, but when we go on our trips to MLB parks (we’re trying to visit all 30) I’m unable to buy a 2X and end up buying something from the Men’s section or nothing at all. Our home team (Tigers) are esp. bad about this. They hardly even get in XLs and when they do they look like children’s XL and not women’s. Keep up the good work Alyassa! Hopefully someday all women will be able to walk into a store at a baseball park and buy something in their size (from the women’s section)!

  145. I would definately purchase Touch clothing if it were available in my size, I usually run a sz 20/22 & a large or XL isn’t working for me there .. .companies want MORE MONEY.. well sell clothes for everyone & you’ll most likely get it! Also, when you put your add out, don’t list plus sizes & show them on a size 4 model… that’s insulting.

  146. ALYSSA!!!!! Please do not forget about smaller market teams! I love love love the Draft Day Sweater….. but cannot find it for the Milwaukee Brewers. We need sweaters in Wisconsin! I know it is available or the Packers, but they don’t play baseball. If the Packers played baseball I would watch more Packer Games. Nuff said.

  147. I think it’s horrible that stores only cater to certain sizes! Totally unfair to those who don’t fit that group!

  148. Hey There,

    These clothes should be available to voluptuous ladies! All women deserve stylish clothes that fit them. I may not be a plus size girl anymore, but I was in my teenage years and there was nothing more saddening and frustrating than all of the cool clothes made only for skinny girls! Please, save someone a sad moment and give them a chance to where there favorite team logo with style and comfort.

  149. Since the average size of women today is 14 how can it be justified to top out at size 14 in stores? Places that stop at size 14 are missing half of the female population. We are fat but still would like to look nice and have clothes that fit us. To get sports shirts that fit my body around the shoulders are at my elbows and the hem is at my knees. PLEASE PLEASE sell above an XL!!!!

  150. I am so glad to hear that you are already addressing the need for plus size clothing! I love your clothing line, but my school (book) store doesn’t carry it yet (UNC Chapel Hill)– any chance that this may change in the near future…? Also, have you considered pursuing a contract with the Barnes and Noble College Booksellers? They currently operate 624 college bookstores, and I’m sure all of the students would welcome your fashionable spin on collegiate apparel!

  151. No, not all clothing should be offered in all sizes. There is a simple solution here, LOSE weight.

  152. i continue to vote yes and i hope it’ll work good luck Alyssa

  153. This would be a great idea! I support it one hundred percent. It’s very unfair to women of larger sizes to not find something they would love to wear.

  154. Selling the larger sizes would be great. A lot of the plus size ladies are just waiting for a chance to stimulate the economy and spend money on clothes that they would really love.

    A good option to sell the clothes might be to work with a Plus Size clothing store like Torrid or Lane Bryant. Torrid especially had more fun and sporty clothing so Touch would fit right in.

  155. I have been a fan of Alyssa’s for SO long. I can remeber watching Who’s The Boss? and then watching Charmed (which is my FAVORITE show!!!) and thinking wow thats the same person? So when I heard she was making a clothing line I was more than happy. I tried a Red Sox sweat shirt on and it didn’t fit. I then was trying to look for a bigger size since the one I tired one was the XL my heart sunk when I couldnt find a larger size. So please store people buy the bigger sizes Alyssa worked her little tush off and I know she wants EVERY woman to wear her clothes so PLEASE make it happen!!!!

  156. Great idea. I am a huge LAKERS, DODGERS and DENVER BRONCOS sports fan and would LOVE to purchase TOUCH in my size. Alyssa, anything you can do to bring plus sizes to retail stores would be greatly appreciated by all the above and my self… Thank you so much for looking out for us…. Good luck with the journey…

  157. Pease please please,bringe the “touch” clothes to GREECE…
    With presentation by Allysa Milano live in Athens.. That would be a dream…

  158. And don’t forget…Its nice to be important,but its important to always be nice…
    Happy Christmas to you and Lin,too!
    I love you! <3

  159. Love the line of clothes, want them in my size! It’s hard to find WOMEN’S clothes that fit in team apparel. And I love my teams! Thanks Alyssa!

  160. Alyssa, I love the Touch line, its been so nice to have girly girl clothes to wear to football games and throughout the rest of the year. Tho I’m not a plus size gal, I have been heavier in the past and regardless of size, it feels better to feel feminine and not have to resort to buying mens or even boys shirts, caps and jerseys. I’m a huge Colts fan and have tons of Touch items as do most of my girlfriends. Keep up the great work and I love your entire concept of Fun, Girlie Sports Fashion. GO COLTS!

  161. I think all stores should have every size for every women but i do have something to say to the person who said that these skinny tiny people are taking drugs and starving themselves to be that size…..thats mean! I’ve been tiny my whole life and i have never took drugs or starved my self. Like you all say…there is all shapes and sizes of people. “Everyone is built and shaped diff” xoxo

  162. Dear Alyssa,
    I love The clothing line, But once again It’s hard to find my girlfriends favorite team (VANCOUVER CANUCKS)…. once she saw the FULL ZIP VELOUR CHEER JACKET, and the CLASSIC SATIN BASEBALL COLLAR JACKET. She was sold… BUT these jackets aren’t available for us CANUCK fans! Also …the winter olympics are coming to Vancouver in Feb. 2010…. Cameras will be everywhere… I promise you you’ll notice alot of Canucks and Team Canada clothing being worn… What a great way to further promote the “TOUCH” clothing line. I also think it would be killer to see CANADA, USA, ITALY, RUSSIA etc.. clothing by “TOUCH”. Thanks P.S. your HOT!

  163. Why can’t I find ANY of the Touch items for the Pittsburgh Steelers in stock anywhere? I’ve tried to order 3 different things and each time I get a message back saying they are out of stock. If you guys are going to promote the pieces in your ads, PLEASE have them available for fans to actually purchase.

  164. I hate to state the obvious principle of retailing; but, if retailers want our money, they need to stop being silly about restricting the market they appeal to.

    It’s like with shoes – you can’t just sell a size 3 and expect to make a profit – you may only sell one a week(!)

    And, correct me if I’m wrong, but you never see any form of size discrimination in men’s clothing with neck and waist measurements, do you?!

    Shame on the retailers, I say. Either way, it is their loss at the end of the day.

  165. It would be great to have all of the designs for all of the teams and all of the sizes. I love some of the designs but I can’t find them for my team, Minnesota Vikings (we only have three items, boo!) Everytime I see the commercials for the Touch line, I see products that I would love to purchase, but alas, they are for another team!

  166. It would be nice to have the larger sizes but what would be even nicer is if the current sizing where actual true sizes (your XL barely fits a thin framed co-worker who wears a medium or large if she didn’t want a snug fit). Your 16-18 is not a 16-18. Thank you

  167. I love her clothes, it is nice to see that women have a choice to look sexy in clothes with our favorite team. But my one problem is that I am 5’9″ and the jeans come in only 32 in seam, and I need at least at 33 but 34 would be great. Could you make them longer for the taller people, since everyone is complaining about different sizes for all body types, there should be a lenght issue too. Thank you for your pretty, sexy clothes.

  168. I love sports, and it would be really nice to not have to buy men’s clothing when I support my team.

  169. I usually wear regular clothes in team colors to games because I refuse to wear some huge ugly t-shirt, sweatshirt or jersey. I am already a big girl, I don’t need to add 30 pounds by wearing a jersey to a game. When I saw your line come out I was so excited. The problem is there are rarely items available above an XL and since sizes run small it’s hard to squeeze into an XL. The second problem I find is you can only buy the merchandise at an arena – I can’t seem to find Dallas Stars items for sale on line and I am not even sure if you carry any Cowboys items since I haven’t been to a game this year. It would be nice if you sold clothes from your own website or somewhere like so we could have access to the full line and all sizes on line. It is very frustrating knowing cute clothes exist but not being able to find them.

  170. I am a huge Football fan, and I have several jersey’s and stuff and I have to buy my stuff in the mens dept. I am 5’9 and wear a size 14. I can’t fit my boobs into one of your Touch shirts, which really is upsetting. When are people going to realize that women have curves and come in all sizes, and that more and more women are coming out of the closet when it comes to sports. I would love to by touch, but nothing you make comes in my size.

  171. Hi. I would love to be able to get Touch clothing in the stores. While I’m not loyal to any particular team, I do enjoy wearing various team merchandise. It would be nice to not have to buy men’s jerseys and wear something more feminine.

  172. I am so glad that Alyssa has raised this issue. I am a single woman who loves sports, just like Alyssa and so many other women I know. In fact, I have season tickets to the SF 49ers, the SF Giants and GS Warriors! So I know my sports gear. And I look around the stands and see women of all sizes. When you go to the concession stands, the women’s XL clothing is made for no XL woman I know!!! I swear the items are made for women who generally fit Misses 8-10. Anything above a normal size 10, and one is forced to look at the men’s gear. And here’s the kicker. I would be willing to bet that women (of all sizes) are the ones doing most of the shopping in the family. Retailers are missing the boat here…

  173. I went to a sports store at the mall and saw these Chicago Cubs jeans and wanted to buy one but to my dismay there were only skinny sizes and was so upset. I just want these people to know that There are alot of us “big” girls who loves sports just as much as the skinny girls and just would like to be treated fairly. Thanks Alyssa fit standing up for us;)!

  174. I just ordered a 2X shirt from an online retailer to try because no one around me sells Touch. Unfortunately, I have to return it because it is too tight on me. I was hoping to have some cute shirts to wear when I go to Spring Training but I can’t find any size larger than a 2X on any website.

  175. I’m tall, long arms and legs. No matter what ever happens sleeves are too short, pants legs too. It is rare to find pants/jeans that fit. I have to settle for 34″ inseam, that’s what’s ‘long/tall’ in stores. It’s a joke. I can only wear short sleeve tops as well. Sleeves haven’t ever been long enuf for me. I’m really only 5’8″-ish just with really long limbs. If there was a chance your tops would fit me, of course I’d buy it. No question. It’s only fair to offer something to everyone, no matter what. Your distributors want to cater to the cute petite girl and shaft anyone who doesn’t fit this popular group. It’s not fair. Life already does that. I haven’t found the line anywhere around here, I live in Oklahoma. I’m not big but I am tall… Be fair, gotta try to make them be fair.

  176. I totally agree, PLEASE stock larger sizes!

  177. I am a really huge Chicago White Sox fan & I’d love to have clothes available in larger sizes. I normally take a 2X, depending on what he piece is. I really love the jeans that are offered, but hey do not come in my size, so YES, please gethe larger sizes available for us!!!

  178. All clothes should come in ALL sizes to fit ALL women! It’s sad that this even have to be a fight! Let’s make it happen!!

  179. I would love to help you knock down all the walls that seperate sports fans from all over the world.I ‘m in the process of starting a company called Vicesa Versa and I will like to share some ideas with you.If you would like, I can email them to you or fax them. Whatever is more convient for you. Thanks for your time .Contact information is or 214-756-0678. Thanks and God Bless.

  180. I am a Los Angeles Lakers fan, as well as that of the Cleveland Cavaliers, and it vexes me that they do not carry larger sized clothing, as they do that of their models of much smaller sizes.

    Thank you Alyssa for bringing this to the forefront.

  181. I’m not a big girl, or a sports fan… However, all 4 of my boyfriend’s sisters are. Especially, baseball and basketball. I only found out about this problem when my boyfriend and I wanted to get them some cute touch apparel of each of their favorite teams when they came into town. Unfortunately, they wear a size 2-3x and the line doesn’t pass XL. It would be great for you guys to go up in size.. especially, given the average size for women in this country is 16

  182. Alyssa, I love your Line. The only cute NFL clothing. I ,see super cute Hoodies like the one I purchased at Superbowl III . Where are the cute Arizona Cardinals Hoodies, jeans, long sleeved v neck top with allover logo. I see alot of cute items but it won’t be available in Arizona Cardinals. Cardinals fans want cute clothes too!

  183. As a small retail sports shop owner, I carry a lot of Touch products and was very happy to see everything offered in the larger sizes for the Fall 2010 line! I must say that it is not always the store owner that doesn’t WANT to stock the larger sizes, most times it is the manufacturer that doesn’t get enough orders to produce them! I get so upset because while I order the larger sizes, they often times don’t get made because of the lack of numbers!

    I pride myself on being “different” from everyone else by carrying the larger sizes. That’s how I’ve been able to succeed in business for so long. So please don’t assume that we retailers don’t order larger sizes. The same can be said for the smaller market teams as well.

  184. Hello, i’ve been browsing around your blog and it looks really good. I’m making a family home page and struggling to make it look good. How hard was it to create your site? Could someone like me, a noob do this? I always wanna to write in my page something like that. Just wanna tell you your site seem broken when I visiting using IE 7.

  185. I can’t believe I just saw this post. I feel silly. I went from an 18-20 to a really hard to fit child size 16-adult 0. I lost over 100 lbs with sheer determination. I’ve been to Dick’s sporting wear and wanted these things. When I was big, I would’ve done anything to look cute in them. So it doesn’t matter if you have the size if big girls don’t look cute in them. If they do, they’ll sell off the shelf ;*

  186. I recently purchased an Touch by Alyssa Milano Cubs T shirt from I ordered a size XXL based on the sizing chart provided. I normally wear a 16/18 in women’s clothing. When the shirt arrived I just about fell over. There is no way that the shirt is teh size that it says. My neighbor who wears a 10 came over and tried it on. It fit her perfectly! i could not even get the shirt pulled down. It looked like I was trying to wear my 4 year olds clothing. I called fansedge to see if I could get it an larger size and was told that it did come in a larger size but that they were out of stock. I LOVE the shirt! I bought it because my son who is 4 just started playing T ball this week and his team is the Cubs. Do you know where I can get a 3x or 4x? based on the fit I will probably need the 4x. I almost cried thinking about having to buy that big of a shirt, but it ran so small!

  187. Well, the article is really the freshest on that notable topic. I agree with your conclusions and also will thirstily look forward to your approaching updates. Saying thanks definitely will not just be adequate, for the incredible clarity in your writing. I definitely will instantly grab your rss feed to stay privy of any kind of updates. Pleasant work and much success in your business efforts!

  188. Whoa, wonderful read. I just now stumbled on your website and I am already a fan.

  189. I would LOVE to get my hands on some plus sized NHL, NFL and MLB clothing. The few stores/vendors that offer them wouldn’t know a plus size if it bit them. I ordered some 3X football t-shirts last year and they were cut so small a friend of mine that wears a large looked great in them. Us big girls want to celebrate our teams too. When we have “team” days at work I can only wear clothes I have in my team’s colors. I hate being left out. Just a few simple t-shirts and hoodies would make this plus size gal happy.

  190. C’mon, retailers! When are you going to start catering to the plus-sized ladies out there? We’re not all XL, and you know that. Pick a brand, like Touch, offer it to us, and you’ll see…check out Old Navy Plus Size to see that popularity – it’s just good business.

  191. If Retailers that ‘big’ people are human too and also have jobs and money to spend they might start stocking for their apparel needs too. We are human too! Do you (retailers) not read the papers Americans are overweight, you have a higher percentage of perspective clients that YOU are missing out on. (Cha ching, i’ll continue to give my money to the designers and retailers that want to make ME look good too!)

  192. Hi there!

    I’m a lifelong Twins fan, and I’m a mere large/size 12, but as others have mentioned here, the “larges” out there are not. I’ve got money, and if the retailers want mine, they’d better stock up on what people want. You rock, Alyssa!

  193. I’m not a plus size, but a weird size. I’m a “L” or “11”. Which means a lil chub on the arrms. Most of the clothing I find fit my chest & shoulders, but super tight on the arms. So then I have to buy bigger sizes & try to shrink em alil. It’s frustrating! Why are things so difficult, lol? FYI: I’m a Washington Redskins fan!

  194. Thank you for give very nice info. Your website is so coolI am impressed by the information that you have on this blog. It shows how well you understand this subject. Bookmarked this page, will come back for more. You, my friend, ROCK! I found just the information I already searched everywhere and just couldn’t find. What a perfect site. Like this website your website is one of my new favs.I like this info shown and it has given me some sort of inspiration to have success for some reason, so keep up the good work

  195. As a plus size, I find obtaining sports fan clothing in my size all but impossible. Clothing designed for men might fit, but it’s lacking the feminine “Touch.” Sure, I can get a pink-tinted baseball cap, but goshdarnit, I want the tees and raglans and hoodies too! I would love to own several pieces of Touch by Alyssa Milano but I can’t fit into them.

    Retail (and online) outlets: PLEASE consider carrying Touch in larger sizes. Other companies that offer womens professional sports fan gear (to my knowledge) don’t sell larger plus sizes. Let’s corner that market and make Touch the first company that comes to mind when we think of shopping for womens pro sports clothing. Thank you!

  196. Keep up the good work, we need more awareness of the need out there.

  197. I really have never found any Touch merchandise in any of the stores where I live, but I would love to wear it when I do find some. I live in Alaska so yeah there really are not a whole lot of awesome stores up here, if they are up here then they are most likely in Anchorage a town that is about 500miles away. But moving on! I am not a huge sports fan but I do love baseball and I play softball so I would totally wear some baseball gear. Yankees! But I am a larger girl so finding things that would fit me and actually look good would be difficult. It is difficult for me to find cute clothes to wear in general. So yes I would totally wear Touch clothing if I could find it in my size! Thanks Alyssa!

  198. I live in Lawrence, Kansas. Are there any stores near here where I can going shopping for Touch?……Also I was wondering if you, Alyssa, will be visiting any nearby (to Lawrence, KS) stores as you have other stores…..I want to meet you and get an autograph. :-) Much Love!! If you answer that would be awesome. My email or to @charmedangel1.

  199. I will be needing a size XXL please :-D

  200. Steelers fans come in all sizes! Just because we have curves doesn’t mean we should have to wear men’s sizes! Please stock TOUCH gear in both regular *and* plus sizes so that the women of SteelerNation (and fans of other teams too) can represent!

  201. I LOVE sports and am tired of wearing mens clothing bc the women’s sizes are too small. It would be nice to be able to wear something that is nice and girly that I can fit in. Thanks!!!

  202. I think everyone should get a chance to choose such cute clothes. Retailers need to step up to the new age.

  203. I couldn’t see the poll! Was it because I use Chrome?

    Regardless – please get Touch for plus sizes into more stores! So hard to find pretty stylish clothing!

  204. Bring on the plus sizes!!

  205. Alyssa, thank you so much for your open mind. I need to buy plus size clothes and don’t always find them. I appreciate your efforts. Plus, I just love you. You’re such a dear person!

  206. I’m a larger girl but I’m also an active girl. I would like to be able to have more options for different kinds of clothing espically something cute and casual, without looking too baggy or sloppy. I would also like it in feminine colors (not just red and blue). I think retailer should carry it in stores so we can try stuff on. I hate buying online because I usually send stuff back. I think this would be great so I hope we can make it happen! :-) THanks Jamie

  207. I recently went to a store in Packers territory. The stuff on the men’s rack went all the way up to a 6XL–big enough to fit three or four of me–but when I went to the women’s section, I couldn’t find anything to fit even ONE of me. I’m not the size of an Airstream trailer–I’m merely overweight, and I would like to wear fan gear that’s CUTE, not dudely, for once.

  208. Oh yes I love it…………..I always have a hard time finding clothes in my size.. either they r too big or too small…. love it.. keep it up!!

  209. I believe the retailer should carry TOUCH in all sizes. I am a plus size woman who would buy some of the clothing if it was availble in plus.

  210. Have you tried selling the line to plus sized stores? Lane Bryant recently started carrying DKNY in select stores, so it’s been done! :)

    And for the integrity of the poll – yes, please carry plus sizes!

  211. I am a HUGE baseball fan. It would be nice to be able to (as a female) fit nicely into a shirt or jersey (made for my gender…) and still feel pretty in it. Thank you for all you do Alyssa! Go Cardinals!

  212. My mom is a plus sized woman, and I’d love to be able to buy Touch apparel for her!

  213. If the retailers refuse to sell in a variety of sizes, can you sell them directly from your website?

  214. I want plus sizes! 2x 3x I really want to buy touch clothing

  215. Those of us that wear plus sizes have money to spend, if you will allow us the opportunity to spend it. :)

  216. Retailers need to learn that plus size women deserve to look cute too! There are younger women who want to wear clothes that don’t make them look like an old lady. Bring on the full Touch line that Alyssa Milano intended!

  217. I am a HUGE sports fan and happen to be in the plus sizes. i would love to be able to wear the touch clothing line in my size, as it is right now the only sports clothing that fit are mens and are to big and do not fit right. so i ask you to please Cary the woman’s plus size in the touch line.

  218. love the designs, would buy for all the football female fans in family, but we’re healthy full size women and our sizes are not available. Dissappointing, you’re missing a market.

  219. In reference to a previous poster.. Just because a is woman sitting beside you in a 4x, doesn’t look bad on the sports team, on Touch, or on any one else for that matter. Women’s sports clothing sizes run so small as it is. I am a large in regular tshirts but in women’s fitted I’m probably about a 2x, and I’m not that big of a girl. So much of the population is overweight and people complain about not being able to find clothes that truly fit their figure. Give them plus
    Sizes and help women of all shapes, sizes, and curves feel just as sexy as the people of the smaller sizes get to feel. Just because your plus size doesnt mean you cant look attractive and feel sexy in their clothing!!!

  220. I am super sick of being forced to wear men’s t-shirts, jerseys, and sweatshirts because stores aren’t astute enough to notice that queen sized ladies are sports fans, too. I would buy Touch clothing for all of my Boston teams in a heartbeat if it were available – instead we’re being shut out once again. Retailers, wake the F up already, we have money if you want it.

    Alyssa – thank you for caring about this. Maybe you could find a way to partner with plus sized stores like Lane Bryant to offer your Touch line in store.

  221. I love your clothes maybe you should get in contact with that store Torrid… What about maternity wear for us sports fans :)

  222. would love larger sizes. If they won’t sell it find a retailer that will! Seems ridiculous when the men’s stuff has every size.

  223. As someone who IS plus sized, it infuriates me that plus sized women are discriminated against like this. We are just as beautiful, just as fashion conscious, and just as shopping crazy as the skinny chicks who shop!

    Please, for the love of god retailers, discrimination is NOT okay.

  224. YEs!! Touch clothing should be available in all sizes no matter what! every woman has the right to look good and show off their team! i love touch clothes they’re amazing, I show off my yankee pride everywhere i go! and every girl no matter the size should be able to get them everywhere they’re sold without a problem.


  225. I think it is horible that companies won’t make sizes big enough for everyone. Just think about how much more they would make first of all and second, the average size of a woman is size 14. I repeat AVERAGE meaning there is a lot more that are bigger than that and we deserve the same rights to look good as someone who is smaller not look like we are wearing a sheet like a lot of the clothes do.

  226. As a plus size woman, it frustrates me to no end to see retailers who won’t carry extended sizes. I personally would love to see a Plus Size Touch line…and I am happy to hear you have been working on it. I hope they will listen.

  227. I wish more stores carried plus size options in quality clothing. I would love to have a store in San Francisco carry the 3x and 4x Touch brand.

  228. I’d buy out your entire stock of Chicago Bears plus size
    Merch if it was available! Don’t discriminate, cater to your customers… You won’t be sorry!

  229. I would so wear a jersey or a hoodie from my team, but I can’t find one in woman’s sizes and men’s are to long in the arms. VERY FRUSTRATING!!! I hope retailers listen to us and start carrying all sizes. Thank you Alyssa for making really cute clothes for us bigger gals and promoting it to retailers, who are to blind to see a great thing in front of them

  230. I’m a huge sports fan. And I love love love Touch! My sister owns several items. I’m dying to be able to wear them too. I’m a “plus-size” woman and proud of it! Thanks to Alyssa for listening. <3

    Patty Ann

  231. I loveTouch and want more plus sizes in stores!

  232. I own a retail store and while it is not a touch reseller I can tell you that it is impossible for us to carry every product in every size. We will always special order for a client. Keep that in mind everyone.

  233. I would like very much to throw lots of my money at the Touch line in exchange for some plus size cothing options.

  234. I find it hilarious that stores have absolutely no problem ordering tons of plus size sports clothes for me but ask them to carry plus size sports clothes for women and you’d think we were asking them to turn copper into gold. Sexist much?

  235. I can never find cute sport gear that fits over my large bust. Make it available in stores!

  236. I’m not plus sized. But I do have friends and family that are. I would love to be able to gift Touch to them! I think it’s ridiculous retailers being resistant.

  237. i love Touch but would really love to see it in plus sizes! Where and when will I be able to buy my plus sized Touch fashions?!?! Thanks!

  238. I am tired of having to wear men’s tshirts cause the XL that they have for women could fit my 6 year old niece… If Touch were to be available in larger sizes I would be one of your beat customers…MAKE LARGER SIZES… it’s what real women look like…

  239. Please stop the madness and start catering to real women. I am over 6 feet tall and it is impossible for me to fit into anything less than a 2xl…would be so nice to have great, stylish clothes available at good places.

  240. I think the Touch line is really cute and I’d happily buy some of the styles, but have always been disappointed to find there is nothing in my size, which would probably be a 4X. So please help me look adorable at Dodger games by carrying more plus sizes! Thanks heaps.

  241. I am a huge Dallas Cowboys fan for most of my life. I am also a larger-sized woman. I would love it if AM Touch would carry larger sizes. I love the whole line of clothes because they are more feminine that the usual stuff a person finds for fan gear. Thanks for considering it.

  242. Yeah, I’m fed up with stores who simply don’t sell bigger sized clothes. It’s like if someone is above a certain size they don’t count as humans, they don’t have to dress, it’s okay if they wear a sheet wrapped around them or just you know a loin-cloth like a few thousand years ago.

  243. It’s not as if apparel expires like food does. I’m incredibly tired of retailers of all types just…phasing out plus size clothing or not carrying it at all in the first place.

    Would LOVE to see Touch in larger sizes in stores.

  244. Every woman deserves to fill like her size is important and real. Just like every other womens size. Get it together stores. We are a plus size world do the research!

  245. Yes please help ALL women sport fans represent!

  246. This type of thing would never happen to men, so why do women have to put up with these obstacles. Can you imagine what would happen if men sizes didn’t go past a large or x-large. The company would be out of business. But women continually fight for proper fitting clothes. The average size for women is a size 14, but that is not what most manufacturers build there product lines for. It’s time that all clothes be produced and available for all sizes for men and WOMEN!!!

  247. Although I usually wear a large/xl, most sports wear and jerseys are made small, which leaves me with having to move up to a 2x. I love the Touch line and would love to be able to rock it. And believe it or not, the average size in this country is a 14/16, so to all the skinny girls that are posting that “fattys shouldn’t wear this stuff”… bite me, cuz ill wear the same clothes, and ill look damn good in them. And the skinny girls who don’t mind sharing their style, thanks girls! And thanks Alyssa for thinking of us!

  248. Please Alyssa, Could you sell TOUCH clothes also in Italy, please? i’d like to have one so much !!! I love those clothes :) it’s a dream to have in Italy them !!!! xo xo !!! i love you !! peace and love !! my best wishes :)<3

  249. Can you order the plus size Touch through any online vendors?

  250. I want retailers to understand that plus size is the new size 6 get with the program guys I spend lots of money if not more than the average girl trying to find something cute to wear because imagine this cute is so much harder to find

  251. Have you noticed that for men, they offer up to 5X in some team stores?

    All I want is a cute T that looks good – ON ME – not some model or mannequin.

    Alyssa – why not try to broker deals with stores that cater to 12+ like Lane Bryant, Fashion Bug, The Avenue etc.? At least the stuff would be on the market AND we could try things on for size.

  252. Please big girls also want to have fun en cool clothes.

  253. Am an avid baseball fan and whenever I shop for ny Brewers attire I head straight for the Touch line and to my dismay…cute cute cute attire but alas not in my size. I spend at least $100-$200 a season and would love to be a little more feminine at the next game….please start selling the sizes at retail outlets….or try partnering with Lane GBryant or another plus size retailers …..

  254. Please offer touch in sizes for those of us who are larger than life! Thanks!

  255. Wow, are we really equating “plus size” with racial equality? Maybe these retailers are equating sports with promoting a healthy lifestyle. I worked my a** off the past year to lose 90 lb because I wasn’t healthy. And let’s start using the correct phrase, it’s “obese” not plus size. Love yourself either way, but why is it so popular for this society to encourage lazy people to sit on their butts in the name of “self acceptance?”

  256. plus size should be available to purchase !! Some people like to look good even if they are overweight, yet they sell nothing but cheap nasty clothes for plus size women. Personally I have struggled with my weight all my life and not having items to wear that make you feel good about yourself is very damaging to ones self esstem. It makes you feel like a black sheep or like we are back in 1900 stoning the plus size women! Would be nice to feel excepted by everyone even strangers.. Moral of this is PLEASE start selling plus sizes, make ALL women feel GREAT about themselves!!!!

  257. Plus size women buys clothes to, im a plus size and it’s really hard to find something to wear in XL and up..
    Most of the clothes looks like something an old lady would wear and im 19yrs old and i dont want to look like an old lady.. Sometimes i get lucky and i find a cute “regular” sized shirt but I think about those who are a little bigger than an XL and have hugh troubble finding clothing that fits in a regular store.
    I think it’s great what you do Alyssa, I think it’s important that stores have more plus size clothing and if they dont see it maybe they will see this: The store will make more money if they have more sizes bcz more sizes = more customer will be able to shop in that store.
    And just bcz someone isn’t athletic looking dosent mean they dont like to watch sports!!

    I would love for Touch to come to Sweden, I love it and i would totaly buy it but atm the shipping price is too big so i would love for Touch to come to Sweden :)

  258. Sports fans come in ALL sizes, and retailers are completely wrong for not carrying the bigger sizes. When we go to games, I miss out on wearing team shirts, because they never have my size. Sell bigger sizes for women, and I’ll buy them! Plus size fans spend money the same as skinny fans, and I think we should boycott retailers who won’t offer plus size options to get their attention. America’s waistlines are getting bigger, so the clothing industry should really think about this, and jump on it!

  259. Not only should suppliers stock Plus sizes but they should stock more than a token amount. For every size 8 they should have an 18

  260. It should be available in all sizes. The clothes are so cute and should be available to those who want to buy them.

  261. Alot of us plus size people WANT to be more active but for some reason companies think fat people should stay inside stuffing their face. help us help ourselves please!!!!

  262. I would love to purchase your line if it were in stores for my size! Wearing team gear is about belonging to and supporting a group. If we are willing to be there for our teams why aren’t we allowed? I think you and the teams want more support- so do people who are plus size, retailers need to step up their game!!!!!

  263. Hi Alyssa. After reading your tweet asking your fans to read the message about plus sizes I watched your video for the 2012 spring collection and I noticed the models. Though beautiful …I did not see one model who represents the “pluz size woman”. Maybe hiring pluz/average size women to model your clothing line would entice the “average size” woman to order therefore increasing the demand. Maybe then retailers wouldn’t hesitate to order larger sizes.

  264. As a plus size woman, I would love if Touch would be available in larger sizes. For retailers not to carry is a lost opportunity, an opportunity that would be very beneficial to them.

  265. I understand that some women are small, and some are more curvy, Hell my size has ranged from a size 2,5,8,10,12,14.16, and now I’m an 18. but at 5’9 I look healthy. But what makes me upset is trying to Embrace my curves and have nothing to wear. I would Love if I could go into a store and buy clothes with my favorite sports teams on them. What big girl wouldn’t? With the line like Touch by Alyssa Milano I would hope that stores wouldn’t stereotype a women’s figure, and want to sell there clothes line in there store. Store’s shouldn’t feel Ashamed having to order bigger sizes. when women even young teen women who are bigger that go into these stores and can’t find their sizes get depressed and feel like they have to do outrageous things just to be able to fit in the sizes that the department stores are choosing to sell. I’m sure that they would sell more and make more money if they offered these clothes in bigger sizes. I leave these stores with this s to read by KhloéKardashianOdom
    “My weight doesn’t define who I am.” What I don’t get is, why people are so determined on keeping “The Look” that they are willing to hurt others around them. You and I may not see it but, what have we really been introduced to? Why are girls who have curves automatically classified as “fat”? Why can’t we dress the way we want to without being juged because its not “trendy” enough.. Coming to realize that I like any other person, have flaws, am willing to accept them. I may not be as skinny as others and heck, I may get called fat now and then, but i’m ME and I will not change because others are so focused on criticizing their peers just to make them into someone their not. When you’re reading this, I hope that you realize you ARE beautiful and no one should make you feel otherwise. There is no limit on the word “beautiful”. Beauty comes in differen’t shapes and forms, and thats what we should be focusing on. Instead of looking in the mirror and pointing out every flaw, look in the mirror and point out what’s beautiful.. and that would be YOU. If these department stores would think the same way and sell Touch by alyssa milano It would make women around the world skinny, medium, and big fell better about them self’s knowing that they have a store who excepts them just the way they are, no matter how big they are. That we women can look just as trendy as the next super model, actress, trend setter out there. We are who we are can’t the stores see that too. Thank you for listing! @JOHNNAH twitter.

  266. It makes no sense that women can buy the male version of sportswear in any store up to 5XL but can’t buy something that is fashionable and actually fits !

  267. I think, that big sizes is very good, cause not all the women are slim. Could you sale Touch clothes in Russia? It’s will be cool!!! :)

  268. If stores why not website,
    were everyone would hv acess if storesbwont carry

  269. I think plus sizes should be available, before I lost weight I had to by men’s sizes and they were definitely not cute nor flattering

  270. Retailers need to understand that sports fans come in ALL shapes and sizes!! It takes all kinds!

  271. Women come in all shapes and sizes, just like the teams they choose to root for.

  272. I’m mortified that so many people in this thread really think that 2X is NOT a plus size. Let’s not live in denial people, we all know what a healthy size for our personal self is suppose to be so please stop with the crap of “the average size in this country is…14…16…I’ve even seen a few post of 18!… Get the facts right, don’t just use wiki or Google as your source and let’s not promote obesity. Yes, that is exactly what a lot of the posts are doing. Nothing wrong in having support and asking for plus size clothing in a particular line but no need to promote an unhealthy body size just because that is the body image you believe to be a healthy one.

    And no, I am not a size 2 or a 6. I am just someone who came to terms with their body image and size and made a choices. I also stopped lying to myself and once I did that I was no longer held back by clothing lines not making plus sizes and I no longer had to shop in lane bryant because (it wasn’t my fault I was obese, yes, obese) . So, I do agree plus sizes are needed BUT more so is weightloss so cut the self righteous “we need attention” crap. And GET OVER YOURSELF!

  273. I’m having some trouble with the RSS feed here. Anyone else having any trouble?

  274. So what you’re saying, rudeness, is that plus size women can’t be fun or sexy? Aren’t you lovely?

  275. I may not be a size 0 but that doesn’t mean I can’t look cute and support my team at the same time!

  276. By the look of your post it wouldn’t be the 4XL next to you that makes you look less attractive, it would happen as soon as you open your mouth.

  277. Seriously, your that shallow?

  278. @Angela Sexy is not just About size. You can still have those cute elements in a 4X. Didn’t Sir Mix-a-lot teach us anything?

    I am so glad you are fighting for plus sizes and not giving me a lame excuse about extra fabric costing more money.