POPsessions: Which Pair of Jeans Is Alyssa Milano’s Favorite?

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POPsessions: Which Pair of Jeans Is Alyssa Milano’s Favorite?

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As a child actress in the ’80s, it’s no wonder that Alyssa Milano is a big fan of Cyndi Lauper. Milano even dressed up as the pop star for Halloween when she was 11 years old! Yahoo TV chatted with the newly-minted “Project Runway: All Stars” host about her love of “Time After Time,” her can’t-live-without pair of jeans, and more of her pop culture obsessions.

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1. Have you ever dressed as a celeb for Halloween? Who? Yes, when I was 11 years old, I dressed as Cyndi Lauper.

2. What article of clothing could you not live without? Rag and Bone skinny jeans.

3. What do you eat or drink while watching a movie in the theater? Popcorn, Junior Mints, and water.

4. What was the first movie you saw? “The Black Stallion.”

5. Did you have a poster of a celeb on your wall when you were a kid or a teen? C. Thomas Howell.

6. What movie makes you cry? “Searching for Bobby Fischer.”

7. What’s the guiltiest pleasure currently on your DVR? “Face Off.”

8. What movie character do you wish you could be? Roy Neary from “Close Encounters.”

9. What’s the TV show you never miss? “Breaking Bad.”

10. What TV show would you like to live in? “Game of Thrones.”

11. Who is your TV crush? Jon Stewart.

12. What website do you visit when no one is watching? Cracked.com.

13. What phone app do you use the most? Twittelator Pro and Amazon.

14. Who is your favorite tweeter? Rob Delaney

15. What TV theme song do you still remember the words to? “Happy Days.”

16. What is your favorite karaoke song? “Time After Time” by Cyndi Lauper.

17. What is your favorite album? The Beatles’ “White Album.”

18. What was your first concert? Run DMC and Beastie Boys

19. What was on your favorite T-shirt when you were growing up? Hello Kitty.