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Ratings breakdown for May 3rd

| Perry and Rebecca’s High School Reunion |

The 90-minute episode of DANCING WITH THE STARS (ABC, Mon 8-9:30pm, season 10, episode 12) was down -8% with A25-54 (5.5/14) and -9% with A18-49 (4.0/11) compared to its episode a week ago. It was down -10% with W18-49 (5.7/15) and -8% with W25-54 (7.8/19) opposite HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER / RULES OF ENGAGEMENT / THE BIG BANG THEORY, CHUCK / LAW & ORDER (repeat), HOUSE / 24, and ONE TREE HILL / GOSSIP GIRL. It was the #2 show of the night with A18-49, #1 with A25-54, #1 with W18-49 and #1 with W25-54. It ranked first in its time period with A18-49, A25-54, W18-49 and W25-54. It grew one share point in the half hours from beginning to end with A18-49, one share with A25-54, one share with W18-49 and two shares with W25-54. DANCING WITH THE STARS was down -13% with A18-49, -7% with A25-54, -14% with W18-49 and -6% with W25-54 compared to its own original episode average during the 2nd quarter of 2009. Overall, the 92-minute episode of DANCING WITH THE STARS was down slightly across the board week-to-week. It was the #1 show of the night among most key demos, #2 among A18-49, and ranked first in the time period among all key measures. It grew in the half hours from the beginning to end across the board.

ROMANTICALLY CHALLENGED was up +9% with A25-54 (3.5/8) while it was down -4% with A18-49 (2.5/7) compared to last week’s episode. It was up +6% with W18-49 (3.7/10) and +14% with W25-54 (5.0/12). It was the #5 show of the night among W18-49, #5 with A25-54 (tied) and #3 with W25-54. It ranked second in the time period with A25-54, third with A18-49, second with W18-49 and first with W25-54. It retained 64% of its DANCING WITH THE STARS lead-in with A18-49, 57% with A25-54, 67% with W18-49, and 63% with W25-54. Overall, ROMANTICALLY CHALLENGED was up slightly among most key demos, down slightly among A18-49, compared to last week’s telecast. It was the #3 show of the night among W25-54 and #5 among W18-49 and A25-54 (tied). It ranked first in the time period with W25-54 although continues to retain a moderate amount of its DWTS lead-in across the board.


  1. You should really post something to explain what all the numbers and letters mean. I try to read it but I just get confused.

  2. Congrats :) looks good!


  4. go get’m

  5. I personally shut it off when Dancing gets over. 5 minutes of “RomChallenged” and I was off. Horrible acting/directing in that show. Just horrible.

  6. I love RC!….Aly makes the show …her charm and character role are one of her best yet. I never thought of Alyssa in terms of comedy and I don’t watch much comedy but this show has become contagious to me. Great job Alyssa!!


  7. Totally love the new series so far :) LOL

  8. will alyssa who plays rebecca do any rhyming?

  9. Alyssa, you are not suppose to the camera during your show as you did when Kyle lift you and place you on the sofa… but I’m not blaming you… it was hysterical and you were trying to control the laughter and the “embarrassment” of that moment… I love those moments during a comedy. I’m glad they left that there and not made a new take.
    Very funny. Is getting better and better.
    If people are smart, they will pick up the show and not wait one year or more like they did with Seinfeld.

  10. I attended the taping of “The Untitled Ricky Blitt Pilot”. Why was Olsen recasted? I loved your acting, loved his acting, .. I just loved the show. What happend? Please, any info would be welcome..

  11. I am still a bit confused as to why ABC threw RC into the middle of the Monday night lineup between Dancing and Castle. Why not put the show on the Wednesday night COMEDY lineup in the time slot that once belonged to Hank? ABC please don’t cancel the series just work it in to the comedy lineup next season or make it a summer series!


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