Romantically Challenged

By on 5-03-2010 in News, Romantically Challenged

Perry and Rebecca’s High School Reunion

When it’s time for Rebecca and Perry to go back to their high school reunion, Rebecca is ready to confront Jesse, the guy who publicly humiliated her by standing her up at the senior prom. But Perry knows the real reason why she was stood up and tells a preposterous lie to keep Rebecca from discovering the truth. Meanwhile, avid hockey fan Shawn is devastated when he finds out that the local cable company won’t be carrying the championship games. When he learns further that Lisa’s friend, Vanessa, has the games on her cable station, he has to hide his real motive for romancing Vanessa from both women, on “Romantically Challenged,” on MONDAY, MAY 3 (9:32-10:00 p.m., ET) on ABC. (ABC/MITCH HADDAD)


  1. can’t wait to watch it!!!
    good luck on the raitings!

  2. will alyssa who plays Rebecca will she say the word senses or say get it together or maybe do some rhyming?

  3. I’m watching it and it is really funny!!

  4. Funny show – Alyssa Milano, keep the laughs comming! Look forward to watching “Romantically Challenged” in ABC’s fall of 2010 lineup.

  5. Say whaaaaa?

  6. i want to save alyssa mlinaos new show from going off tv the show should have a second season and maybe more also.