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It would be so very, very, easy for me to be upset and bitter about the cancellation of “Romantically Challenged”. But… I’m not upset or bitter. Don’t get me wrong; I have moments throughout the day, when I think to myself, “Wait. What the hell just happened?” But luckily those moments are fleeting. And I am well aware that I’m in a business that sometimes makes decisions that are inexplicable. Dealing with those decisions is almost just as much a part of the job as memorizing my dialogue. My only true sadness comes from not being able to see Ricky, Mr. Burrows, Josh, Kelly and Kyle’s face every day. I will miss them like crazy. I already do, actually. Just writing that last sentence made me tear up a bit.

I find great solace in the fact that I did everything I could for the show’s success. We ALL did everything we could do and we can feel good about that. And since I’ve always been a glass half full kind of girl, I think something kind of magical came out of this whole experience. A community was built on hope and a common goal via Twitter. There was no way I could ever delete the RomChallenged Twitter account. That account was always yours. We just kept it updated. I have just switched it over to the official account ( so we can keep the community together. It will still be yours. I will keep it updated and I will continue to follow anyone that wants to be a part of our community.

Again, I can’t thank you enough for all of your tireless efforts on behalf of the show. I can safely speak for the entire cast and Ricky when I say, we were all so touched and moved by everything you did! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I hope to be in your living rooms again real soon. Until then, you know where to find me.

Say Whaaattt?

And Love,


  1. I am sorry that Romantically Challenged was not picked up, but I am sure your dreams will take you on to otehr wonderful projects. I posted this on your FB page last night, but thought I’d put it herer for those who may not have seen it. It’s about dreams, and following them.

    I ordinarily wouldn’t do this, but you’ve touched on dreams, and I thought you might enjoy an excerpt from one of my books. Hope you read it, and if it’s out of line, just delete it.

    Stanley read comic books. Funny books. The only grown person I ever knew that really read funny books. Not only that, when he was finished with them, he gave … See Morethem to me. Stacks and stacks of them. He introduced me to Superman and Batman, to the Doll Man and to Green Lantern. I’m sure Stanley knew that my young mind would be opened by the books, and he also knew that imagination was the only way to get away from the reality that was South Town. Although I didn’t understand everything he said, Stanley always tried to tell me that books were the key. Any kind of books. The funny books were the best way he knew to keep me interested in a world that existed outside my own, and to make sure that I knew the difference between real dreams and daydreams.

    He once told me that real dreams are wonderful things. They give you something to work for, and offer a chance at being somebody.

    “You have to have dreams, Donald,” he’d say. “Don’t ever believe anyone that tells you dreams are silly. Dreams turn a person into whatever he wants to be, and that’s a good thing.”

    “Yeah, well I want to be Superman, Stanley, is that too big a dream?”

    “Naw, Donald, it’s not too big, it’s just that wanting to be Superman ain’t a dream at all, it’s a daydream. Now, don’t get me wrong, daydreams ain’t bad things either. Daydreams do for your soul what real dreams do for your mind. They lift it up and show it things it might not see anywhere else. So you see, daydreams are good, but Son, they just ain’t real. You can daydream about being Superman, and that daydream will give you pleasure and make you feel good and all, but the fact is, you ain’t never gonna be Superman. Not today, and not ever. That’s what a daydream is all about. But a real dream, that’s something else. You can dream that someday you’ll be a millionaire, or go to the moon, or be a movie star, and if you really work at it, that dream might come true. That’s the difference between a dream and a daydream.”

    Don’t ever give up on your dreams

  2. Alyssa, you are a true inspiration. Keep up the giggles!!! Will be watching for you!!

  3. Don’t let the good stuff bounce off and the bad stuff stick, Alyssa. Always with you.

  4. I will always remember Romantically Challenged, because the show is awesome! And I don’t really know whay ABC cancelled it, it’s not fair! You are very kind, nice, smart, funny, beautiful person, and that’s why I love you. I really hope to see you on TV soon (maybe on Desperate Housewives?). Your big fan, and Twitter friend from Serbia! Love

  5. We still love you forever, please come back to TV as soon as you can. It was great to see you again every week.

  6. It was a wonderful show..sad to see it go. As one door closes, another opens though…you’re too talented to keep off tv for too long.

  7. That was really great and I appreciate you taking the time to share your honest feelings with us. Its good for those of us (which I think, honestly in your case is most of us) who are truly following you because of the kind of person you are, not just because you are in the media. (Although that’s cool too lol). So, thanks again, and I know you will keep your head up, so I won’t be like, “oh Alyssa! Don’t worry! We love you and will always support any project that comes along” or “I’m sure that this happened for a bigger reason, like everything does, surely a wonderful unmissable opportunity will be presented to you now!” nah. I’m not gonna say any of that. Keep up the good work, as an artist and a person.

    Bonnie (@bonniebell)

  8. This is sad, but I know that those who call the shots do have to make choices based on advertisers, etc.

    I expect to see more work in the near future.

  9. I am so sorry to hear that your great show was canceled. It figures that I finally find one I can relate to from my own experiences, and laugh my tush off as well, and poof, it’s gone.
    Your cast fit together seamlessly, and your writers did an outstanding job. Too bad it was ‘that network that remains unnamed’ that was your showcase. I doubt they would know a good show anyway.
    I hope that your show might get picked up by another, more enlightened network soon.
    In the meantime, thank you, and your fellow cast members for some really good scenes and many laughs.
    Go Dodgers!

  10. So sorry about the show being canceled! My whole fam bam loved the show!
    Say Whaaaat? was one of my favorite lines of the show just spelling it makes me laugh out LOUD!!!

  11. hey alyssa! i’m so sorry for the cancellation but i’m keeping my fingers crossed cause i missed you all these years and i hope i get to see you soon on a tv show! till then, i’m rewatching Charmed <3

  12. aww i love that the @RomChallenged account is still going to be there for us all. i love the new name, @AlyssaDOTCom its great.
    hopfully Alyssa will be on all of our telly’s again in a new show that will last a long time :)
    im going too miss you until then.
    #RCTwitterArmy will always be there.
    Thank you to all of the cast and crew of Romantically Challenged for being so awesome!

  13. Once again you’re the epitomy of CLASS. I’m sorry that your show did not get a fair chance. I truly enjoyed everyone second of it. And I will always cherish the fun times we had with you the cast, on twitter and the RC Army :) I hope we’ll still be an AM army, I know I’ll proudly stay a part of it.

    Thank you all for your dedication to this amazing show & us fans. You went above and beyond. And I know everyone appreciates that too.

    I wish you all a beautiful and bright future and I hope to see more of you guys soon :) I can’t wait to see your future projects, because with your talent, dedication & sheer awesome-ness. It will be absolutely amazing and you’ll have my support all the way!


    A proud AM/RC-Army trooper!


  14. I loved this show. Not only was it funny, and had an awesome cast. For the first time, I felt included in the show, the community. I felt great being a part of that. Thanks to the entire cast for being so awesome to your fans.
    I will happily look forward to your future projects.
    Good luck, and keep up the awesome work! :)

  15. I think you guys got totally screwed. More proof that the suits are out of touch with reality. Romantically Challenged was one of the funniest, and best, shows I have seen in a long time. I can’t wait to see what projects you all get involved in next.

  16. Thanks for keeping the account!
    Hope see you soon on tv!

    We’ll miss Romantically Challenged!

  17. That’s why you’re one of maybe three celebrities I will ever admire. So deep I could never see the bottom, stay true to yourself, kiddo.

  18. You actually made me cry. I’m a really big fan of yours especially your portray of Phoebe Halliwell on Charmed and your guest appearance on Castle in season 2 was amazing. I’m sure that anything you do you’ll do great ’cause you seem like a really beautiful and sweet person in when you tweet and do interviews, and that shows on screen too :) You’re an amazing actress and it was a real shame that Romantically Challenged was cancelled, but you’re handling it well, so just keep looking at the positive side of life: When one door closes, two more opens ;) I can’t wait to see you in whatever movie or show that comes next!


  19. I hate to see that the show was cancelled :( I thought the show was funny and it was good to see you back again. I would love to see you in another role like Charmed that show was soooo missed lol..I’ve got the Book of Shadows collectors Edition of all those seasons haha..I wish you all the best and can’t wait to see what you do next!


  20. Back in the day, I remember ABC canceling “Twin Peaks” – much to the dismay of a very loyal audience following. Some shows just do not deserve to end and “Romantically Challenged” is one of them. Wacky business for sure! Thank you cast and crew of RC for entertaining me.

  21. That is an excellent idea. We really did bond over the show and I am waiting patiently (ok, not really that patiently) for your next project! I really enjoyed the show & being introduced to Kelly, Josh, Kyle, & Ricky :) Much love & success to all of you, always.

  22. It truly baffles me why it was canceled when it was the top rated sitcom, but Alyssa you are so talented and such an angel. I think you should join the cast of Desperate Housewives. The show needs some new fresh blood. You would be the perfect comedic foil to Gabrielle. I say we start a new campaign on facebook!! It worked for Betty White!

  23. I am saddened by the cancellation of the show … I miss Rebecca and company!
    Thanks for the laughs!
    You have talent and sympathy, and that no one cancels …

    Always count on my full support!
    You’re my pride!
    Te Amo!

    Kisses my star!

  24. I can not understand how some shows that suck (new adventures of old christine) are allowed to go on and on and on and new fresh shows are not even given a chance.Keep us posted as you are great and you have a large fan club including me.

  25. Sorry the show was cancelled. :/ But even more sorry for the end of Charmed. :/ Love you, you’re great. :)

  26. I am still so sad that the show was cancelled. I think it’s so unfair how they can cancel after only airing 3 episodes (since it was cancelled before the 4th one aired), the show never really had the chance to shine. Last night I watched with my friend who had never seen the show before then and she fell in love with it! Then found out it was the finale. :( the show will be greatly missed by many! I hope to see you on something again soon, Alyssa, you are a great actress, loved by many! :)

    -Krista :)

  27. I can’t believe that Romantically Challenged was cancelled. It had already become one of my favorite shows. You and the rest of the cast were amazing. You had me laughing out loud thru out the show. Alyssa you are a beautiful, caring and loving person as evidenced by your tweets. In addition to that you are a baseball fan, my favorite sport. I wish your Dodgers well. I know you will be back soon with another project. One that we will all love and look forward to seeing. Your are a special person.


  28. You’re very welcome Alyssa! I am still so glad to be a part of the Romantically Challenged Twitter Army it was really fun and I laughed a lot!!! Keep your head up I have faith that you will be in our living room again and hopefully you’ll be there for a while!! Even though sadly Romantically Challenged ended prematurely it will never be forgotten and “Say Whaaaa” will always be my favorite line!! I can’t help but noticed we’re all I obsessed with Reality Shows these days, sure I like some Reality Shows ie Survivor Amazing Race American Idol but I also like to laugh and laughter is the best medicine we need to bring back more sitcoms like Romantically Challenged heck I still watch Full House on ABC Family it still makes me laugh. I hadn’t felt excitment for a sitcom (Romantically Challenged) since Friends and I have every single season of Friends on DVD Charmed also but that’s a different story. Anyway just know I’m always pulling for you and I support you 100% Alyssa.
    Lots of Love from me to you!!
    ~Sumner aka lilsouthernlady :) ~
    “You just can’t beat the person who never gives up” – Babe Ruth :)

  29. I got a friend to send me recordings of Romantically Challenged from the US to NZ cause we never really get good stuff over here. But I thought it was awesome, you and your cast mates IMO were truly brilliant and I was sad to hear that the show was not picked up.
    Sending love all the way from NZ
    Proud member of the RC Army


  30. Alyssa, this is why you have so many Twitter followers . . and why you have so many fans. Your honesty is refreshing, and even though you’re a celebrity, you make everyone who reads your posts and tweets . . . and those who watch you perform and be interviewed . . feel like they know you. I guess this makes sense, because you’ve been a part of our lives for a number of years. Here’s hoping that we grow old together, old friend. I wish you nothing but the best in the future.

  31. I kind of wish I didn’t have DVR in a way cause I never new this show was out until last wk when u started watching the LMN channel and actually saw a commercial about this show. I recorded the last show. I hope they put reruns out so that I can watch it. I love watching ur shows. I can’t wait to see u in another show. Now that I’m on Twitter I will know when ur in another show. Until then, good luck in ur future.

  32. I cannot believe this!!!! Ever since Friends went off the air there hasn’t been a show that was gut laugh funny until Romantically Challenged. I thought the ratings were high. Frustrating to say the very least!

  33. wtf are you talking about? regardless, it was well said! sorry i’m media deprived!

  34. Hey Alyssa You’re so right sweet lady

    It would be so easy to be down but there is so much positive to come out of this. You and the cast put everything you could into the show and made something all can be proud of. I’m so glad to be part of the community that came out of the efforts for the show. I will always support you and everything you do 100 percent always. I look forward to the your next project

    love always

  35. I’m sad that show is off the air I was so excited to see you back on the air after charmed(which I loved!!!!!!) But I know you’ll grace us again with your beauty and wit real soon. Stay strong.

  36. Very positive reaction! As I said yesterday on Twitter (my user name is FritzDaKat), best wishes for your future projects and I’m pretty sure you’ll be on our lives for a long time : )

  37. ok Now I cry, lol ! you do spread love and magic to this life and being part of this crowd of people so willingly to laugh and share happy thoughts and fighting for it , is much more than a detail to me and well I don’t make much sense but all of this strengthen me with love hope and smile.

    So no matter what , please ( I hope you’ll read this some day) always remember that what you do and what you are IS important, and change our lives.
    again thank you

  38. The show will be missed. It was the first show besides Big Bang Theory that I’ve seen in many years that got me laughing out loud. I miss the true sitcoms like this one.
    As much as I try, I just cannot watch shows like Modern Family that the camera moves around and around and makes me dizzy.
    These character’s were beginning to come into their own. I’m sad it won’t continue.
    Good luck Alyssa with your next adventure!
    Who knows, maybe it will be something from one of the pilot’s my wife is working on.

  39. Well, I loved the show while it lasted. I just heard today that it’s being cancelled. Wish it could have lasted longer, but that’s life. If we need an Alyssa Milano fix can always watch stuff on dvds. =) Smile, it’s free!

  40. Alyssa,

    I miss seeing you on my TV every week. “Romantically Challenged” Was one of the best new shows around. I dont doubt that I will soon see you again on my TV. Until then I wish you the best of luck with your career and your life. You have a strong network of fans and followers out there and we all stick by you and support you. You are far to talented, beautiful and smart to not have a new project up your sleeve soon.

    Hope all is well where ever you are
    Much Love,

  41. A gracious reaction as expected. I’m not gonna lie, I was pretty fustrated with the decision to cancel, but I know that you will all move upwards and onwards in your careers. I can’t help but smile when I think of the trending parties and Q&A’s. We had such fun. Thanks for the memories, can’t wait for the next chapter. Love always,

    Laura. xxx

  42. I wonder if part of it was because the tone of the show was different compared to the other half hour comedies we are used to seeing on TV today. This is not an indictment of the quality of the writing or acting because I believe they were sharp on both counts. But RC felt like an 80’s style sit-com of set-up-punchline-laughtrack. If you look at shows that are finding an audience today (Modern Family, Cougar Town, Community, 30 Rock, The Office) the humour is “drier” for lack of a better term. Perhaps today our sensibilities in line with the “post-modern” sit-com. Because of this, I believe the bar is higher with the old school set-up, punchline, laugh track shows. The two most successful today are the Chuck Lorre shows (Two and a Half Men & Big Bang Theory). It seems like it take someone with Lorre’s experience and touch to make those shows work.

    The real shame is that the show was not given a chance to not only find and audience but also to find it’s voice. You look at any successful series and it takes a 6-10 episodes for the show to really find its footing. Seinfeld and Cheers maybe being the best examples. These shows tanked in the ratings until they found their voice and, in turn, found their audience.

    Maybe RC would have found its audience and maybe not. It’s a shame that it was never given a fair shot.

  43. you know they way I look at it, it just wasn’t meant to be and something onebillion times better will fall right on your lap, just wait and see. you may have fallen but things will only go up up and UP from here. I expect we will see you back in our living rooms very soon. Of course I always think there is room for a movie star Alyssa somewhere in the furture too.

    as always, good luck, good health and goodbye for now.

    Garbhan x

  44. Great post, Lyssa. After watching last night’s episode, I still can’t believe ABC’s decision. I came home from work expecting to read that ABC reconsidered and RC will be back. It just doesn’t make sense. How can they decide to end it, when each week it was getting better and better ratings, and after only 3 episodes? I could see if it got the ratings of Happy Town, which they still plan to air this summer, but RC was ABC’s 2nd best rated sitcom, behind MF. They should know that premiering a sitcom after DWTS just hasn’t worked, and because of that they have canceled too many good shows. Will, I hope your next TV gig is on a different network, because ABC is worthless.

  45. Alyssa,

    Without a doubt the cancelation of Romantically Challenged makes absolutely no sense. You and cast were great and the show was well received. Good luck with your next project and always glad to tweet with you.

    All the best,

    Phil (friendlysmilepi)

  46. And now we’ll never to get to see it Down Under. waaaaaaaaaaaaa

    On a serious note, you have shown real class in handling this. I knew I was doing the right thing when I first got a crush on you oh so long ago! :-)

  47. Thank you Alyssa. Your attitude is inspiring. Even as your fans still sit here and say, “Say Whaaaattt” just happened to a show we just got to love? You soften the blow for us by being the way you always are, positive. Part of why it saddens me so much to know the show is gone, is I, and other fans, got to interact with and care for you and the rest of the cast so much. The #RomanticallyChallenged nights were the most fun I ever had on Twitter… and I already LOVED Twitter. :) I would love to see the show get picked up by another network so that we can keep on enjoying it. If that does not happen, I hope to see you and the rest of the cast… okay Ricky too, involved in new successful projects soon!
    Love ya!


  48. I loved the show, seeing you and the cast always made me smile. :-) None of that has to stop, ever. I will miss the show, but will always be grateful it had a chance! :-) I can’t wait to see what you do next! <3


  49. its all good alyssa way to look at things in a positive way not many people can do that. we are all very sad the shows got cancelled but everything happens for a reason you are taking it awsome wonderful role model very pretty inside and out hopefully we can see you soon on our televisions i digg your work your awsome ;)

  50. I’m glad your not doubting the amazing chemistry you all had & it truly showed on camera.
    It truly is ABC’S loss thanks for the laughs I look foward 2 see each of u on my tv soon & when I need a laugh I will watch Romantically Challenged again (good thing I have a dvr).

    Onwards & Upwards

  51. Wow. what a great attitude!! I’m more sad that I can’t see the show. I’ll always keep shows in my DVR. I would love to be part of your twitter community. Really hope you get something going again on TV. I was amazed @ the love that poured out for you & your show! I truly believe we’ll be seeing you soon, somewhere, somehow! With love & peace, always!

  52. I really enjoyed the show, and am saddened that it has ended so prematurely. I wish you and the rest of the cast much success in your future projects and look forward to seeing more of your work hopefully soon. Keep up the great work!!

  53. can’t the show be sold to another network? (Comedy Channel?)
    Is stupid cancelling this show that I wonder who is in charge in this Networks.

  54. Alyssa: all the blessings are not enough because you deserve the best in the Universe. I wish more people were like you are. Thank you for being such a great inspiration to us.

  55. You are such a beautiful person, inside and out. So many people only see the negative side of things, not the positive. It’s inspiring that you don’t let things get you down for long. I know it must’ve been hard to hear that news, but you can see past it to the future. And yes, we will be seeing you on tv again soon.

    Stay beautiful,

  56. I’m sad about Romantically Challenged being cancelled and I hope the show gets picked up again at a later date. In the meantime my family and I get to see a lot of you everyday via reruns of Charmed on Velvet and AXN Beyond.

    I am thankful that there is also such a thing as Twitter and that you are on it. It makes you so much more than a person on the screen.

    Thank you for being approachable to us, your fans.

  57. Love YOU, but the show just wasn’t that good! YOU couldn’t save bad writing; it wasn’t funny! One door closes, another door opens. You’re GREAT and have always been GREAT!

  58. I never got to see romchallange
    but Alyssa u have always been one of my favorite actress ,Im going to be showing my age when I say I remember you from “Who’s The Boss”
    and then when you where in “charmed” i never missed that show but WE WILL SEE YOU IN OUR LIVING ROOMS soon, Think, speak, and be positive

  59. Well, a network will never stop a money making show, so their must be something wrong with the show and I’m not saying it’s you, it could be the writers or the directors I don’t know, but it is not your fault. You’re a very smart (gadget freak which is cool BTW) and talented actress that will always shine.

  60. With that attitude and perspective you’re truly an inspiration Alyssa! And am proud to say am a fan of yours and your great works! Thank you so much! Love you!:-)

  61. I’m very sorry that I was wrong when I posted, “Not to worry, It’s a go!” I feel so bad for you and the others. Why can RC be picked up by another network? It’s happened to others. Love you! God bless, Robert

  62. I think “Say Whaaattt?” best describes the powers that be in tv land here lately. Thank you and everyone else involved with Romantically Challenged for giving me (and all of us) a few short weeks of great laughs!

  63. Alyssa!

    I have loved you from day 1, growing up watching you, even though we’re the same age. I’m sad to see the show go but look forward to what happens next! Perhaps more feature films!!

    I would watch you read the phone book. Keep up the good work and continue to stay positive!!

    Tony Briant

  64. I saw my first episode of Romantically Challenged last night and loved the show. It was hilarious! I feel like it wasn’t given a chance to thrive. Stay positive and keep doing what you do, Alyssa. Peace to you

  65. I live in the Netherlands so your show was never on the air here, which I really thought sucked. However, tonight I found a way to watch your show and I absolutely loved it! It’s a shame that there has been a cancellation.

    I wish you all the best and I hope you’ll be in our livingrooms soon too. God bless.

    love, Melissa.

  66. Hi Alyssa, that was very well said. The show was great, they never gave it a chance. How can they decide something so major in a short period of time? It just doesn’t seem fair of them. I look forward to see what will come your way next. We are all here for you!
    Melissa @doggiecouture

  67. Best wishes, Alyssa!

    I know you’ll be back in our living rooms soon. But even more certainly than that, you will continue to be in our hearts.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you in this next chapter of your career.

    Best wishes!

  68. I can’t believe they are cancelling the show. I look forward to it every Monday night! This is a very sad day.

  69. Not only am I a fan of you as an actress, I’m also a fan of you as a person. I was looking forward to watching you every week, and that last episode was absolutely hilarious. RC really had potential! But maybe something bigger and better is right around the corner :) I look forward to seeing more of your work in the future, while i enjoy reruns of the shows you’ve done in the past (you were hilarious as Billy) and will hopefully one day I’ll see you on the big screen!

  70. Romantically Challenged is and will always be a part of me. I will never ever forget the show, your cast and the fun, loving community that #RomChallenged has made.

    You all will always be in our prayers!


  71. Very classy lady, very well said.

  72. So I am sadened by the loss of the show. I think that so many affiliates dont give shows a proper chance to develop. I have mised Alyssa since Charmed…My Name is Earl was good but I would love to see a reviVAL OF Whos the Boss focusing on Samantha…where she is now, etc….If Romantically Challenged had the character of Samantha instead of Rebecca do you guys think it would have suceeded? Just a thought…..Keep up the good work and keep up Twittering…..Its how I follow you

  73. I thought the show was great, and was so disappointed to hear of its cancellation. What were they thinking?

  74. I’m always with you… and want nothing more then you to find the best in your life daily :::HUGS:::

    Missing you like crazy!


  75. alyssa, I know God has much better things for you. your heart is in the right place and much better things will come to you in one way or the other. know that all good comes to those who wait. the show was great and keep and upre lip. GOD BLESS Linda

  76. Great attitude about it. So sad that it happened, but so encouraging to see so many people pull together in support, no matter the result. We love you Alyssa!! Can’t wait to see what tomorrow will bring for you. xoxo

  77. I actually liked New Adventures of Old Christine, but that too has been canceled probably due to the show getting too expensive. I’m bummed that ABC didn’t give Romantically Challenged a chance to build itself like the late Brandon Tartikoff gave Cheers a chance to build an audience way back in 1982 when it was struggling in the ratings. Too bad ABC lost its chance to get back me as a viewer of any TV show with that shortsighted move. Alyssa, there’s Youtube, Hulu, Fancast, and who knows how many other Internet video websites are out there. Ever consider producing a show exclusively for the Internet? Would it make financial sense in the real world? Could it help you make money? Sell advertising spots? Give it some thought on this. You’ll come up with something that may work on the Net, deal directly with your fans, and bypass the network TV middlemen. Thank you for your blog. Good luck on your next venture.

  78. Alyssa it’s so nice of you to keep us updated. I know it must be a big disappointment to have the show canceled but you all knew that going in that it could happen. I think you all did the best you could and have something to be very proud of. I think you’re wise to view the experience positively because I think for the most part it was, wasn’t it? Keep thinking about the awesome half glass of water you had and if you get another half glass it adds up to a whole glass right? I guess you and I have that much in common we’re both looking for work now. Don’t sweat this you are much greater then RC.


  79. Alyssa,

    It was a damn good try all the way around. I can’t wait for you to get on a new show-a new one or a current one. Been with you since Who’s the Boss? Sad ABC didn’t see a gem when they had one. They kinda gave this show the same treatment as Dirty Sexy Money-another good one. I laughed pretty hard each week, you played this chracter way different than Phoebe-LOVED seeing you back in comedy.

    8 years on Charmed, by now you’ve got to believe in the saying: “Everything happens for a reason…”

    God bless and good luck with getting something new soon!

  80. I am sadden to not be able to see the great cast of R.C. I really like Kelly ( Tinklebell with boobs ). I look forward to see all of you again, on your future endevors.

  81. Oh! That’s such a sweet entry. I’m sad about the cancellation of Romantically Challenged, but I’m glad that you didn’t delete the account and kept us all together. I have no idea what ABC was thinkin

  82. Oh! That’s such a sweet entry. I’m sad about the cancellation of Romantically Challenged, but I’m glad that you didn’t delete the account and kept us all together. I have no idea what ABC was thinking after only 3 episodes… I’ve sent them many messages full of rage. So don’t worry if you can’t or don’t want to be bitter we can do that for you.

    Smile always and stay as you are! Remember as long as we are healthy, things can get better no matter what.

    Love you Alyssa!!! XOXO

  83. I still can’t believe that ABC canceled the best and the funniest show ever!!! I’m gonna miss our #RomanticallyChallenged twitter parties and Q&A’s. I had so much fun, even though I had to woke up so early,but it was definitely worth it!!! I’m so happy you didn’t dalete @RomChallenged account, cause I met there so many nice people, RC Army rocks!! Ahhh great memories!!!
    Love ya,
    Joanne. Xo

  84. What a wonderful letter. True and real. Thank you. The very best to you.

  85. I am so sorry Alyssa :( hope to see you soon on Tv again. You are very talented and really made me laugh on the show.

  86. I was so bummed when I heard your new show was cancelled. It was an amazing show, made me laugh everytime I saw it. But even though it was short, this chapter closes and another one opens. I just can’t wait til another one of your projects come out so I can enjoy it as much as romantically challenged.

  87. I was always positive for ROMANTICALLY CHALLENGED!!!!
    The cast was awesome!!!!!!
    And u Alyssa u A M A Z I N G!Great comeback on Tv!!!!

    xoxo from Italy

  88. Dearest Lyssa,
    I feel deprived that you are being taken away from us in tv land. I enjoyed the show so much I kept watching as my personal sin dish. SAY WHHAAAT…will always be embeded in my mind from you saying it. Loved you in the show as well as the entire cast. You sister is so freaking funny with her guilty but innocent persona, i like your best friend; he reminds me of a what best friend can be when its a female male friendship….and of course the player of the show was outstanding…he cracked me up. And you sweetheart were and forever will be adorable.

    My best to all of you.

    Tony Amaya

  89. Say whaaaaat… :)
    That was a good scene! And it was a good show.
    And it was exceptionally nice to see you on our tv screen again!

    While I am sorry for your “loss”, I am also very sure that you will find something else soon enough. Maybe/hopefully something that is going to last longer for you.

    But you know we will not forget you and we have your back, no matter what you decide to do. We are loyal. And we will wait. No matter how long. And what for.

    Take care of yourself
    and keep being yourself.
    We all love you that way!

    All the best
    and big hugs to you,


  90. Can’t wait for your next project… :)

  91. Hi Alyssa,
    Sorry to hear about the cancellation. But you should count the blessings..easier said than done…but you’ve had two historic shows in “Who’s the Boss” and “Charmed.” Success has come early and often for you. You are a well known person and a great idol. Keep influencing peoples lives for the better, with the likes of great twitter posts you do and spend your life leaving a good legacy for people to remember you by. Whether it is in show buizz or community service….Love Peace-out

  92. Loved the show! Sorry to see it go, but times are tough now. You are handling this so well and I hope so you on the small screen again soon!


  93. You’re great and we’ll see you soon in our living room, i’m sure.
    Romantically Challenged was very funny and it made me laught a lot, I’m so sorry for the decision to cancel it.

    We love you and we follow you on Twitter, and we’ll wait for you on a new show!
    Thank you!



  94. I’m so sorry Alyssa its so sad what Abc did too you guys i really hope you can find another tv project really soon also thanks for keeping us update on AlyssaDotCom account on twitter i love to read what you say I’m already miss RC thanks for the Memories Love ya
    xoxoxo Danielle

  95. Will miss that show. I really began to like it and was looking forward to future episodes. I had no idea it would be gone so fast like this. I even taped my Big Bang Theory show so I could watch RC…..I thought it was great. Will be missed for sure. much <3, Jimmy

  96. with all bad comes some good. will miss seeing you on the tube, but really hope to see you again soon on the tube. your great and it’s a bummer that the show was cancelled. funny how they always cancel the “good” shows.. hum, well must be a hollywood thing.

    enjoy your off time. looking forward to your next project..

    take care, will be following the next move.


  97. I love the fact that I’ve been able to follow the genesis and cancellation of this show via twitter–with direct input from the people involved in it. I just wish the network had offered a little more support–at least in kind to what the people working on the show were willing to put in themselves. Not having episodes available online most certainly didn’t help anyone spread the word about the show.

    But, though I’m sad to see it go so quickly, watching you and everyone else interact on Twitter and seeing how open you all are with your fans is a thing of beauty.

    We’re on the verge of a new type of celebrity–one that is far past the isolation and pedestals of old Hollywood. The modern celebrity is on the same level as her fans, offering a hand up when they stumble and leading by example those who choose to follow.

    You, Alyssa, are a fantastic example of this new, more human and humane type of celebrity. I’m proud to have grown up watching you on the screen (big and small)… you’ve always been “one of the good ones” and you’re continuing that trend–and now you’re introducing us all to more who share a genuinely good attitude.

    Keep on keepin’ on and I’ll happily tune in to whatever you (or any of your RC castmates) show up on next.


  98. Alyssa I haven’t see RC yet but I support you anyway because I know that you give your best, everyone of you did that :) I know that I will see you soon take care bye

  99. I don’t think the main networks pay much attention to their viewers sometimes. I know you folks know your business better than I but I would still think there could be a spot for “RC” on one or more of the Cable networks. (TNT,TBS, ION, CW etc.) Particularly since sumer is here and the rerun season is upon us. Fun Comedy is very much needed in this economy.

    Best To ALL!!

  100. That is why you have always been one of my favorite actors. Very well put and professional. But I guess that’s what happens when you have been in the business as long as you have, you know the business.

    For those of us fresh to Hollywood, worth a lesson to take notes on.

    I look forward to your next project!!!

  101. So sad ABC decided to cancel #RomanticallyChallenged, you react in a good way. I’m gonna miss to trend #RomanticallyChallenged as a trending topic. I can’t wait to watch you on others TV Shows or movies. You have plenty of ressources as a human being, I trust you, I know you have others projects and can’t wait to see them.
    Lots of hugs,

  102. HI Alyssa, just wanted to say that your show made me laugh so much! one of the best shows ive ever seen with a stellar cast! makes no sence! I’m an actress and around a lot of actors and dame that was some good acting! I beleaved you all! well total bummer! it was like friends and seinfeld but better!!!!!!!!!!! your a shinning beam of light and the journey will continue on and you will always touch others! anyway, thanx so much for those shows and the laughs it brought into my day! xo

    Braunwyn Jackett

  103. I still cannot believe this. Romantically Challenged was such a great show cut way too short. It was funny, new and refreshing. I hope, no I know, one day in the very near future, you will all be in our living rooms again making us laugh until we pee our pants. And even though you do not need it, good luck none the less. I can’t wait to see what else you have in store for us.

    All of you did an amazing job on the show. Good luck to all of the Romantically Challenged stars, we’ll be seeing you again soon, that I am sure of!

    Stay sweet, Laugh often and Love always!

  104. It’s great to see your shining face every morning on Twitter. The next time we see you on TV will be a bonus! Love you lots. Take care of yourself!

  105. iam shocked that alyssas new show is gone but maybe she should do a onther show on tv

  106. I am sadden to see romantically challenged go!:( but on the flip side i def see that this is something to let us now that in the near future Alyssa will be showing us all again her great talent whether on the tv or on the big screen. Alyssa, I know that something very good will come out of all this.keep your head up high as always and remember that many like me love u no matter what!blessed be my darling Alyssa. your follower on twitter linda xox

  107. So sorry to hear it was canned , i think you guys did a excellent job on the show .
    keep your head up . when one door closes another opens

  108. I am not surprised that the show was cancelled, I tried to watch it and I felt that you just weren’t as passionate about the show or your character as I have seen you be passionate about Samantha Micelli and Phoebe Halliwell. Your level of commitment to your character in this role was diminished. I didn’t get you in the role either you were supposed to be a single mother yet your “child” was only in one episode for three minutes. Most of the characters were badly written rehashing of an amalgamation between Seinfeld and Friends. It tried to hard to be something it wasn’t and never fully became what it intended to. I love you as an actress and I look forward to you finding a role that suits your abilities and that you are truly passionate about. If all else fails you should do a reunion of Charmed! Lol!

  109. Hey Alyssa,

    So sorry to hear they canceled the show! It’s hard to tell why the execs do what they do. I read somewhere that when doing ratings, they don’t include people who DVR!!! If this is true it is absolutely ignorant. My husband and I DVR everything so we don’t have to sit through all the commercials – most of which are unhealthy food related (and hard to deal with when you are trying to lose weight haha). A lot of people I know do the same thing and everyone I know who watched Romantically Challenged loves it (and also DVRs it). So the numbers don’t always tell the full story.

    Anyway, I am so sorry to see the suits strike again and to a great show, but Alyssa, you are a fantastic actress and you will find something else. I have been a fan of all your shows (and movies for that matter) and I will always be a fan – that’s why I follow you on twitter (@1decolite).

    Good luck with your future, not that you need it because I know it will continue to be bright!!!


  110. Oh no! I think of you as a role model! Go back on tv though! I will miss you to much. Can you do something like Charmed again? You have real potential.

  111. Ok, I have been watching your shows for years .. Whose the Boss, Charmed, and now Rom-Challenge. I just started really getting close to the characters and looking forward to every week … and now, boom. Why is it they never give a show enough time for a fan base to grow? I am so disappointed!!! I will look forward to your other endeavers!

  112. I see you deleted my comment, thats OK, you can delete this one too after you understand that you don’t need people who tells you what you want to here like almost every one here, cos that wont take you any were, be open minded, identify your mistakes and correct them. Good luck.

  113. Can’t believe they cancelled your show so quickly, since you were up against 24. Hope you get another one soon, or do some new movies!! Check out my page: , maybe some of my writings will cheer you up. Keep positive, and enjoy everyday:
    ..”Life is Greater than who we Are, but we are More than our Experiences..No Limits.. “Dennis :-)

  114. Alyssa, I have been a fan of yours for a very long time. It breaks my heart to see you leave again but with your talent and brillance I know that it won’t be long until I see you again on the screen. Cliche and all lol everything happens for a reason. You’re are honestly the true definition of beauty.
    Possibly the biggest fan you have,
    Kalyssa <3

  115. Well Said. The glass is always half full. Onto bigger and better things. Best of luck! 8-)

  116. Sorry about the show not being picked up again, hope to see you soon, perhaps in a movie! take care and god bless!! ;)

  117. They should have given it some more time. The One tree hill season finale was just on this past Monday and the 24 series finale is on this coming Monday. The point is there were a lot of shows that people were in the middle of watching and they weren’t going to quit watching 24 at the very end of the series when Romantically Challenged came out..if they had waited a little longer-I’m sure it would have gotten a lot more viewers.

  118. I hate to hear that! And I hope that your are cast in more shows/movies!

  119. It’s too bad that Romantically Challenged was canceled, but it didn’t surprise me after seeing the first episode. I watched all the episodes and it just wasn’t funny. It’s sad that everyone’s talent was wasted on a poorly written show. I especially feel bad for Kyle Bornheimer since Worst Week was such a great (but also canceled) show. I hope all of the cast turns up on longer lasting projects in the near future.

  120. good cenc i am going to miss u and offer for friend

  121. I’m only writing this now because I know everyone’s been here and it won’t get a lot of views, lol. I have dorkphobia (fear of being called a dork, obviously).
    This whole Romchallenged experience was a lot of fun for me and it made Twitter a whole lot more fun and interesting for me too. It was so terrific seeing people of all ages and genders, from all over the darn place, joining hands and hearts to support someone who is obviously a fan favorite and an incredibly decent person, as well as to get behind her friends and colleagues. It wasn’t a home run we hit, for sure, but games can be won with singles and triples, too, right? So yeah, the half-full approach applies. You could star in a movie about eating liver and onions, and there would be a whole Army behind you all the way. (What would we call THAT team?)

    My nights have changed. I’m one of those handicapped folks who used to be crippled, lol. I’d spend the hours from 8 to 11 trying to figure out how to get comfortable enough to go to sleep. Getting involved here, watching some great people say some terrific things, having some laughs with you and your team, well that changed things a lot. I actually found some fun use for my web design abilities too, so there’s another bonus!

    Thanks so much for the show, but I’d like to express my gratitude more for showing me that the tabloids aren’t always right in their assessment of Hollywood and its celebrities. Your spirit, kindness and good nature came through loud and clear. I can see why people think so highly of you.

    Good luck with whatever is next. You know you’ll have no problem rousing your Army at any given time!

  122. Hi, Alyssa!

    I really enjoyed the show. I believe that if given a chance, “Romantically Challenged” would’ve become as popular with sitcom fans as “Friends” or “Seinfeld”. Sometimes the big wigs just don’t know a good thing when it falls into their laps. I’ve been a fan of yours for years and I try to check out anything on tv that you’re associated with. I’ve never seen you in anything that sucked and probably never will. Or maybe I’m just biased by that lovely smile…

  123. I’m sorry about your show, I thought it was funny and enjoyable. ABC should have given it more time to develop.
    Your attitude is so terrific, I guess it has to be in your business, what with some of these questionable decisions that these corporate network honchos make.
    I wish you and your castmates all the best and I hope to see you back on the tube real soon!

  124. sorry alyssa for stupid decisions being made at you and the cast expense.I admit the first one wasn’t that good but than it started becoming hilarious,and the missing child was weird but he was too old to be your son any how.isn’t there something we can do though a petition maybe.well if no revival alyssa I would really love if you did A movie for the big screen even an animation.wisegal would have been amazing in theaters you know.any how good luck..p.s remember I want to see you on the big screen

  125. Hi Alyssa!
    Hope you and David are doing fine. :)

    It saddens me that “Romantically Challenged” has already been cancelled when it didn’t even reach Sweden yet… :( But I am so happy to see that you take it as the champion as you are! ;) You are just so inspiring the way you handle let downs as well as triumphs! You will forever be my favourite actress – that’s for sure! Keep up the amazing work! ღ

    ღ Lot’s of love forever and for always ღ,

  126. Alyssa:

    First, I would like say Congratulations on your wedding, and now I’m going to tell you the same thing I told Kelly. We are talking about a Network that is owned by Disney, A company that thinks it knows all about all, well this is too often not true. As I said to Kelly, this is a perfect example of why they are the Number 3 network, and quickly on their way to a tie with NBC for dead last. Take RC to CBS, they have been hitting nothing but home runs with their programming for almost a decade now. EXAMPLE: NBC cancelled JAG, CBS picked it up and it ran for 10 seasons. The fact that CBS is number 1 and has the least number of “reality shows”, GEEEZ, don’t even get me started on that crap, shows that America wants Sitcoms, and Dramas, not celebrities dancing etc, etc. You had a hit with RC and the number of posts to Kelly on Facebook and Here, and the response you have gotten proves it. Did Gene Roddenberry give up on Star Trek when NBC said it was too cerebral? NO, he made history by being the only show to be given a second pilot. Oh and by the way, who owns the Star Trek Franchise now?……CBS/Paramount. Seth Macfarland didn’t give up on Family Guy either. You are a Television Icon, and loved the world over. I have loved your work ever since I saw you in COMMANDO. You had a great cast that had chemistry on camera. Don’t go quietly into that good night. Wow, I’m angrier than you are about this………lol. Oh yea, and BTW, I thought your performance as Amy Fisher was definately the best of the 3. As busy as I’m sure you are I don’t know if you read all these comments yourself or have people that do it for you, but I hope a friend tells you the same thing I have. I sincerely hope that something comes of RC.


  127. It is very sad. But life goes on!

    And so, RC challenged has been cancelled, ok so make something else, even if RC was very hilarious.

    Don’t forget Alyssa! If you’re not sad, we’re not sad. If you want to cry, we’ll cry with you. We’re always with you (physically or virtualy) and we love you!

    And in deep of your heart, if you feel bad, we’re here and we listen to you.

    The MOST important thing to us is you’re just happy.


  128. Hi Alyssa

    I am French, and I discovered the series which I immediately adored, and then maintaining the series is cancelled, but at the same time now the series which focntionne well are that which one speaks about “sex, hospital, and thus inquires of police force” has when a series like that. It is little to be an idea of future series.

    We’re always with you.

    Have a nice day.

  129. I think that ABC didn’t really give your show much of a chance. I have watch, and, loved you in everything. I have my “Charmed” DVD’s and watch them every day.
    Not to be sounding wrong or rude in this, but…. Would that be awesome if you could be on Grey’s Anatomy? Phoebe and Jason could be together…again. You and Eric Dane could be a team again!
    Yeah I know I am babbling. But hey! Just a thought! LOL!

  130. WHAT THE HELL!!!!! this is an outrage that such a spactaculous and fantasmic show has been cancelled i watched all the episodes and i got everybody on my face book page to watch it as well and well granted it wasnt many people i still got them to watch it i think its total and utter crap that this has happen to the cast and writers and we should all just write strongly worded emails and snail mails to the head honchos at abc and give them a piece of our minds. i for one have been waiting patiently for another show featuring Miss Milano for awhile now and to hear that the show that she was gonna be on that was a good on is no longer going to be persued is outrageous. GRRRRR. ANGER. GRRRRRR

  131. The networks are very fickle and in my opinion made a mistake . But it could be worse you could be an unemployed plumber about to lose yourhouse with no job in site . Oh man I’m gonna go find a bridge to jump off ! lol

  132. Wow I can’t even spell my name right !

  133. I don’t know if my last comment went through ? But I think the network has made a big mistake . But things could be worse you could be an unemployed plumber about to lose your house with nojob in site . Wow thissucks i gonna go jump of a bridge ! lol

  134. I am so sorry to hear about Romantically Challenged being cancelled. I really thought the show would be a success. I loved you in Charmed. I watch Charmed Monday-Friday from 7am-9am every morning on TNT. It is on while I help my daughter get ready for school. I also watched you on Who’s The Boss when I was younger. I am a fan of your work, and I have followed your career. I think you are a wonderful actress. I thought that Romantically Challenged was very funny, and I liked it. I am in my early 30s. I liked watching a show about people my age who are dating. I hate that it was cancelled. I am an actress starting out in this industry myself, and I understand how this business is cold at times. I don’t like it either, but what can you do? I see shows that I think are great, get cancelled. It’s not fair. I want to wish you much continued success, and love! I hope we all get to see you on another program soon.
    Take Care,

  135. I loved your show and can’t believe they have already canceled it! I know we’ll see you again in our living rooms, very soon.

    Terri :)

  136. Hey Alyssa,

    Sorry to hear about your show. I only got to watch one episode. (the pilot). The rest of the time I was in school. :o(
    I wanted to thank you for signing my book the other night. (May 7th) I’m sorry to have bothered you in such a public place but I greatly appreciate it. I’ve always been a fan. It’s funny, back in the late 80’s people would mistake me for you. I only wish I stayed as thin as you! Take care and I wish the best for you always.

  137. its time for you to jus stop wit the BUll and Work back on the charmed ones even if your not on the show itself but to help creativelly ,i kind of wish this new show worked out really do miss you on the tube and screen , hey if it doesnt work at least you gave us an effort

  138. When you look at ABC’s comedy line up all I see is Gay TV. ABC panders to the Political agenda of the far left and Gay people, Anti Prop 8 types, If Kelly had been your roomate from College who was BI Curious and there was a little sexual tention between your Character and Kelly’s then I think the show would have been a huge Hit. Hetro Sex cant further many agendas. I loved your show and looked forward to seeing it each and every Monday, I recorded Big Bang to watch it later. Come 0n an Allysa Millano Vehicle that had hit writen all over it. When you were on “EARL” the ratings where thru the roof. Take care
    Best of Luck
    Prof Hoyt N. Clydwell

  139. gay people please don’t send your hate my. why arent you more up set about the worst Oil spill in the history of the world.

  140. A closer look at the habits of programing at ABC would reveal a gay politcal agenda. If Kelly’s Character had been your Characters BI currious roomate from College and a little sexual tention had pursued, ABC would have picked up your show for more Eps. 4 shows is not enough to build an audience. If Seinfeld had been cancelled after it’s dismall first season, there would be no Yadda Yadda in the American Vocabulary. Charmed survived Shannons departure becaus of you Alysa and you saved “Earl” for another 2 seasons.
    Best of Luck

  141. I AM SO UPSET!!! So sad that your show was cancelled. I had fun watching it. Darn it!!!

    I’ve been a big fan ever since Who’s the Boss and look forward to seeing you again soon on TV. I wish you much success and SEE YOU SOON!

    Take good care,


  142. Loved the show sorry to hear it has been cancelled.I thought it was a great show.Wll miss watching it!!!!

  143. You’re Awesome Alyssa! When one door closes another opens, all the best to you. Not sure what the networks are thinking lately. Also left a comment for JLH regarding the Ghost Whisperer cancellation, another really poor choice. I look forward to watching you again soon. Are you ready to read a new heartfelt pilot?

  144. omg i cant believe it i watch everything u come out wit i even still watch charmed all the time (i got every season on dvd) but keep up da good work try again they will come around

    and love cydney

  145. i still watch charmed to i think there should be a charmed reunion

    love dionna

  146. I’m sorry about your show. It dosent make sence to cancel it after 4 eps. Thats rediculous. Pawns stars a show about a freaken pawn shop is going into its third season, can you imagine what that pitch meeting was like. ” Yea its a Pawn store and we buy things. Poor little Kelly Stables there cant be many rolls for Thirty somthings who look 17.
    Peace out

  147. You will still be in our living rooms from everything you have done to what you are now doing online. Please continue you great work in helping to make this world a better place. Like everyone else here, I would love to work with you or even just meet you someday. Please remember to take care of yourself too.

  148. Im same age as alyssa kinda grew up same generation x. huge fan shes the only thing that made some movies anything to watch. real dissapointed in the cancelation of her new show. dont worry the networks will come calling soon!

  149. I’m sorry that Romantically Challenged got canceled. People don’t know what’s for them these days!! I hope it comes back on soon, and once again I am so sorry to hear it.

    -Heather xoxo :)

  150. Dear Alyssa,
    I just googled your show to see when it would air this fall and discovered it was canceled! I can’t believe it! Have you seen some of the shows that are on? I mean really! It seems like many people could relate to Romantically Challenged in some way or another, not to mention it was hilarious! I’m very disappointed in this decision! I look forward to your next project!

  151. I think that Uk networks might be much more receptive to this series, I download the 4 available and my freinds loved it!!! Bring it over to the uk, or even better release them on DVD!!!


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