1. This is for Alyssa Milano. I just wanted to say I think she is one of the most wonderful actress’s around. I hope you get to do more big Theatre Movies and bring down the box office and they see your talent and give you your due. I know you’ve grown up in the business and you know all the ins and outs of it. I have to tell you I thing you are a very beautiful woman and very intelligent mind to go with that. I’m sure you have your own production company now. I do hope to see you do more things and your hearts desires come true for you. I know you are famous and have more money than what you know to do with. But still I’m sure there are things in your heart of hearts you still are looking for and I hope you find all of them and they come true for you. Growing up a bit with seeing you on who’s the boss, I knew you wouldn’t have the child to adult to acting woes like most child actors do. You have a grace and a beauty and intelligence that has kept you around. May God be with you always and He bless you as He has and that you really find what your heart of hearts are looking for. May you be happy and have a happy and joyous life. You are a beautiful, intelligent and business savy woman. Be blessed and may God always be with you.

  2. hermosa!!!!! la mujer perfecta…. le deseo mucha suerte en su nuevo proyecto…..tqm =)

  3. Hey Ms Milano,

    Saw the trailer “My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend;” Looks like it is going to be a great movie… you have matured very well; age really beautifies you! Looking forward to seeing the movie.

  4. beautiful piick’s!!!

  5. Alyssa,
    I got the idea of naming our daughter Alyssa from you.
    And also, I appreciate your love for Baseball. You are good
    as gold to me!

  6. Alyssa, you look so fantastic, just amazed by you! You’re heart matches you’re beauty! Mama mia…. :-)

  7. Alyssa you are a truly amazing woman. I love your tweets and know your new show is gonna be a big hit.

  8. I’m from Puerto Rico. You are my role model, I’m a big fan of you.

  9. yeah you get em, you really brighten my days when i pay attention.

  10. Alyssa, you grow more beautiful every time i see you… loved your interview on Jimmy…. looking forward to seeing you on more projects….

  11. Alyssa,

    It’s nice to see you’ve been busy! I hope to see you back on the big screen soon.
    Peace out ;-)

  12. Love the pics of your new show, can’t wait until tonight… I have been such a big fan of yours for over 20 years and I am so happy to see that you are back on a network show.
    Best of Luck.

  13. Little Sam grew up very nicely. Wat a beautiful woman and a baseball fan. The girl every guy dreams of. Good luck with the new show.

  14. Little sam grew up vey nicely. A knockout who loves baseball. Every guys dream girl. Getting better with age. Good luck with the new show.

  15. Alyssa, its always great to see you smiling. Can’t wait for the new show!

  16. alyssa you’re fantastic!!! you’re my favorite actress!!!!! I ‘m fron spain

  17. just would like to know if you have a facebook acc if not someone running one under your name love your show’s i’m disable after 25yrs doing drywall and 20yrs driving semi-truck and work car too in shop for a all time so now i set and watch you on witch hunt time’s a day so thank You for you bing you

  18. This is a copy of what I posted on ABC’s message board:

    Romantically Challenged is a great show and its REALLY GREAT seeing Alyssa Milano again on tv. What I don’t understand on ABC’s part is putting the show on Mon night in between Injurys with the Stars and Castle…It should be on Wed night with the other comedies where it will get a wider and bigger audience!


    Mark Halverson

  19. You think you’re ‘romantically challenged’? Ha! I am the king, the King, of warped and twisted relationships. Once, when I was working at McDonald’s I had two girlfriends sometimes I’d see them both at the same time. Now I have a girlfriend who’s an exotic dancer, but while working at my first store for Ralph’s, I kinda sorta married one of the girls that worked there and it all went downhill from there. I love your show and don’t worry it’ll probably be renewed for next season. they’re just testing the waters to see if we like it.

  20. would you stop being in my dreams oh yea tell holly that i said yes

  21. She is very cool!!!!I love Alyssa!It’s a great photo!!!!!

  22. I’m from kosova comes that you have come to Kosovo and help you child to love. many to thank and say that you are very mir woman and I love you.<3.~!

  23. she is very beautiful photos.i loove you.

  24. :D:D:d:D:d:D:D.

  25. Aloha Alyssa
    You are doing such a great job with children and also with Uncieff.
    and have a great summer aloha Hariah

  26. My 14 yr old son loves you. He did a report on you! I know that he would love to meet you! where are the pictures of piper and paige and prue? Please call me. I don’t have the money to take him to you! Could you come? Call me. 574-304-3335. Thanks, Trenna Ritchie ~ Charmed Fan! Go Charmed! Have them bring it back on cw25! luv u!

  27. I forgot to mention that he has ADHD,ODD, Bi-Polar. He is legally 14 but mentally age 6-7 years of age.

  28. Hello i would also like to meet you, but i guess it is not going to happen so soon. But i hope more episodes are coming fort he charmed ones:). I love Alyssa:)

    your fan Edgar

  29. My phone number is +37258080126 you can call me anytime:)

  30. Hi alissa glad to met you ley me tell you aré a fantastic woman i saw you since you were working en quien manda a quien. Un beso y abrazo.desde Lima peru

  31. Hello Alyssa! I do not speak very well in English, but yet I want to leave a comment. Really like your new series. You just besspodobny! I like your creativity is very long, very interesting to talk with you. if there is time, then write to me in the mailbox teleserialcom@mail.ru!

  32. Beatiful! Just like the princess i’d always dream about and i’m still searching for…
    I think i’ve found her, but I’m not so sure, her eyes still doesn’t touch my soul like yours… since i remenber you from “Who’s the boss?”
    You were just …a child… just like me but i’d never forget that smile, that look in your eyes… Just… Beatiful… Kisses!!!

  33. I hope you read this , I’m a very big fan of yours , I can’t remember seeing a more Beautiful Young Italian girl as I was growing up , but I told everyone , waite untill you see this young girl when she grows up , well , needless to say I was right !!!! You are BEAUTIFUL , and not self indulgent like alot of the girls your age , your Parents did a hell of a job , SALUTE” MIO bell Allysa, come to Philly sometime ………….Always be careful , and Continued Success.!!!

  34. Alyssa,

    You obviously get this a lot and I’ll be surprised if you even have the time to read this comment that you’ll say “Awweh, That’s sweet” to and then forget about it two seconds later but I’d still like to tell you that you are my personal hero. Your work with UNICEF and you’re love and compassion for others is so admiring. You’re always putting other people before yourself and I find that very generous of you. If I ever get the chance I will try to change the world like you have, help people in need and put them before myself. You’re an amazing women to look up too and I hope you never give up or lose that compassion. You are also very beautiful and an amazing actress. The way you portray your characters is astonishing, What is your trick? Do you have a lot in common with your characters? or are you just an amazing actress? I believe both. Anyways I should stop telling you thing that you already know :P I just want to tell you something you don’t. You are my hero, my role model, and my inspiration.

    Sincerely, 15 year old, Lana Hansen

  35. I hope that Romantically Challenged is just the title of this album, because I find it hard to believe that you would have a problem finding a man to treat you the way you should be.

    Have been a fan forever, keep doing what your doing cause its working. May your days be as lovely as you.

  36. I do admire your talent, I am from New-Brunswick-I am not to far from your age-let say not a bad thing-I watch you when i was, which a long time ago-You go girls

  37. I grew up worshipping you… Still as beautiful as ever… In fact more so..

  38. Alyssa, hushed up is splendid, nice. I am in charmed! Having hushed up about you is and will stay in my heart!

    Big kisses ! Valentine <3

  39. How come our kids dont listen to us? And we have to scream and threaten all the time. Just keep praising them when they have done the right thing. They will quickly learn.

  40. I think you have got to be one of the most beautiful women in the U.S. I have watched you grow up and act all of my life, I have every seasoned of charmed :). You are just beautiful !!!