Scoop on Alyssa’s Co-Stars

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Scoop on Alyssa’s Co-Stars


Scoop! Sergei & Channing Join Alyssa Milano In Lifetime Movie
by Matt Webb Mitovich 
Sep 15th, 2010

Emmy winner Stockard Channing (’The West Wing’) and Ivan Sergei (’Jack & Jill’) have been tapped to round out the cast of ‘Sundays At Tiffany’s,’ the recently announced Lifetime Original Movie headlined by Alyssa Milano.

Based on James Patterson’s best-selling novel, ‘Tiffany’s’ stars Milano as Jane, who as a young girl regularly accompanied her mother to the titular NYC landmark – with her imaginary friend “Michael” in tow.

Now a grown businesswoman, Jane is set to be married. The return of Michael (‘Brothers & Sisters’ Eric Winter) after a 23-year absence, however, threatens to throw Jane’s plans askew when he prompts his old “friend” to rethink her life path.

Channing will play Jane’s mother, Vivian, Fancast has learned, while Sergei has been cast as her fiance, Hugh. And yes, Milano and Sergei were on ‘Charmed‘ at the same time, so this marks a reunion of sorts for ol’ “Henry” and “Phoebe.”

‘Sundays at Tiffany’s’ – on which Milano is also a producer – is currently in production in Toronto.


  1. Jane decides to change her life path influenced by a series of events that are orchestrated to make Jane believe that Hugh will ruin her life. Hugh on the other hand tries his best to counter the events as he truly loves Jane, but lands himself on the wrong side.
    Will fate/nature help Hugh or will he loose Jane foreever…..?

  2. cant wait to see it!!!!
    aww Alyssa u r definitely the best <3

  3. Awesome! I can’t wait to watch Sundays at Tiffany’s! I love the title btw…! Good to hear that Ivan plays, too!!! ;D

    I’m so glad you’re back w/ a new movie, Alyssa. I’m sure it’s going to be amazing! XO

  4. So excited about this movie! I loved the book – it is one of my favorites!!

  5. aw! pick us pick us!!

  6. aw! pick us pick us!!!

  7. aw! pick us pick us!!! sometime please!! so excited to see it!!

  8. Well I will pray for and will enjoy watching on a Sunday hopefully in November or later. I will need popcorn and a few kisses. FTH

  9. Can’t wait, love seeing Alyssa in movies or anything, just love seeing her!! :D

  10. what can one say ,good luck to all ,

  11. OMG i read that book and alyssa youre my favorite actress so im SUPER excited!! :)

  12. Man…I need to get off this midnight shift..LOL.. Totally read this completely, again. & DuH! It hasn’t aired yet. LOL. Thought I missed it.
    Happy I didn’t. Can’t wait! (& ooooww Phobe, Paige is gonna be mad

  13. It’s good to see you’re gonna be in front of the camera again!
    Will we be getting a heads up when it will air?

  14. I hope it’s in France too !

    Bye with peace love & baseball !

  15. Hope it’ll be shown in Asia…I looove it already :)

  16. Ooh how fun! Ill definitely be checking back in.