1. the outfit looks great , (the cuffs are a but extreme ?or am i to conservative , and “love of game “love of the game “) huh ? focus woman focus,,,

  2. steelers?realy? GIANTS is the way,4 down, so many more 2 go!!![4 q’backs down]

  3. Steve..I like the look. It is new and outside the box. It is even functional, It is cold in Pittsburgh and the long sleeves will keep her hands warm. I like it

  4. damn you look nice in this pic, GO RAIDERS, (resort and crouches back as if he’s bout to be git in back of the head)…<in peep skweep voice <>….>

  5. Dear Alyssa Milano-Bugliari, Its a good thing I live in Atlanta, I would get too excited if I were at an Alyssa Milano “Touch” event! Your clothing line is pure beauty and so are you! Love, Doug x,o

  6. Come to BRAZIL! rsrs ;p

  7. Dear Alyssa, i really adore you! You are so beautiful and your body is perfect, also your face is amazing!
    This fasion line ist very attractiv. I am so glad, because one of my biggest wish, was to contact you.
    I´ve seen all tv-series and films where you were an actress.
    Your whole character is perfect and you are my antetype.
    It´s desirable for me to get to a woman like you are.
    I think you are funny, intelligent and very attractive.
    I hope you are happy and satisfied in your conjugal life, i wish you all the best! Stay the same person as you are!

    kind regards from austria (that is why my english is so bad, sorry for that =))

    Iris-Kathrin Z.

  8. it has been over 24 hours… What is so wrong with my post

  9. what is moderation

  10. does alyssa have anything to do with this site/

  11. Will Alyssa have any appearances in Arizona?

  12. Excellent, wish I could be there, your clothing line is fantastic! This has got to be the best women sports clothing out there! Love it all.. :D

  13. Hi,

    ist der a possibilitiy to write a letter to Alyssa Milano?

    an adress or something like that?

    If it does exist, please let me know.

    greetings from cloudy austria :-)

  14. well i found it! Thanks!
    But is there a real chance, that she will read my letter, it would be so so so amazing?! Alyssa, you are the most beautiful woman for me, since i have seen “who is the boss”! You are perfect!

  15. you sure you don’t want to come to South-Africa to marry me?

  16. I won’t be in Pittsburgh until the 23rd (for Thanksgiving) but I am going to look for that top when I go to the Steelers store. :)

  17. The Steelers need Cheerleaders!!! Lol

  18. With Hard Hats!

  19. Steeler don’t need cheerleaders when you have Super Bowls, okay maybe one or two and hard hats would be nice

  20. I Like it! Great site! Love you Allysa :-D

  21. i am in pittsburgh and i will be there !!! me and my friends are going to see alyssa i cant wait

  22. What is the “Autographed Gift” being given away at the Steelers Store?

  23. I wish you great success in your new ventue. I hope it takes off with a bang. Even though I’m a Eagles Fan.

  24. I would love to model your new line of sports clothing. I’ve been doing photoshoots and fashion shows for the past two years. I would love to work for you or any other opportunities you have open. Please check out my facebook pictures. I think you will be impressed.


  25. Found out last minute but made it to this appearance. Was very nice to meet you and then see you at the Steelers game today.Continued Good Luck with your career and look forward to seeing on TV and Movies Take care and God Bless

  26. continue rocking the World Wide Web! This is a pleasant post!

  27. hello Ms. Milano/or webmaster,
    i just wanted to ask if you think there is any possibility that you would be able to make touch sports clothes for soccer teams? especially the english and spanish priemier league teams? It would be very helpful if the web master or someone lets everybody kno if this is possible at all.

    thank you and God bless.

  28. Love the fact that you created sports gear for women. But here’s my issue: who the hell are you sizing it for? I bought a very cute Pittsburgh Penguins shirt last week. Since everything looked small, and I like my clothes a bit oversized, I bought the 4x. While I’m not petite (I wear a women’s size 14); I’m by NO means a freakin’ 4x which I think is like a size 22-24. The shirt is skin tight.
    I’ve lived in Malibu and gotta tell ya, most women who are into sports aren’t Malibu Barbie in size.
    The clothes are great, but please get a more realisitic grip on sizing.

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