1. the bench was not made with good posture in mind ???

    wow the parchment dress looks fantastic

  2. how rude of me; great photos Alyssa &Co :)

  3. YAY! I can’t wait! I just finished reading the book yesterday! Alyssa you look beautiful even in your PJ’s! :D

  4. I hope ” Sundays at Tiffany’s ” will be in France !

    Alyssa is so Greaaat :D
    so Fantastic
    & so Pretty <3

    Love U.

  5. I can’t wait, love movies Alyssa is in & this one is going to be a good one, I know the ending is, just wait for it… :D

  6. P.S., Alyssa is so beautiful, really looking forward to seeing this movie!!!

  7. Alyssa is such a inspiration and a very talented actress. I love all her work. And I am still glowing cuz I finally got to meet her today! Thanks Alyssa! for being you!

  8. Alyssa,

    Just wanted to let you know that you are still as beautiful today as you were on your previous series of Who’s the Boss. I watched each and every single episode more than once. I Loved watching you and Jonathan on that show a lot. I deeply admire all that you have done in the past as well as in the present. Keep being cool Gurl, Love Ya Bunches.

  9. alyssa is cute and very easy going person will she sing Dont fence me in in this new movie?

  10. I have always loved the book and finally,a movie is coming out and alyssa stars!!!!!!

  11. HAPPY THANKSGIVING ALYSSA MILANO-BUGLIARI & FAMILY! ‘Sundays At Tiffany’s’ looks like a sexy story about love, count me in as a viewer on Monday Night December 6, 2010! Love, Doug

  12. i hope to be just like you one day im tryin to become an actor right now
    and to me your my role model i wanna be just like you i think your awesome and everything you do is great i no i dont no u personally but please accept my request on facebook

    write me to sometime 295 park ave apt 6 yo oh 44504

  13. I will be watching the movie, and that is a beautiful dress for a beautiful face

  14. I can’t wait to see the movie Alyssa! You look beautiful in the dress, and I love your hair in the firs picture. It’s so cute! :)

  15. Alyssa is sooooooo Pretty & We Love her !!

    I hope that film will be in France …

  16. wish u all the best Alyssa! u look so beautiful n these snaps! Just as adorable n ur PJs as in the lovely white wedding dress! simply can’t wait to see u n this beautiful movie!i just finished reading the book this week n ts a lovely story n aww u’ll be so perfect as sweet Jane:-)
    I’m not in US..but hope i’ll get 2 see the movie as soon as ts aired!love u so much Alyssa!

  17. O.M.G. I love you ive always wanted to meet you i watch you everyday on charmed i absolutly wish i could even tho im only 13. i watch everything your on.

  18. Good luck Alyssa !
    I love very much you are such a role model to me I hope it all goes well you look stunning even in your PJ’s I’m not in the USA but I hope that it will come out on the TV soon here!
    Love you !! xx

  19. Alyssa I BEYOND love you! You are definately one of my favorite actresses and without a doubt my FAVORITE Halliwell!!! Take care and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

    Peace, love && vegans!!!
    ~*Cherry Minaj*~


  20. “Sundays at Tiffanys” was such a wonderful movie. This was a perfect movie for Alyssa to star in. I really enjoyed watching this movie with my mom. Thank you Alyssa for sharing your talent for us. All my love to Alyssa and her family. Love always, Jessica

  21. Just finished watching the movie – Now that was a damn good movie!!!! And I’m a guy who almost NEVER watches LMN…(unless my wife ropes me into it!!) You played your character absolutely perfectly – “charm”ing as usual!! Towards the end when your friend had to leave, I was thinking “Man, what a lousy way to end this – but… the happy ending saved the day! Somehow I figured it would have a happy ending, but with about 2 minutes to go, it wasn’t looking too promising… ABSOLUTELY, POSIYIVELY, WITHOUT A DOUBT, GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    P.S. Here are 3 roles I would like to see you do – you definitely have the talent: 1. Daisy Buchanan from The Great Gatsby, 2. Hester Prinn (spelling?) from The Scarlet Letter and 3. Scarlett O’Hara from Gone With the Wind.

    GO for it!!! Best Wishes for the future!!!!

  22. Great article I’ve just added to my bookmark list.

  23. hello, where can I download this movie, please?