By on 5-10-2008 in Blog

Well, I promised you I would keep you updated on my pilot and I am proud to announce some more cast members have just signed on. Beau Bridges, will be playing my father, Joe. Annie Potts, will be playing my mother, Elizabeth. Amanda Detmer, will be playing my best friend, Sasha. And Eric Winter, will be playing my Stepbrother, Charlie. I am beyond thrilled that I will be getting to work with these incredibly talented actors. How freaking amazing is this cast? I am so excited. Can you tell I am excited? I can’t wait to start filming.

Also, we still don’t have a title yet. Across the internet people are calling it “Nuclear Family” and I’ve even read the title “My Brother’s Hot”. Neither of these are the actual title of the pilot. I will let you know when we settle on one.

We start filming in June. I think we will probably hear if we are picked up (please God) sometime in July. The Upfronts are next week but considering we haven’t shot yet, no announcement will be made about this show. If we do get picked up (please God), it will most likely be for midseason.

That’s all I know for now…

I hope you are well.

And Love,


  1. Dear Alyssa,

    I think that is nice, awesome and sweet of you to keep us updated( by us i mean fans and people)

  2. Hi Alyssa,

    I met you back in 1985, as I visited your home to see your dad. I was a student at Berklee College of music, and your dad wanted me to write for twenty of the artists he worked with. I would like to share more with you, and hear about Joe after our meeting. Joe gave me some wonderful advice, and I wanted to do just as he asked me, and to keep in contact with him. Someone stole my wallet and address book the summer I returned from school and I was never able to contact him again. I hope to hear from you. I feel like a long lost family member.

  3. Wow, what can I say in just a few lines, what the heck I’ll say what’s on mind mind. I’m 37, happily married with 2 cute little girls. I named the first one Alyssa, she is now 6, and the second one Mya. I have always one way or another tried to keep up with your progress and humaniterian work, I just think you are great person and alot can be learned. I watched every episode of who is the boss as a kid and bought every magazine that had your picture even though I couldn’t really afford it at the time. I have never met you, however every time I listen to your talk, I feel like you’re family, and some how some way I relate to everything you say. You are different than others, and this is the reason why people feel the way they do about you. You have not lost your sense of being you, instead you have elevated yourself to a layer above. We love you Alyssa, and thanks for being you.

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