Thank you to the following companies who were so supportive during my pregnancy:

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Thank you to the following companies who were so supportive during my pregnancy:

A Pea In The Pod
Aden and Anais
Alex and Alexa
Alima Pure
Amy Matto
Anamaria Brandt Photography
Apple Park
Ari Brown, MD (Expecting 411, Baby 411 and Toddler 411 books)
Baby Bjorn
Baby Kaed
Baby K’tan
Baby Orajel
Baby Talk Magazine
Bebe Au Lait
Beco Baby Carrier
Belly Buds
Bio Oil
Buggy Guard
Carved Solutions
Cocalo Couture
Cozy Me Company
Dapper Snappers
Dear Jonnies
Destination Maternity
Energy Muse
Everly Grey
Fisher Price






Gypsy 05
Hot Mama Gowns
I’m The Daddy
Isabella Oliver
Kicky Pants
KT Steppers
La Prairie Spa
Labor of Love CD
Lady Bugs and Lullabies
Life Factory
Little Giraffe
Lovely Pocket Diapers
Mabel’s Labels
Magic Stroller Bag
Mama Mio Skincare
Mama Roo
Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy book
Mustela Skincare
My Blankee
Nicole Bridger
Nicole Miller
Nip and Fab
Noodle & Boo
Novena Maternity
Nuka Maternity
Orbit Baby
Paige Lauren Baby
Paper Culture
Parenting Magazine
Paulina Maternity




Petunia Picklebottom
Posh Tots
Pottery Barn Kids
Pregnancy Newborn Magazine
Prissy Designs
Pump Ease
Safe in the Arms of Love book/cd
Skin 02
Smart Mom Teething Bling

Snuggle Me’z
Sound Beginnings
Sugar Sweet Baby
T-Bags Los Angeles
Timi and Leslie Diaper Bags
Toddler Tech
Ultimate Guide to Pregnancy and Birth book
Uptown Girl Designs
Wubba Nub


  1. Wow, I wish ALL moms were lucky enough to get that much support!

  2. Congrats on your new baby, may guys continue to be blesses.

  3. Wow! Everyone loves you! That’s a lot of companies there!

  4. I have been following Ms. Milano on Twitter and would love to send her a copy of my book Domestic Commando: A Stay-at-Home (R)evolution. It’s a fun read whether you get to stay-at-home for 3 weeks or 3 years. I am the original Domestic Commando and am a veteran of two campaigns: Firstborn and Second Born.

  5. Alyssa!! Thanks so much for including Hot Mama Gowns :) It is such a wonderful and thoughtful gesture! I was excited and humbled to receive your thank you note, and this is just the icing!! So happy to welcome you to motherhood and I hope you loved your “LeAnn” gown and it made bonding and breastfeeding easy for you and Milo!!

  6. Blessed,blessed !!!!! =D

  7. I have a 6-month old Milo! Just wanted to say congrats. Also, I only see cloth diaper companies on your list — way to go! It is a little more work but so worth it. Tell BumGenius you need some love in the form of all-in-one velcro pockets =) Lots of love to you and baby Milo.

  8. AAAAhhh!! The sweet taste of success!! Suprisingly few people know you have been in the business 30 years now! And you know what dear Mrs Milano-you deserve it. Absolutely. Good for you!
    It only shows how much you are liked-really liked. Enjoy Milano Junior!

  9. OMG, Alyssa Milano is a class act! Not only did she send us a letter thanking us for sending her our inexpensive product, but now she actually took the time to thank us publicly! As if we didn’t love you enough!


    i was stoned the other night well like every night and i’m out Ill be licking the stach bowl for a few days ,recorded me on guitar (use the mic input on the pc Cakewalk 9 ) , (big smile) congratulation to both of you and wishing all the best for his future (big smile) , the photos were taken 11 years ago , how time fly’s

  11. Amazing support from so many folks – congratulations to everyone! We wish you all the best.

    Love and peace….

  12. You are amazing. I’ve loved you forever. At times when I try to move forward in my life (crazy or not) I think, What would Alyssa or Kelly (kelly ripa) do? Women like yourself help me to get through everyday, especially women born and raised in New York. Well I was raised mostly in low-low income areas, I think its just the East Coast swag lol. You embody the essence of a true women and I am blessed to have someone such as yourself to look up to. Growing up people were always like Tye plz stop tryna’ be like them white girls (no disrespect of course). Where I come from they expect you to look up to ppl like Aretha Franklin or Oprah you know. I have many role models of varying nationalities, looks and talents, etc. and personally in my opinion, Who gives a f***! God Bless you, your loved ones and may he comfort the souls of those loved ones gone from you but not forgotten. I have two small boys Tyler Maurice and Tristen Michael and I pray they find women just as lovely. My family’s name tradition lingers around the initials TMH or some what close to it. If I have a daughter I’m definitely shooting for Alyssa Marie. Whether you asked for it or not you have a huge impact on the lives of many people. Stay wonderful and THANK YOU!

  13. I can’t believe with all I wrote I didn’t even mention your new addition to the family. Congratulations! Your a great women and I’m beyond sure that you’ll be an even greater mom. He is gorgeous! I can’t wait to see him as a young man. Hopefully he’ll enjoy life without paparazzi around every corner. God Bless!

  14. Congrats! :D You are an amazing & wonderful person. You have become a big role model in my life! God Bless you and your family! The best of LUCK! :D

  15. I’m from Poland and my english is not very good but i want to wish You Alyssa happy birthday from the bottom of my heart.!!:)


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