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Romantically Challenged Army,

There were so many wonderful twitpics sent to the Romantically Challenged twitter account. I hope I didn’t miss any, but if I did, please understand it is only because it was so hard to keep track of them as they were coming in. Also, if I did missed your picture, forgive me and please leave a link of your twitpic in the comments section so I can see it!

Your efforts on behalf of the my show has reiterated why I love my job. I hope you know that it is your faith and support that keep me going even in the hardest times. The words “thank you,” never seem enough to convey my gratitude. Just know, from the bottom of my being, that you guys give me strength and I appreciate you.

And Love,


  1. My star!

    STRENGTH! ll Be all right.
    I am here in Brazil, sending all the positive energy!
    Please do not be sad, the dream is not over yet!

    You have talent, and her fans are supporting you!
    That is the most important!


  2. Dose any one else think the limited genetic testing in Europe and Asia for Neanderthal DNA is typical of ,biblical archeology, out of Africa blown away,

    O yeah , second seasion of romanticely chalanged please :)

  3. Awwww!! Alyssa that made my day!! You Rock in everyway possible!!! The RCA has your back!! You are truly an inspiration to me and everyone else!! We will always support you 100% no matter what!! We can save Romantically Challenged I know it!!
    “Never Give Up, Never Surrender” – Galaxy Quest!!

    I Love you Alyssa!!!
    ~hugs~ xo
    keep smiling and giggling :)

  4. This made me smile SO BIG! Brilliant! Thank you for sharing!

    Love & hugs,

    Laura. x

  5. hey! awwwww! i love this! you’ve done a great job! you missed mine but that’s okay:)
    hugs and love from germany

  6. That was Cool , I seen both my pics of my ( a few year back expired, much love Dog Prancer ) Blond Cockier Spaniel Prancer .

  7. Aw. shucks Alyssa! You make me blush. Just know you can count on me, I’ve got you covered. You’re a special lady. We all love you!

    Jake oxox

  8. It won’t let me watch the whole video. :-(

  9. I really Appreciate that you put me on the slideshow! I really want and hope for second season of Romantically challenged, because you are very smart, and kind person and you really deserve it!

  10. ur awsome anything to help u know tweet us to update alyssa u rock

  11. I can honestly see why you would get all misty-eyed at the response from your fans. I’m a big boy but I did the little “choke” myself. How great was this? You are a class act Ms Milano and I’m proud to be a fan of yours.

    ABC…please pick up “Romantically Challenged” for a second season. That’s the only way we can get to season 10. I’ll watch every episode. Three times at least.

    Ms Milano, take a bow!

  12. Amazing!

  13. I wasn’t on twitter yesterday when everyone was sending in their pics- here is mine I took earlier today :))) The slideshow looks great!! We love y’all!!!



  14. we will always be here for you!! We can save Romantically Challanged! the last thing we lost is faith!


  15. Photoshop is a great thing. Too bad none of the crowd pictures are real. Don’t worry Alyssa you’ll work again someday.You have plenty of money especially with your clothing line.
    This show just didn’t have the Magic. Maybe a Cartoon Network show called P4 All the original Charmed Ladies do the voices for the animated Charmed show ( Already have a comic book out in June )

  16. Alyssa,
    No one deserves the outpouring of twitter love, such as this was , than You! Appreciate all the kindness, the goodness, the fun and the inspiration you bring every day to the TWITTERVERSE. BEST wishes for your show to be picked up.

  17. we’re with you all the way Alyssa never loose hope I want whats best for you always here’s to season 2


  18. The song playing sucks

  19. Alyssa,

    Those were great pictures I didn’t get the chance to send one so, I’ll include it here if I can…. here’s the link to it. Hope it works at that it at least makes you laugh because the show does that for me.

  20. It may not of done well there, but it will do well in Australia God bless <3

  21. I saw some friends in there! Thanks so much for doing this, Alyssa. I feel very appreciated! You are wonderful.

    Jim XOXO

  22. here’s another pic for the cause. Sure hope RC gets a second season! Would love to see more Romantically Challenged!

  23. Aww this made me smile, we love you Alyssa and of course we love Romantically Challenged ♥
    03:30 that’s me :D lol thank you, you make me smile everyday with your tweets and everything you do :)
    we love you

    p.s. I’m the girl with the dad who loves you too ;)

  24. YaY~ I made it on the movie! :) Thank you so much Alyssa for everything you do! i have watched you my whole life in movies and on TV. and for every laugh, tear, or smile, you have brought to my face i would make 10000000 more pictures and write ABC 10000000 more letters.. Cant wait for Monday. Tweet ya later :)

  25. Thank you Alyssa for letting us know how much we mean to you as you mean to us. I understand if my picture didn’t make it,but you asked to leave a link so you can see it. So,with that said,here’s the link to the pic. Hope you like it! Love you madly!

  26. Also please everybody remember you cans till send your message to ABC, and also join the #SaveRomanticallyChallenged Facebook Group here

    We are already 400 and counting!

  27. YAY my pic made it haha that so made me :D and jump up and say “YAY!!!!!!” thank you for taking your time to make this video, Alyssa!!! I love it, as I’m sure everybody else does!

  28. Alyssa, TV Executives are cancelling good shows all the time. If this show is cancelled that means that blind people are taking the decisions, and is not about the quality of your show. I’m watch tons of TV (as much as I can, really) and your show is really funny, and is only starting. I can only imagine how good is going to be in the future. Let’s hope that somebody at the top sees the quality. I think smart people are going to get the show, and usually smart people have good earnings, and ad companies should be taking this into account.

  29. Hi Alyssa,
    Great slide show! The fans of “Romantically Challenged” are really awesome! I know.. I am one. ;) I really hope there is another season, and then some, for “RC”. I, unfortunately, was not tethered to my laptop/iPhone and on Twitter (as I normally am) when the twitpics were going out, so I made one as part of my show of support. Hope you like it :)

  30. Alyssa follow me on twitter fire2561

  31. Cool! I didn’t have the time to make it till the deadline you gave us, cause I’m studying for my finals, but I did one anyway! Here it is
    Love you Alyssa! Good luck w/ RC. You guys deserve a season 2.

  32. Hi Alyssa

    The slide show is wonderful I hope things workout the right way for you and the show. its the best stuff on TV bar none. Anymore I can do to help I will.


  33. Too bad I didn’t read about it…I would have joined the video as well!!! :)
    you’re great Alyssa!! and I hope the show will be renewed…(if the boring Bold & The beautiful has been up for 25 years, why shouldn’t yours??? at least is funny!!!)

  34. Cool pics,I hope all works out with the show  by the way do you not age? Have you found the fountain of youth,you look the same to me the past few years,you age well,seriously

  35. Cool Alyssa well done here my twitpic hope you will like it =) i wish you all the best for RC!!! ;) and good luck all way from France becauze even here we wanna have season 2 =D

    Love Margaux ♥

  36. Aww! Love it!

  37. Great slideshow! I was happy to see my pic in there. wheeee! I do hope it helps. Now to go share this link with all my FB & Twitter friends. RC deserves a chances. I’ll never understand networks that cancel shows after a couple of episodes. How in the world does that give people time to find that show and fall in love? Then there’s the way ratings work, the whole Nielsen netratings thing, makes no sense. I think they should work it out with the cable companies to just get records of how many times a show is watched and/or DVRd. And I think viewing online should also be counted. I was part of a Nielsen family once long ago, when we had to write down what we watched and mail it in, but they only had us do it for like 2 weeks. Too bad they don’t ask me to do it now. :-D
    Dang, didn’t mean to write a book here! LOL. Cheers everyone!

  38. Hi Alyssa!

    This looks great. So good to see all the support for the show! You guys deserve it.
    My pic wasn’t in it but I made a new one (the other one was too dark) so here it goes:

    Still keeping everything crossed for luck!



  39. Hey Alyssa :)

    First of all i love the slide-show! It makes me very happy.
    Nevertheless I have the feeling that the internet-universe doesn’t want you to see my twitpic,
    because i was first sending it to @RomChallenged and now it says “your comment is awaiting moderation”. So this is my last attempt, cause i want you to see that i care! RC is very special to me!

    I adore your way of thinking and your love for life.

    Yours sincerely,

  40. wow that was great! soo many pictures. I made one but twitpic isnt working for me for some reason….so i uploaded to something else, hope this works. and hope you like. :)

  41. WHAT THE SONG :)

  42. The dream is not over yet! Together we will get it =)
    I love you, thanks for put my photo on the video.

  43. Hey Alyssa,

    I loved this slideshow! This should be a testiment to the power of fans out there!

    Even though my pics weren’t in it, I adored the work you did!
    Pic 1:
    Pic 2:


  44. Alyssa, I’m so sorry. Hope that our pics can help u.
    You’re always in my life and ur smile save me every day & now I want help u.
    A lot of happiness 4 u.

  45. Hi Alyssa,

    Thanks for doing the slideshow, it was a sweet idea! I hope ABC will finally make the right decision and decide to make a season 2 and more !!!!!

    Keep hope and i’ll keep my fingers crossed :)

    ps: here is my picture, i made it last night so it was too late for you to see it on time, still i hope it will make you laugh ^_^’

  46. I love how much you love your fans! And the show is pretty funny to boot. [I’ve been saying “say whaaat” for like the past week xD]

    Oh yah, I did this at work with work supplies:

  47. Alyssa, you don’t need to thank us. We ought to thank you. Like you said, saying thank you just doesn’t seem like enough. You are a true inspiration Alyssa, a heroe and not just for your acting work, for you as a person. You have taught us all to chase those moon beams and never give up!
    Keep being you.
    The slide show is fab, i hopt ABC take note…

    Love and hugs always

  48. What a great slide show…..for a great show!

  49. So sorry to hear that the show has been cancelled. Please know, Alyssa that your fans love you so much around the world and are sending you ALL of our support. Onwards and upwards from here! With love and hugs from the UK, Dave :-)

  50. I am so sorry to hear the news! This has been a very inspirational fight for all of Twitter to save the show–there is a lot of love and support for you!! Please know I have faith that for whatever reason this was meant to be. There is obviously something better waiting for you and I hope to see you there soon! You are an *awesome* actress and have loved you since I first saw you on TV years ago. Thank you so much for sharing your life with with us through your blog and tweets!!
    Much ♥,

  51. Cause_I_Said_So from Twitter here. You were missed when you left television the last time and will be missed this time as well. If hard pressed to put my finger on that appealing “thing” you have I suppose I’d have to say it’s an intangible that comes from within you and is not something that can either be taught or learned. You’re okay, Milano. Hurry back and next time stay a while.

    Bite me and goodnight.


  52. I’m sorry to hear the show was not picked up , but the Spirit of you all and your good hearts live on , that is what is most Important .

    A show , is just a show , but the Spirit of the people who make the show lives on and that is what is most Valued .

    May not this small Dent in your Spirits , weaken you in the least .

    People who suffer pain , become our most Valued People of Society .

    Abraham Lincoln experience more pain , than a man should endure for 20 life times , but the Pressure , is what produces the Diamond , the fire purifies the Gold , and the irritant produces the Pearl .

    May this small set back and pain , produce something beautiful .

  53. I have a hard time understanding this decision. It is especially difficult when so few episodes have aired. It is such a shame that they never really gave this show a chance. Unfortunately we will have to wait for your next endevor. I have no doubt that it will be soon. You have the talent. You also have that special something that makes us all feel close to you. Lucky for us you share that with us through other outlets. That will have to hold us over for now. You can be sure that there is an army of fans sending good thoughts your way every day. That won’t change.

  54. Dear Alyssa,

    I am so sorry that “Romantically Challenged” has been cancelled nevertheless.

    But please don’t be too sad! I wish you all the best from the bottom of my heart and am looking forward to see you on screen again very soon.

    Lots of love

    Bianca xoxo

  55. I send you a big hug and I still have faith that there must be something we can do to make them change their mind.

  56. Thank you Alyssa, thank you so much for sharing, it’s awesome!

    We really did fight to keep «our» show on, but unfortunatelly it didn’t, so… I don’t know what else to say…

    I will always be here!

    I love you,


  57. Hey Alyssa,

    I’m so sorry to hear that you guys were cancelled. It was an awesomely hilarious show. So many of us were rooting for you. Mine got lost in the shuffle. Here ya go.
    I know that something will pop up in the near future for you.
    All the love in the world,

  58. I was so happy to see you again. And the cast playing with you was so great! What a shame. That’s something I can never understand. So many good shows are canceled before giving the last word. I don’t think that’s good for creativity…
    However, you are so pretty, and you have so much talent, I hope too see you very soon in another project…
    Good luck:)

  59. You bring magic and happiness to people and as far as I am concerned — and I bet I’m not the only one — help me through my own adversity !
    So thank You, and may this and whatever you’ll create live long.

    Happily ever after
    I hope to read your happy twittings again and again !
    Vive le baseball et le chocolat :)

  60. You all at the Cast of Romantically Challenged , have only just began .

  61. I guess the Peacock in your yard , was a sign after all . I guess you next serious , will be on NBC and not ABC .

  62. I’m wondering if ABC doesn’t pick up the show, is it still their property? I mean, could another broadcaster pick it up?

  63. You are such a good at everything that you do that this tv show would have been a total success and also that not only for you for the rest of the cast too.
    In the Business world nowadays one expects to win rapidly and in short time and it does that they lost projects as good as this one.

    Is not important what happens. I, your followers and the people who indeed knows you and loves you will always be supporting you, sending with love all the best desires for your career.

    The people who let you go don’t know the much are losing.

  64. You’re too awesome for that cheesy show anyway Alyssa.

  65. Oh No! Now how am I going to get tips on dating….or what not to do when dating. :-( I am so upset with ABC. I think I’ll boycott. When one door closes another one opens. Right? I am glad to part of the RC Army when I can be. It made my day to see my puppy with his big floopy ears is on the slide show. We still have twitter to share laughs with and our lives filled with Romantically Challenged moments. I still have everyones backs on this show if future endeavors. Much Love to You All.

  66. Hi Alyssa,
    I wish you much luck with your career. Could you PLEASE settle a dispute I am having with a friend of mine……was that you, having lunch in New Canaan on Friday, May 14th? I say it was! We were sitting next to you. If it was you, you look good blonde!
    Again, good luck!

  67. Sorry that ABC was so short-sided that they didn’t keep the show. I’ve been a fan for MANY years, Alyssa, and will continue to show support, no matter what project you’re on. It’s been a pleasure seeing you engage on Twitter and share so much of yourself. I’m honored to share the Twittersphere with you and know the next great project is already forming for you. Peace, @JesseLuna

  68. So sad to hear the official news! I got to see afew episodes off itunes and it was hilarious! We sure need something like that on our teles over here. I was gathering a little Romantically Challenged army of fans here in Australia for when it hit our televisions.

    I feel like I know all of you guys personally through all your tweet updates, thankyou for being so dedicated to your fans! Bigger and better things are in the future for all the cast, i can feel it! And you can be sure we’ll all be here to support you at every twist and turn! :)

    My twitpic:

    Jacquii (@jacq_lie)

  69. That was very awesome! Thank you for taking the time & effort to thank us!
    Your a very sweet & real human ;o)

  70. I just want to acknowledge the work of these actors: Kyle Bornheimer, Kelly Stables, Josh Lawson and of course the great Alyssa Milano. And Ricky Blitt, the creator. For this wonderful series although has had only five chapters of life, has given hope to all those people who we are Romantically Challenged and we are not lucky in love.
    Really thanks for all the work you have done, I just hope that those who have made this decision one day to realize the mistake they have committed.
    Thanks for all, the laughter, the twitters, the moments….
    Thanks for make me happy

  71. Thank you for what was surely to be another great show.. I guess ABC doesn’t need viewers.. we tell them what we like.. and they ignore it.. ABC = ANOTHER BORING CHANNEL!!!!
    maybe if Alyssa was on DWTS they would let her be on more than 3 episodes!!

    reality TV is a joke.. bring back the REAL Talent!!

  72. Hiya Alyssa
    so sorry to hear about your show being cancelled! i live in england so i havent seen any of the episodes but ive seen clips of the show and it looked like it was good!
    Heres my pic….
    i tried to upload it the other day but it wasnt working….but i managed to upload it just now for you to see :)
    hope to see you on another tv show sometime soon!
    Love from Natalie xxx
    (twitter: natsmith123)

  73. Alyssa, no need to thank us, it is we who thank you for being the continuously wonderful, inspirational person that you are. I was the “creator” of the chalk message on the driveway and it gave me quite a thrill to see something I did on impulse, being retweeted halfway around the world. I’m just disappointed for you that it didn’t work, despite the “Power Of The Tweeple”. Twitter certainly makes the globe a smaller and far more interesting place and you’re a big part of that. As Craig Bierko very aptly described you: America’s Tweetheart! ♡

  74. God Bless You Alyssa, For always trying so hard, and being an “Angel” to a World that needs multitudes of miracles. Hopefully ABC will bring “Romantically Challenged” back in mid-season. I do not see any show that ABC produces that is more entertaining than “Romantically Challenged”!!

  75. Thank YOU! You have entertained us so perfectly and with all your heart always. You must know that we have turned to your amazing work to escape the dull times and especially the harsh times life throws at us. Some of us grew up right along with you and learned so very much from you. You are more than an actor, a personality, and a star. you are a heart with talent & compassion. A contagious spirit. You are loved and respected. Xo

  76. I’m very sad the show is not going to be on! Need to see the beautiful Alyssa! Maybe something better will come along so we get to see her. You will always be close to my heart no matter what happens!! Love & Peace always.. :D

  77. Hey Alyssa! I didn’t get a chance to make a pic, but did watch and enjoy Romantically Challenged! Hate ABC didn’t believe enough to keep it going, but maybe another network might?!? Thank you for a great show!

  78. first. Sorry my English :D
    I’m from Brazil and i love RC and you too *-*
    Romantically Challenged was amazing, really .
    I hope you be very happy in what you’ll do
    very sucess (LL’
    the ABC will see the big mistake they was commit!

    Sorry my English again (:
    take care .
    peace .
    I Love you <3

  79. Hey Alyssa,

    So cool that my Romantically Challenged poster is in your Slideshow (01:02)!
    Sorry it didn’t help to keep RC from getting axed by ABC…I really liked to see you again on TV (or on my computer actually because I don’t live in the USA) and the show really made my laugh. I hope you’ll find another tv show really soon that will have at least a hand full of seasons. I wish you and the rest of the cast a lot of good luck for the future!



  80. Alyssa,

    I want to thank you. RC was probably one of the best shows I have seen in a long time. I will miss it, Im very sad that ABC did what they did. I dont think its fair or right. But I hope that all it well with you and that you dont get to down over this. Just know we (your fans) will stand by you no matter what! Always!

    Lots of love and happiness to you!

  81. I love youu alyssa!! :) you are sooo pretty & talented && just plain awsome o wish I could be like you!!

    Loveee you!!

  82. It’s ridiculous that the show was canceled so fast when so many terrible shows seem to last forever.
    It was a treat to be able to see you on TV again even if it was sadly so short lived.
    Hang in there. Something else will come along!

  83. ask your Hubby for a hug he will give it :-)

    It was a funny show, When someone says “PROM DORK” that is funny…..

    p.s we love ya Alyssa

  84. Alyssa,

    I’m sorry to hear that your show was cancelled!
    I think it’s just amazing how much effort you put into all of it and you should be proud how much buzz you and your crew caused, just on Twitter!

    Keep smiling like always!


    Uh, by the way, here’s my twitpic… Doesn’t matter you missed it!

  85. I’m sorry that your show got cancelled. I looked forward to Mondays so I could watch it. I hope ABC realizes how huge of a mistake they have made by cancelling Romantically Challenged. Good Luck in the future.

  86. I hope that all will be adjusted! Also cannot be differently!
    It is necessary to believe in it!

  87. I’m so sad this got canceled, I was so excited to see Alyssa back on TV..she is my favorite actress! I really hope she continues to act and I look forward to seeing her again!

  88. what do women see in mens hair? I just do not understand it…

  89. Su pagina es muchiiiiiuuu informativo. Muchas gracias por contrubuir al internet con su articulo.. Chau


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