Tonic – Everything That’s Good With The World

By on 10-13-2010 in News, philanthropy

Tonic – Everything That’s Good With The World


“Tonic readers are cool. How cool? We started a campaign to save Sir Lancelot, an abused horse, on Sept. 28. We had until midnight on Oct. 1 to raise $10,000 or the horse would have been put to sleep. With Gentle Barn, we ended up raising $17,002 — enough for the horse and an equine kit and back wrap — in FOUR days. Win. And, 61 percent of the donations were $10 and under, so be proud that a bunch of us came together in our own little way and made a BIG difference!

“Ellie Laks runs Gentle Barn and sent us a note yesterday. She says Lance arrived last Tuesday very nervous and afraid, but has since settled down. He still has a distinct limp, scar tissue and sores, but the massage therapy and corrective hoof trimming are helping. The therapists are still building trust with the horse and are slowly introducing him to the other horses in a slow, methodical manner.

“Obviously, a big thanks to Alyssa Milano. I emailed her the story from Portugal. She was on-set in Toronto and within three minutes she had tweeted the story (which ended up being re-tweeted 237 more times), and donated $2,000. A few minutes later she challenged folks to get involved, which led to another 114 re-tweets. She’s an angel, really. One of the kindest, most thoughtful people you could ever meet.”

Read on, and learn how to get involved yourself, at


  1. This is what I love about Alyssa! She sees this on twitter & before you know it, she’s right there helping. Now this horse will survive cuz of Alyssa’s efforts. What makes twitter so great is the way she uses it to help, UNICEFA, Charity Water, Haiti, countless other charities, even a doggy with no front legs, now this horse! I’m amazed & very fortunate to know this beautiful, compassionate woman! She truly cares. :D

  2. P.S. Lets not forget Alyssa’s field work in places like, Ethiopia, Kosovo, India, and South Africa!!! This woman is for real!!!

  3. I’m so glad to hear he’s safe!

  4. sounds like a socialist plot

  5. TONIC is an innocent brown baby horse who is kind to everyone and only loves JESUS, foils, friends and children…

  6. …foals, financial benefactors, and Alyssa Milano-Bugliari. BEST OF LUCK TO YOU TONIC!

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  9. How can i give money to assist Japan?
    I’m so sad by what happened in Japan with the earthquake and tsunami and I actually want to help them by simply donation.

    Does any individual know an online site or anything where one can donate to support Japan?