1. Already liking the style. I saw my favorite team sweatshirt! When is this line coming out?

  2. I love the clothes are all beautiful!
    With all my love to you both!
    Kisses, my star!

  3. 3 days… Huh!!!

  4. 4:46am… Yea,somewhere over the Atlantic!

  5. Nice photoshoot but missing the main star attraction: Alyssa MIlanoooooo!!!!

  6. Nice photoshoot but missing the main star attraction: Alyssa MIlanoooo!!!

  7. Not the same without Alyssa!! By the way, the San Francisco Giants won the World Series yet you haven’t come out with new SF Giants gear for a really long time..why? I know you are a Dodger fan, but you offer lots of options for other teams. Why not the SF Giants??? I love you Touch line; just wish there were more options.

  8. Great sports wear! Hope to see some FL Gators stuff in your collection! :)

  9. You philanthropic work is an inspiration. Hoping that others will follow your lead.

    Thanks, Mark

  10. Make up is the main concept behind the photo shoot..To take photos smartly..I saw the Video…Its informative


  11. My daughters are going to LOVE this stuff! Great work!

  12. Dear Alyssa Milano-Bugliari, I Loved Your ‘TOUCH’ Spring – Summer 2012 photo shoot, the clothes are artsy, stylish and fashionable! The fashion models are almost as pretty as You, Alyssa! Do you have ‘TOUCH’ clothing for pregnant women? I Pray that Your pregnancy is comfortable, cool, and happy! Love, Doug xoxo

  13. OMG!! i love this!!
    + steelers and PenguinsXD
    i like need this clothing to come out..noww!!XXD
    cant wait:)

  14. Will you ever include NCAA teams? Very, very nice fashion!

  15. I know what I’m getting my wife. Thanx!