Touch Grand Opening!

By on 11-16-2010 in touch by am

Touch Grand Opening!

Alyssa’s second Touch Boutique (1st is in Citi Field) has just opened at Consol Energy Center, home of the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Here are some pictures of PensGear! (click images to enlarge them)




  1. Yay! Congratulations!!!!!

  2. Best of luck to you. I’m a Penguins fan living in Boston and would check it out if I could.

  3. hello alyssa have been a fan of yours your whole career to me you are the prettiest woman ive ever seen love always n-8 i live on cape cod

  4. looks expensive , nice table the one under the one under the jacket in the middle second from the bottom 3’d from the top one the right hand side with the black hand print in the corner facing the camera near,, the,,,, towel mmm sorry. uuurr,, o yeah that’s over lapin the edge of the table the one,
    why is she bitter , ?

  5. sweet ꀪ

  6. That’s kool you opened a new store. It looks nice!

  7. congrats for the new touch boutique!

  8. looks great

  9. Great line of clothes! The prices are really affordable. I cannot to meet Alyssa on Friday night!

  10. Excited to have some fashionable women’s items, but would like your line better if you were a PENS fan!

  11. hell yea :) i live in pittsburgh and ive always been a huge fan of alyssa and to find out she is not only a pens fan but is opening a store in my town is totally awesome<3

  12. Way to go, Alyssa and the Pittsburgh Penguins! We just posted a story about this, Alyssa’s hockey clothing line and appearance on NHL Live on Lisa’s Lounge blog at PLease check it out!

  13. Her clothes are actually reasonably priced. I bought a shirt so that I could meet her today at South Hills Village Mall in Pittsburgh and was pleasantly surprised by the price tag. Some of the items of course are more expensive than others but let’s be serious—they are apparel of sports teams. It’s usually going to cost more than just regular clothes.

  14. Just bought a shirt for a friend for Christmas at the new store and got to meet Alyssa too! Had a great time and thanx for the pix and autograph, keep up the great work girl!

  15. Alyssa’s clothing line is amazing. I bought a couple of her shirts and they are extremely comfortable and very girlie!! They make you feel “at home”. The comfy, cozy feeling!! ALong with the benefit of wearing your favorite team!!

  16. Any upcoming appearances sheduled for 2011? Please let us know in advance so i can get myself a plane ticket and fly over! :) Love and hugs x

  17. When are u coming to Philly, the world’s GREATEST sports town???

  18. Congratulations Alyssa! So, the San Francisco Giants are next to be blessed with a Touch Boutique????? hehe We’re the 2010 World Series Champs, not bragging, well kinda lol but I’m just proud we won, wouldn’t you guys :) Can’t wait and hoping and praying we get one in the Bay Area! :) Lots of love xx

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  21. I went to the Pens store and it was great! Congratulations.

  22. Yay! I live in Pittsburgh, and have season tickets to the Penguins. Very exited! Don’t think I have noticed the new store, but next time I go, I will look for it!