1. Good luck with your TOUCH line of clothing Alyssa! Keep up the good work. Nothing wrong in taking a step back to enjoy your new son Milo. Although we do not see as much photos as before, we all understand you are a new mommy. Enjoy mohterhood to the fullest-life does go by fast. Nothing wrong in taking a step back for a little while to enjoy the bliss of being a new mother. Work never finishes, life does! Try to post a few photos of the little munchkin if you can. From the beautiful city of Montreal, Canada, Love, Mayer Sasson.

  2. Hi, Alyssa, I’m a fan. I just wanted to send out a CONGRATS on the new baby. Even though, I don’t know yo personally, I am happy for you. Having a new baby is wonderful, and every moment with him is precious. Anyway, good luck to you, and God Bless.

  3. Dear New MOM Alyssa Milano-Bugliari, I bet You are having the time of Your Life with Bundle of Joy Baby Milo, David and Family! I noticed Your fashionable ‘TOUCH’ clothing line in the October issue of VOGUE magazine. Your women’s sports clothing line is chic, modern and stylish; and I know everybody desires to wear ‘TOUCH’. Thank You for trying to cure the World of hunger and thirst!! I Love You, Doug xoxo