1. Challenge of dating really hits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you have know clue what I have sat here typeing to you for a few hours and I just lost out of my browser right before I sent it. because I typed so much to you that I about had a breakdown and Iam not able to type it back to you. Its something that made alot of since and alot of comments about you. Ah the evil between us is so strong to try and hold you back from me. !!!

  2. i luv u alyssa I REALLY WANT TO MEET U SO MUCH I respect you xx

  3. hi do you want to chat with me my name is John i love you alyssa your so amazing to me. LOVE…John

  4. so sorry i have to go to bed love..john

  5. It is 5:07 not fair at all. I hate my life it is so rude.
    mabe i could cry tell my mom says you can say up I rock!!!!

  6. Alyssa, you are truly an inspiration. I’ve been watching your acting for over ten years (and I’m only 22) and I love everything you’re in. You are stunningly beautiful and look amazing no matter what you do with your hair/clothes/make-up. It’s a natural beauty that most women don’t possess. I also admire your genuinity and the fact that you are a real person. When I watched this video and heard that you are 38, I was shocked! You are the only star I care to follow, and I wanted you to know that. I hope you see this, and thank you for being one of the better things about Hollywood!

  7. Thanks for good article. Hope to see more soon.


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