Alyssa Milano on Pakistan flooding

By on 8-27-2010 in Media, philanthropy

Actress and UNICEF Ambassador, Alyssa Milano, calls for more help for children affected by the devastating floods in Pakistan. Learn more about UNICEF’s emergency relief efforts for children in Pakistan.


  1. Moving, Heartfelt video

  2. What Can I Do To Help

  3. Sexy, brains & a heart of gold. The girl is perfect stone cold 10. Hot enough to be a poster on the wall & still a girl my Mom would want me to marry. Nuff said. Long time fan; And this is yet another reason, while other hollywood types are flash in the pan. You still rock my top ten list.

  4. Hello!
    I do to you a respect sign! For your work. For that that you are sorry forces and means, in the help of the needing. Thanks you for your kind heart and beauty.


  5. Excuse, for bad English, I use the translator.

  6. You do things really well for these children !!!
    You’re so generouse not like others Stars so just thank you for them !
    They need people like you !
    You’re not like others !!!
    Well done!!!!!

    Goodbye with peace and love .

    Love U.

    Mélanie (french girl )

  7. This is what I really love about Alyssa, her real compassion to help folks who live in these horrible conditions. This is someone who truly cares, something we should all learn! Keep up the good work Alyssa! The Father will surely bless you for your good deeds!

  8. Alyssia – You have a big HEART for people. I love the show “Who’s the Boss”. You have both feet on the ground and not one of those Child actors who waste their lives partying all he time. Instead you have a golden HEART to help people. P.S I saw the my space thing on Samatha , isn’t she marrried to HaNK STILL. I also love the Movie ABrave to Alsaka and the lifetime movie. Keep up the Great Work and you’ll always be special . Tracy

  9. PS. Thank you for giving your Heart.

  10. Very moving. May God bless you and reward for your efforts to alleviate the suffering of these helpless children.

  11. i love what you are doing for the people in pakistan its very touching! if i had the chance to do what you were doing i would do it!

  12. Alyssa, ” Unity must be the Common Ground upon which all Americans stand to support the needs of the poor and hurting around the world, and this Unity will not be fleeting, but rather an everlasting virtue. “….Thank You so much for all of the hard work and contributions you have provided for those in desperate need. You are not only an amazing actress, but a very amazing person as well. From my Heart to Yours……………..James S

  13. Hey,
    I’m a big fan! I think you are an amazing actress as well as an amazing human being. The way you care for others is admirable, and i wish there were more people like you out there. I’m an university student, my major is modern languages, and i would love to do something to help kids, or pretty much help everyone (if possible) but i’m still not sure the way to go. But i know that eventually i will get there, thank you for being an inspiration!
    Massiell Rodriguez