Upcoming Touch Appearance

By on 4-18-2010 in Appearances, News, touch by am

Stop by & see Alyssa at the Radio City Music Hall during the NFL Draft! Alyssa will be doing a signing in the Radio City’s Grand Lounge on Saturday the 24th from 12:30 pm – 1:00 pm.


  1. Funny television show tonight – Alyssa! All of your characters are so hillarious! I will be watching “Romantically Challenged” every week. My nephew, Jonathan will have to visit you Saturday; because he lives in N.Y.C.. I am proud of Jon; he works at Zara’s, and also as an Assistant Fashion Designer. From, the “Doug” who would hold on to you love you forever.

  2. Do we need to get any kind of ticket to get in?

  3. I love Alyssa and seeing that she is going to be at Radio City Music Hall for the NFL Draft just made my day! I’m a tour guide there! Hope I get to meet her.

  4. There should have been more information given on the website about the autograph signing, because showing up there, no clue and then to find out you needed a NFL draft ticket to get in and the Radio City employees had no knowledge of the autograph signing. It was a unprepared appearance at Radio City Music Hall.

  5. hi i love alyssa milano shes the best ive been seeing her in charmed & whos the boss lov alyssa.=0

  6. hay alyssa milano i love yoou much<3/.

  7. Was wondering if the jeans were coming back into your line. I missed out on them here in Canada, and was hoping to buy a pair online. (Can’t find any). O_O

    Help? :-) Anyone else who knows can fill me in as well. Thanks

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  9. I like the way you write baby!!! keep it up!! happy new year

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