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From the hit TV series Charmed.



  2. Missing Phoebe a lot. I still love Charmed

  3. Alyssa forever!!!
    Phoebe my love <3

  4. i watch charmed everyday and you are my favorite one out of the charmed cast i am on the episode that piper(holy marie combs) has her baby on the kitchen table and i am waiting to get all of the dvds and i will be getting the last dvd tomarrow in the mail im soooo excited

  5. Charmed is the best!

  6. Alyssa, I love your character of phoebe!!! I have all the seasons! ANd I have watched all the episodes 3 time! And I still love them! I love your character in all of them. And I have your book. Can’t wait to visit your store!
    I love charmed it’s the best!
    Laura <3

  7. I Loved You In Charmed I Bought The Entire Series Last Month You Rock Keep Up What you do your an inspiration!!

  8. Hey, Alyssa! How you doing? Thank you for your serial Charmed.On I love … Say it’s true that today was 9 season? Honestly, I would very much like this.
    You do not know, as it is now the case with Julian McMahon? Do you think he could return to Charmed next season (if it is, of course, will be)?
    I would be very glad if you answer me on ! Good luck to you and success!


  10. hi again ………is a 9 season in charmed???????????????????

  11. I loved Charmed and I loved Phoebe…she helped me to find myself. Thank you for this amazing show, you are Charmed.

    You’re the best,

    Love you

  12. Wow! that’s waly too cool! knowing you and cole got married!
    I really love that part…. hope to hear from you soon. thanks alyssa *hugs*

  13. I still think of the charmed ones as my family……..
    I love you ……..
    God bless you ………

  14. awwwwwwwwwwwww
    i luved charmed
    congrats to ur wedding daii , hope ur haddd lotz nd lotz of fun
    it great that you do stuff for unicef , itz cool , xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    take care

  15. Aw this is making me miss Charmed!

  16. Thanks so much! That is wonderful!

    Charmed…Phoebe… forever! )))

  17. Hello, my name is Anna and i’m french.
    I’m 12 years old.
    J’éspère que vous comprenez un peu le français car a part ce que je vous est écrit, je ne connais pas grands choses dans votre langue.
    Tous ça pour vous dire que je vous trouve formidable et que je vous souhaite tout le bonheur du monde !
    Je vous admire énormement et encore une fois, bonne continuation et plein de bonheur !
    De la part d’une très grande admiratrice.

  18. i loved the sow during the cole seasons,but couldnt watch after that,except season 7,yes cole agian,maybe the writers will give you guys a right ending,and not punish him for good,wipe his memory and let you two end it right,but thankyou for those seasons,i could relate,and your acting,and as a couple was great,your humor both was the best,i love the way you loved him,a tradgey the wrong way they ended it,you should read youtube,and alot of other places i am not the only feels this way,but you were awesome,they should of had you on nip/tuck,not rose,paige never liked cole,they have the wrong witch,you would have sent ratings through the roof……..

  19. Hi, i have loved charmed since day 1 Alyssa you are very beautiful and your acting is amazing. And you have great fashion sense. I have always loved your style on charmed and was wondering if you could tell me where to get some of your outfits from the show. I have looked every where and can’t seem to find anything.Also my 4 daughters love you also they play “charmed” everyday with there magical power and they want to be you. Congrats on your wedding and may you be happy healthy and well loved always.

  20. charmed ist eifach nur geil. schade das es keine neuen staffeln mehr gibt.
    zum glück hab ich ja alle:)

  21. Alyssa ti amo!
    Phoebe,per sempre nel cuore.
    Phoebe Halliwell forever<3

  22. WOOOW !!! Great interview & clips! I LOVED “Charmed” and always will! And Cole… Oh my! :p <3 Julian plays a bad guy sooo well in "Nip/Tuck" too! :D

  23. Ma chérie , ( My love )

    Quelle superbe femme tu es !!

  24. Good day
    Where are You

  25. thank you alyssa for this great clip, i am a huge fan of charmed and always it will remain one of my favorite tv shows… question i am sure you get asked alot …Will there ever be a charmed movie/reunion? im sure all the fans would love it! ( i know i would lol)

  26. Hola soy de Colombia en español la serie lleva por nombre Hechiceras
    y no me la pierdo por nada.

  27. joyeux anniversaire ! ! !
    désolé pour le retard

    Anna Portero une de vos plus grande fan !

  28. hey

    charmed is very fantastic, it was a beautiful serie, with of course beautiful actresses, it’ s stupid that it could not last for indefinitely!!!
    charmed, I LOVE YOU

    ps: i’m from Belgium therefore sorry if there are mistakes in my language!

  29. hi love ur movie charmed i watch it every day and looking forward 2ur next film catch me on or ayobamifunmilope on facebook thanx looking 4ward 2 see u much love.

  30. Hello Alyssa.

    You are so beautiful and a wonderful actress.
    I´m from germany and i would say, I love you and your charmed-character Phoebe Halliwell.
    Thx, for this clip!!! it´s great and i know why I see the dvds from charmed every weekend!!!

    in love

  31. I practically grew up watching charmed, the high light of my day would be to come home and find out my mom rented more charmed!!!!!!!! That is truthfully how I knew your name and every thing! When I finished it I all most burst out crying because I was happy of being the first person to finish charmed in my family, and that it was actually done!!!!!!!!! I was happy sad and actually sad at the same time!

  32. You did an awesome job in charmed. I cried at the end when phoebe didn’t stay with Cole. Please do a season 9 of Charmed. :D There should be a reunion, Prue and Cole should come back into the main cast. Read the youtube comments, how everybody misses the show. haha think about it.

  33. Phoebe Halliwell is so amazing and great!… I love her and this serial CHARMED!

  34. Hello Alyssa,
    My name is Daniela and i’m brazilian. I loved Charmed, especially the love story of Phoebe and Cole.
    I miss this character very much!
    I’m your fan too!

  35. I love charmed. I have every season that I brought online in a the special book of shadows box. It’s very cool. Charmed is my favorite show because I love the supernatural stuff. and the story is very nice. Favorite character was Prue now i changed it to Paige. I like her powers the best.

  36. I dont know what to say, It was so lovely :)

  37. I Hope there is going to be more ^^

  38. I love Charmed

    alyssa trop belle


  39. Dear Alyssa, I so totally love “Charmed”….it is on every morning 8:00 a.m. and again 9:00 a.m. I watch it every single morning over and over. It is my all time favorite program. I wish it was still on and would never end. From the very beginning when Prue, Piper and Phoebe first became witches. And when Paige joined the cast. It would be so awesome for a reunion with all of you. I used to watch you on “Who’s the Boss”. You are a very talented lady….as an actress as well as producer. Thank you for all you’ve done and all you are. A huge fan of Charmed always…..I hope they don’t ever take it off TV…….Sincerely, Linda

  40. Absolutely loved the Charmed series, if only it didnt have to finish with the 8th season… it was funny, sad and confusing at times lol.

  41. i absolutly loved charmed so much i havewatched every episode maybe three times each! i have gotton all my friends hooked on it! it made me laugh,cry,and to many others to say it is just my absolute favorite tv show in the world! and i loved all the actors and actresses in the show! if i had the chance to meet yall in person i wouldn skip a beat!

    with love, bethany

  42. Good Day, Alissa.
    Thank you so much for your role in “Charmed” Only yesterday I have finished watch this. And you make me more kind, and thanks for you – I am not afraid of marriage anymore! (Sorry dor my English – I am from Ukraine)