Colbert – Better Know a Beatle

By on 9-12-2009 in my Tube

I’m a huge fan of the Beatles. Here’s a clip of Paul being ‘cute’ on Colbert.


  1. love the beetles to,love there music, have the cd,i like the movie yellow submerine.

  2. me and my husband saw paul mccartney in concert in boston

  3. funny clip! by the way It’s BeAtles, not beetles. They had a great beat in music hence Beatles not insects.

  4. My daughter and I love The Beatles also. My daughter especially has posters all over her wall. I happen to know someone who works with the manager who promoted The Beatles.

  5. cool! george harrison was a cool beatle!

  6. wow.. that was unexpectedly.. very funny!

  7. So, so funny!

  8. Funny clip, Paul can sure hold his own. I’m a huge Beatles fan and also love the Colbert Report. Pretty neat site btw, I’m going to have to check out some ‘Touch’ Bears apparel!

  9. there will never b anyone to compare to them.. on another note…r u still married? i havn’t been on your site in a few years and was surprised to hear u got married in 2009

  10. Alyssa… See I knew it, not only you beautiful, smart and talented… You also have great taste in music.. <3 … Keep smiling..

  11. the Bootlegs Beatles is going to show up in estonia:P

  12. Thanks Alyssa. So funny. Paul tried to not crack up at the end. Who’s The Boss? Paul McCartney!!!

  13. Oh man! Paul was such a great sport about that interview! That was a lot of fun to watch.

    However, I believe Stephen’s plan for the wrist strong bracelet is going to fail. The whole idea is getting one, and passing it on to a more famous person. I’m not really sure Paul is going to be able to find someone more famous than himself.

  14. hi i remember you meeting you on whos the boss , we tweeted lasts yr

  15. sir paul is the man!!!! we shall never forget the great band that started it all, we miss you john and george, rocks!!!!

  16. Hello Alyssa , My name is Julie, I’m 12. I’m a french girl and i’m fan of you . You’re so beautiful and talented. I Hope you see this comment.I appreciate everything you do to help others. You’re my model. I love Charmed, you’re a so good actress. On that note, I wish you a happy new year 2011 and be happy.

    Julie, one of your big fan. I Love You So Much Alyssa.

    Peace and Love. ♥ Xoxo ♥