Dying Boy’s Last Wish

By on 9-12-2009 in my Tube

The video is of an 11-year old leukemia patient who inspires food drives across the county. Try to watch this without crying. I dare you. Amazing little boy.




  1. that is very sad it made me cry . he has a very good heart and its sad that he is very ill

    love sian

  2. That brought tears to my heart, thank you for sharing.

  3. That is unbelievable, but so heart touching. thank you for sharing.

  4. Working with dying patients on the ICU I’m at, here in germany, I’ve never seen someone putting other lives before themselves so that they would feel better….

    I just love kids, they are so pure and honest with what they say and do!

    I hope his soul will be reborn in a good and healthy new life!

    Love Frieda

  5. This is so inspiring and heart-warming. While it makes me sad that he passed away at such a young age, the effect that he had on people and what the people did after shows me that everyone is capable of doing something good. As Efren Penaflorida (CNN Hero) said, “you are the change that you dream as I am the change that I dream and collectively we are the change that this world needs to be.”

  6. Being from Seattle, I am so proud of this young boy. Though I’ve been involved in an occasional feed the homeless effort here, I wasn’t aware of this one. This is just affirmation of what I need to see more of in my own heart. Funny thing is that your “Jersey Shore” video is what got me to your “my tube” in the first place. Great Video!


  7. It’s places like this where you see the Divine in our world so clearly.

  8. oh my gosh. thank you sharing, Alyssa. This made me cry. I showed it to my daughter and she was in tears also.

  9. God wanted to take back his angel.

    Thanks for sharing Alyssa.

  10. God Bless, may his wings continuously shine down upon us forever

  11. i had leukemia when i was a kid and beat it this kid is amazing god rest his soul ..its funny when u walk away from something like that you feel like theres a reason i dont know it… but i go back to my hospital in philly and talk too parents of kids who have it and i feel like that helps just a little

  12. This is so touching. i did not have leukemia but had pneumonia when i was 10. its was so painful and felt like i was already fading away to heaven when my friends gave me the courage and strength to recover. Although it was difficult and tough, i managed to pull through and recovered a few months later. i started going to hospitals and orphanages and old folks homes to talk to the young and old there. Stories of love, stories of hardships and stories of hurt aches my heart. This year, i will turn thirteen on 8 october. i will forever help the needy, in any way i can

  13. absolutely incredible! what an inspiration. We should all be so self-less, what a better place this would be.

  14. OMG, as if this one little boy made such a difrents! *tears*