Twitter and the Next Big Thing

By on 8-19-2010 in Media, News

Twitter and the Next Big Thing

Who does Jack Dorsey, co-founder of Twitter, like to follow? You get one guess!


  1. Dear Lady Milano,
    I know it is really difficult for you to all your fans to write back but I have real all you trying to achieve and beg you to write me back too!
    I am (I think) one of your biggest fan because I follow all your charmed’ve seen, from the first, where did you find out that you and your sisters are witches: D up to where you see all of you in the future.
    I have very much respect for your talent and I dream since a long time to come in contact with you.
    Even if all this sounds pretty insidious mixing, I wish that you write me Back, I’m still so many questions at you.
    Like all so beautiful but say:
    Ask Phoebe: DYour Ilaria

  2. WoW ! Nice