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When: Monday, May 10th

Time: 6:30 PST/9:30 Eastern

Location: Dodger Stadium (Wait, that will be REALLY expensive to rent)

Okay, new Location: Twitter (

Why: We’re not on that Monday because ABC is airing a 2 hour episode of Dancing With The Stars, but because we love and cherish all of you and want to have your children, we will not deny you a single Monday without your Romantically Challenged pals.

Attire: clothes optional

(Bring Your Own Beer and bring beer for us too but we have to warn you, we’re angry drunks)

The cast will be doing a Q & A.

Bring a date! Though the date may resent the crap out of you for spending your entire date in front of a computer. But what do we know, we’re Romantically Challenged!


  1. OH! What a funny and cute message! I will be hoping for the shows return!Keep up the good work!

  2. also would rather have the D.Stadium location! LOL!

  3. lol I want to come, but I don’t know if I can wake up at 4 in the morning again! lol Love you guys, though!!! xo ~Niki

  4. I’d love to come too, but living so far away from LA (paris) I’m just like Phoebe1_ I don’t know if I could wake up at 3 am. :) Anyways, I’ll be here until 1:30 am I hope, always in touch w/ Twitter and @Alyssa_Milano, love youuuuuuuuuuuuu. ~HUGS~

  5. BTW thanx for the invitation :P <3

  6. Yay!!! Can’t wait!! :) Phoebe1_ we can do it!!! Isn’t 3am (my time) and 4am (your time) the best time to tweet LOL RCA rocks!! xo

  7. I will be there!!!!! Romantically Challenged ROCKS!!!!!! :D

  8. I would do it if I could figure out how to use Twitter!

  9. Hmmmm Since Clothing is Optional , should I bring My PeaCock ?

    I think I lost it .

    Has anyone seen it . I have not seen it , since I gain those extra 100 lbs .

  10. i am so there

  11. It’s a date…love the show. I can chat with you guys while Dancing with the StZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz is on…LOL!!!

  12. Cool! Can’t wait to see ROMANTICALLY CHALLENGED in Indonesia ^^
    Go Alyssa!!

  13. I cordially accept. Wine for me, a beer for you, and I’m all set! See you there! Hope to see you in the new season, too!

  14. Great show…great event?? Josh Lawson’s character is my hero!

  15. I’ll be there with a 6 pack and i’ll bring some beer too ;D

  16. I’d bet @jack could arrange the Giants’ stadium

  17. Oh, I will definitely be attending the Twitter party on Monday. Sounds like it’s going to be a tweet banger. LOL Alyssa, I like the entertaining invitation!

  18. i’ll be there with a bottle of champagne!

  19. Will definitely be there with my own beers and some beers to share..Lol…Tho it would be a morning drink for me….8:30 am my time..

  20. can’t guarantee ill be on at night, or the right time but for aylissa milano ill try i love the rest of you guyz too lol i might even be a sucky date

  21. Yay I will like totally be there like you know? Just kidding but I will be there

  22. Great! I’ll try to be there, but in my country is so late..middle of the night..Maybe I come ! :))

  23. So long as the whiskey keeps on flowing and there will be hot drunk girls at the party (just drunk enough to the point were they will settle for anyone) I’m there.

  24. I will definitely be there with bells and beer and snacks

  25. I’d prefer a 2hr ep of Romantically Challenged over 2hrs of DWTS, but a Romantically Challenged Twitter party is like the next best thing!

  26. I’ll be on:)

  27. Alyssa, you are too much ,how can anybody say no to you,I will be there.

  28. I love this show…hope it has many more episodes.
    I loved Christina Applegate’s show also was very disappointed that it was canceled

  29. Say whhhhaaaaa? :)

  30. Yaaaaaaay!! Romantically Challenged Party!!! I’ll be there! Can’t wait for it! It’s gonna be so fun! You all guys are amazing!! Romantically Challenged ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Thanks for the invite I will be there with bells on. Hope the ringing isnt to annoying

  32. i’ll be there count on me :D

  33. I will be there with more bells on since I live up here in the Great White North (Canada) and don’t want to get lost in the deep, dark woods on my way to find the community internet cafe!! Okay I am being silly as it is early and my coffee hasn’t woken me up yet! See I am #Romantically Challenged! Karyne from “K”anada!

  34. I think the show is great and should be renewed for next year. I am a homebrewer and have a mature chocolate porter ready to bottle tomorrow. I’ll bring a case or two to the TG Party. Ha !! Keep up the good work !!!

  35. Awesome! Will definitely be there! Y’all are awesome!

  36. I love a good challange! Thanks for thinking of me…

  37. Thanks for the invitation. I, unfortunately, I can not come.

  38. Clever. Very clever. And with Alyssa Milan’s many Twitter followers …

  39. Good, dodger stadium is a little far for me. Twitter is much more convenient. :)
    I’d bring beer but I can’t legally buy it—I’m only 16. Haha
    But I’ll be there! Woohoo!

    (it’s during jeopardy though. This could be a problem. I love me some jeopardy). :)

  40. Kool I will set my alarm clock but I might b asleep later in class. I wont tell sir it why he might think I am Romantically Challenged ;D

  41. will be joining the party live from manila, philippines!

  42. Love this show……it’s great…….I’m an A fan from way back. Looking forward to the party!!!

  43. I will try to be there. Sounds fun. Love the show & hope it has a long run !

  44. Yes I am honored to be invited . I will definitely be attending . But warning I’m new to twitter
    An realy don’t know how it works but have a few questions loved tobe answered .
    So I’ll be there wit bells on as they say . Love n respect to you all . Huggs to Alyssa
    @delo58 MDELORENZO ………..

  45. Oh an a quick note . Hope n wish Christina all the best with her 5K run
    Hope she raise more then her goal @delo58. MDeLorenzo

  46. I’ll totally be there! …if I don’t forget. =O
    By the way, the message was/is awesome!!! So cool!

  47. Count me in!!!

  48. Thanks for the invite and I will be there!.

  49. I will be there, this sounds like fun…Love the show

  50. I believe that be 6:30pm west coast time people.West coast 3hrs behind east coast.Arizona doesnt follow DST so it would be 4hrs behind Eastcoast.OH by way I hate DST.It throws me and my critters clocks off.
    Since I am a Seattle Mariners and Oakland-A’s fan could not step foot in side a Dodgers I will be wearing my ‘Steelers’ jammies and cocktails all around.
    TV on DWTS with all votes for Maks and Erin while comp at party.
    With regards,celticmosie

  51. You guys are the best! Can’t wait.

  52. Love your idea, definitely attending:))

  53. It sounds like ABC needs to get it’s priorities straight.

  54. Romantically Challenged party YAAAAAAAY I’m so there can I bring friends

  55. Where else have I received such an inviting invitation? Sure I’ll be there in my socks with a hard cider or six. My lady is computer challenged so I’m Romantically Challenged!

  56. I will be there and funny enough I was planning a date for Monday. Was wondering what to do on a Monday night! Perfect solution

  57. Thanks for the invite! I always watch DWTS and then always watch RC after! Alyssa, I watched you on Who’s The Boss and Charmed, and now RC! You’re a great actress! I’ll be there if I can figure out how to be there on my phone :)

  58. About having my baby thing. Sounds good, but wondering if it will be streamed live? I’m a bit on the shy side, but thinking a camera would be the last thing on my mind, I would be O.K. with it. You holywood ppl are so progressive! Luv ya, cant wait to see ya.

  59. Sure wish I could make the party, sounds like a lot of fun! Good luck, hope your show gets a 2nd season! :D

  60. Sure glad you changed the location! Ha! Yes, I will be there! You will take em’ by storm! Again….thank you for the invite!

  61. Is a party that I will not miss, I’ll be there!!! The show is a survival way to know that I’m not the only one Romantically Challenge!!! Love always, EA. :)

  62. Too clever! Romantically Challenged is far more interesting than that trendy dance contest show so many people follow!! ; )

  63. I’ll be joining you guy’s on Twitter from Australia, I love a party and I watched the pilot and love to see the show finally aired on in Australian television ASAP.

  64. This sounds fab!
    I love ROM CHAL!!!!
    i cant wait for epi 4!!!!

  65. totally gonna be there… mom is the big dancing with the stars gal but i only watch it cuz rom challenged is after it!!!

  66. Sorry I can’t be around for this. Well, in all honesty I could but would rather juggle porcupines. Don’t get me wrong. Despite the weak writing and the supremely lovely yet horribly annoying Kelly Stables, I genuinely like Romantically Challenged. Yet I’m sad because I KNOW that the two main problems will not be fixed and therefore don’t give the show a snowball’s chance in hell of lasting. THAT is my main reason for not becoming emotionally invested in this little show which will not last. Alyssa, you were missed on the tube and I was happy as a clam that you came back. Now I admit to a certain sadness at knowing said return will be shortlived. Here’s hoping the next go around will be luckier for you. If I’m wrong then riddle me this – Why is it that you personally have 821,000 followers on Twitter yet the show you are on has less than 12,000? There’s a message in that and it doth not bode well for the longevity of Romatically Challenged.

  67. When will this evening or morning???

  68. I just love you. Yet, if I could meet Lisa Thomas, I’ll ask her out immediately. She so funny, witty:)

  69. I’m bringing pizza rolls!

  70. I will come , but I am still Looking for my Peacock .

    If anyone has found it let me know . I lost it may 6Th .

    I hear by this new Technology called Twitter , that authorities use to track terrorist , that a Girl named Alyssa took it and has has it in her Garage .

  71. Drinking beer & naked Tweeting with Alyssa Milano & Kelly Stables. Now that’s a visual.

  72. Count me in!!!

  73. Clothing optional and beer? Hmmmm. Does that go for you, too? :)

    Twist my arm, sounds like fun!

  74. I’ll be there-love RomChallanged btw ( :~

  75. I Will be there! Love the show!!!

  76. Sounds like fun! I’m not too good with time so I gotta figure out what time that is for CST. Maybe 7:30? lol, wow, and now I’m gonna be moving to Boston which is East Coast time, boy will I be lost!

  77. Can’t wait! It’s a good thing its 9:30am here in my country :)

  78. I recorded theses shows, Romantically Challenged, and I just love em all. Really hope to see a lot more! This show is now my favorite!! Can’t wait for the next one! :D

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