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Alyssa Milano, Celebrity Activist for the Celebrity Presidential Age

The actress is trying to stay just famous enough to still get invited to Washington.

WASHINGTON — Alyssa Milano was on Capitol Hill in a floral dress and black Dr. Martens combat boots, her hair pulled into a tight bun atop her head. This is the look — the bun and the boots — that her best friend, Alaa Khaled, says signals to him that “we’re in for something.”

That something might be Ms. Milano knocking on voters’ doors before a special election in Georgia, where she was filming her Netflix series, “Insatiable,” or calling up Mr. Khaled on a lazy afternoon in Los Angeles to declare “we’re going to San Diego” for a protest — now. Could he drive?

“I was like, ‘Yeah. But what are we protesting?’” Mr. Khaled said. (It was the lack of legal representation for immigrant families at the border.)

That something often means lending her voice to Time’s Up, the Hollywood organization formed in the wake of #MeToo — the phrase that Ms. Milano tweeted and sent viral two years ago.

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