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Alyssa Milano on Voting For Joe Biden: “The Challenges Facing Parents Will Finally Be Addressed”

America is in crisis. There’s a public health crisis, which has left over 190,000 fellow Americans dead and millions sick. There’s an economic crisis, which has left tens of millions of people out of work, with parents lining up for hours at food banks and wondering where their family is going to sleep if they can’t make rent. And there is a moral crisis, which has left our country reeling and in anguish over systemic racism, which continues to hold America back.

As parents, we see this every day. Our nation desperately needs a leader who can bring us together, who can guide us through this crisis, and who can build our country back better for America’s families. That’s one of many reasons why I pledged to vote for Joe Biden. He’s a man whose life — often in the face of incredible grief and adversity — has been dedicated to lifting up those around him and the American people.

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