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Alyssa Milano Talks the Super Bowl, What Makes Her Feel Sexiest, and Her Graphic Novel

Alyssa Milano is one seriously creative — and busy — woman. Whether she’s acting, working on her graphic novel, or designing her sportswear line, the former Who’s the Boss? star proves that she is and always will be a boss.

This weekend, Milano is heading to San Francisco for the Super Bowl but took time to talk to Maxim about her current projects, and some Valentine’s Day and style tips.

You have your own sports clothing line now. So who’s your favorite team?

My favorite professional sports teams are The New York Giants, because my husband’s Dad is part of the sideline chain crew. For baseball, I love the Los Angeles Dodgers. My Dad was a huge Brooklyn Dodgers fan and I used to watch games sitting on his lap. When they moved to LA we kept our loyalty! For the NHL, I love the Los Angeles Kings. My brother is a hockey player and through him I became a huge hockey fan. When he was growing up, we lived in LA so the Kings became my team. And for the NBA, I love the Los Angeles Lakers. Who didn’t love Show Time with Magic, Kareem, James Worthy and the rest of the Lakers?!?

What do you feel sexiest wearing?

I believe “sexy” is a state of mind. I can feel sexy wearing my favorite pair of sweats and comfy sweatshirt watching a football game as I can wearing a fabulous designer dress and high heels on a date night with my husband. And some of my Touch Collection pieces are pretty fun & sexy too!

What are you up to for Super Bowl weekend?

I’m excited to head to San Francisco! The energy around the game is incredible. It will be a busy few days for me. Super Bowl week isn’t complete without great parties! I plan on checking out quite a few, including Maxim’s. I’m also excited that my Touch 50th anniversary collection for the Super Bowl will be for sale and that we’ll be introducing the brand new Touch Cold Weather accessories collection. A lot to do in a short time, but I’m ready!

You recently created the graphic novel, Hacktivist, and designed a line of paper towels for Viva. What sparks all that creativity?

I grew up in a very creative family and I believe that has truly given me the base for many of my projects and passions. I like to find projects where I can break the stereotype of creators…Hacktivist is definitely one of those areas—as was my Touch Women’s Sports Fashion Collection 8 years ago. And I love to work!

Why did you decide to create a graphic novel in the first place?

Growing up I always looked at my brother’s comic books and remember being amazed by the artwork. And, having two kids, you tend to read a lot of books with amazing illustrations. So, when I took on the Hacktivist project it seemed like a perfect medium.

Will another issue of Hactivist be out soon?

I would love to do another issue of Hacktivist. It allows me to explore another whole side of my creativity and bring to life topics I’m passionate about. I’m so happy of the critical acclaim it has received. I was also surprised how much feedback and support I got from real hacktivists. So, hopefully there will be more to come.

With Valentine’s Day coming up, what’s a great gift idea for men to give the lady in their life?

I really believe it’s the little, unexpected gifts that tell her you love her. A gift that may only have special meaning to the two of you. I don’t think a guy needs to spend a lot of money on gifts to make them memorable. And, timing is everything!

You’re also hosting season 5 of Lifetime’s Project Runway All Stars. Got any style tips for our guys?

Don’t be afraid to express yourself! Unique style is sexy on a guy. You don’t have to wear the hottest styles to feel good about yourself. Find a style that fits you and provides you with a true sense of confidence.


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