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Alyssa Milano Wants Her New Book to Inspire “Hope For a Brighter Tomorrow”

Could there be a better time for a message of hope?

That’s exactly what Alyssa Milano‘s new book aims to deliver (it even has “hope” in its title!). The actress joined E!’s Carissa Culiner and Justin Sylvester on Daily Pop‘s Instagram Live on Tuesday to share what inspired her to write Hope: Project Animal Rescue in the first place, as well as provide some insight into what quarantine has been like for her and her family. 

According to Milano, this book is the second in an ongoing series. Another is set to be released in October. 

“Really, I wanted to write a series about kids in middle school and giving them the tools to change the world and to make a difference and to find their voice…but also go through every single element that young people go through while discovering who they are and what they believe in,” Milano explained to Culiner and Sylvester while video chatting. 

She said these tools include volunteering, fundraising and “all of those things that I think are so vital to a society that we’ve kind of lost track of.”

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Alyssa Milano talks being in quarantine with her kids: 'They're aware that there's a deadly virus going around right now'
Alyssa Milano Discusses Her New Book – Reveals Its Goal Is To Inspire ‘Hope For a Brighter Tomorrow’

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