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EXCLUSIVE: Alyssa Milano Reveals Her Exact Post-Baby Weight — and We Love Her for It

Alyssa Milano went into detail with ET about how much she gained during her pregnancy and the road back to her “happy weight.”

The 43-year-old actress went from 172 pounds to 126 pounds after giving birth to her daughter Elizabella 16 months ago, thanks, in part, to the Atkins low-carbohydrate diet.

“I feel so much better than I did before it’s crazy,” Milano told ET. “You know that feeling when you’re dieting where your stomachs growling and you’re angry and moody? There’s none of that, because you’re getting fats and proteins. It’s great!”

With two young children at home (Milo, 4, and Elizabella, 1), dropping the weight makes it easier for her to keep up with her growing family with husband Dave Bugliari. She opened up about what motherhood has been like for her.

“Every aspect is amazing,” she gushed. “I looked at Milo’s feet the other day. He’s got these two toes that cross each other, and I was looking at my husband’s feet. Those are where those toes came from!”

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One aspect that has been particularly rewarding for Milano is being able to breastfeed.

“It’s been a joyous time to be able to feed them,” she said.

The actress has come under fire for posting pictures of herself breastfeeding, but she considers the practice to be a beautiful thing.

“It is just an amazing process that my body is giving her nourishment,” she said. “Women — we are the most perfect machine ever made.”

As much as she enjoys using her body to feed her children, Milano cleared up the misconception that breastfeeding helped her lose weight.

“I don’t know who started that myth, but breastfeeding to me makes it harder,” she said.

When Milano was a child, she practically grew up in front of America on Who’s the Boss?, which ran on TV from 1984 to 1992. With all the sitcom relaunches happening lately (e.g. Fuller House and Girl Meets World), Milano said she wouldn’t be opposed to playing Samantha Micelli again, but under one condition.

“Tony [Danza] would have to be grandfather to my kids,” she said of her Who’s the Boss? co-star.

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