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Team Spirit Meets Fashion-Forward for Female NFL Fans

Ladies, are you ready for more options than ever before on Sunday as you cheer on your favorite NFL team?

Now you can show your support for your favorite player thanks to a new deal between Touch by Alyssa Milano and the NFL Players Association that will allow fans to customize tops and hoodies with a current player’s name and number.

“I’m excited to team up with the NFLPA and continue to offer women more options in the sports-licensed apparel space. This provides fans a great new way to demonstrate passion for their favorite teams and players,” said Milano.

Touch by Alyssa Milano was founded in 2007 under G-III Apparel Group, Ltd. by actress Alyssa Milano, who is an avid sports fan, most notably as a Dodgers season ticket holder. Frustrated with the selection of apparel she found in Dodgers Stadium, which at the time either meant buying an oversized men’s item or a “shrink it and pink it” women’s option, Milano designed a collection where sports fan meets fashion-forward.

Although Touch by Alyssa Milano has deals with every major professional sports league in the United States, the NFLPA-licensed line is just the second time the brand has offered apparel customized for specific competitors. The first was a deal with NASCAR that created a line featuring driver names and numbers.


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