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‘Who’s the Boss’ Star Alyssa Milano Reveals Which Candidate She Wants to See in the White House


Alyssa Milano recently sat down for an interview with “HuffPost Live” and shared which of the many candidates she likes for president in 2016.

The actress was passionate in her support of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, a self-described democratic socialist who’s running in the Democratic primary:

“I just can’t with any of these candidates,” she told HuffPost Live in a Wednesday conversation. “I can’t even — it makes me sick to my stomach, all of it. But Bernie I feel like is a really honest, cool dude.

He doesn’t seem like a politician. He doesn’t seem too polished, too rehearsed. I think his intentions are really pure, and I think we need someone with pure intention.”

Later, the interviewer asked her if she would support former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton if she becomes the Democratic nominee instead of Sanders:

Yeah! Especially if, like, it’s against Trump.

Hillary Clinton leads Bernie Sanders by 19.5 points in the most recent Real Clear Politics average of polls, with Clinton at 52.8 and Sanders at 33.3.

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