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Alyssa Milano Returns with Hacktivist Comic

Hackativist-Season-2-1Alyssa Milano will return to comics for a second volume of Hacktivist.

She will reteam with writers Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly and artist Marcus To on Archaia’s cyber espionage series.

“At the end of volume one, we left Nate in a seriously precarious situation,” Lanzing told CBR.

“Just think about it: your multi-billion-dollar company’s been dragged through the mud to the degree that you can’t remain in control of it. There goes your fortune.

“Now, you’re at the mercy of the most covert elements of the US government, to whom you’re feigning allegiance just to stay out of prison. Your best friend has been branded a terrorist and a traitor, and worse yet, the world thinks that you’re complicit in his execution by drone strike.

“You may know that you actually saved your friend’s life, but that doesn’t change the fact that you’re still in the belly of the beast and he’s not. So, to keep from going to jail and blowing your best friend’s cover, you have to stay there. You have to lie to everyone in your life and pretend to be something you’re not, all the while hoping you can find a way to do good from the inside.”

Charmed and Mistresses star Milano provided story and concept ideas for the project.

The six-issue second volume of Hacktivist will launch on July 29.

Hacktivist was a surprise hit last year with its connection to Alyssa Milano. Time will tell if they can repeat that in their sophmore year.

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