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‘Project Runway All Stars’ Recap: Opposites Attract on the Red Carpet

Although Alyssa Milano promised this would be the most competitive season of Project Runway All Stars yet, there’s already been two episodes and only one elimination. Let’s see if they can keep up this “level of competition” and actually get rid of someone else tonight.

A Little Bit Country

Alyssa meets the designers on the runway. She’s flown some of her friends from Nashville to tell the designers about the next challenge. This week, they will be working in pairs to design two looks for two of the ladies from the country group, Little Big Town, in an “opposites attract” challenge. One member of the team will design for Karen, whose style is vintage and rock and roll, and the other will design for Kimberly who has a softer more feminine style.

The winners will have their looks worn by Karen and Kimberly on the red carpet of the Academy of Country Music Awards.

Since he won last week, Sam gets to choose the teams for this challenge. He picks Kini as his partner first mainly because he’s a fast sewer, but probably also because he’s awesome.

Sam and Kini are doing an “East meets West” theme for their looks. Kini’s making a Hawaiian inspired bright and flowing evening gown and Sam’s making a more masculine wide-leg jumpsuit. Zanna is worried that the two looks are too different and they need to find a way to make them cohesive. Kini gets frustrated when he feels like he’s doing more work than Sam. He even makes the top for Sam’s outfit just so it would be done on time.

Asha and Alexander are a pair and they’re doing a “light and dark” theme. Alexander is making something long and moody with an asymmetrical top and black tulle. Asha’s design is made with crisp white lace and is more classically feminine.

Layana and Emily are a pretty weird pair, but the two are working hard and quietly together. Ken and Dom are working well together too, with no conflict whatsoever. And that’s pretty surprising coming from someone as naturally dramatic as Ken.

Valerie and Stella’s theme is “naughty and nice.” Stella’s look is black leather and her signature rock and roll while Valerie’s working on a flowy pantsuit. Zanna is worried that Stella’s is too S&M and Valerie’s is too bridal. But neither one of these two is willing to compromise on their design. Not only that, but Stella gets annoyed with Valerie’s constant talking.

The last pair is Daniel and Mitchell, and everyone feels like Sam put them together just to set them up to fail. And they do not work well together. Mitchell picks the ugliest pink fabric for his dress and Daniel is concerned about having time to finish his black lace dress. Besides their questionable taste in design, Mitchell feels like Daniel is being overbearing with his criticism of him when he should be taking a harder look at his own.

A Little Bit Rock and Roll

This week, Little Big Town ladies Karen Fairchild and Kimberly Schlapman join Alyssa, Isaac and Georgina on the judging panel.


Asha and Alexander: Isaac thinks they fulfilled the idea of opposites attract perfectly. Georgina loves the sequins under the lace of Asha’s dress. Isaac likes the iridescence of Alexander’s look and Georgina thinks the print under the tulle is a great touch.

Sam and Kini: Alyssa says that Sam’s look is one of her favorite looks ever, but it may not be appropriate for a red carpet event. Karen and Kimberly love how it’s fancy on the top and business on the bottom. Isaac says Kini’s dress isn’t as dramatic standing still as it is walking down the runway, which would hurt a red carpet appearance.


Mitchell and Daniel: The judges like the top of the dress but think the draping on the skirt is sloppy and unfinished. Isaac think the amount of skin being shown on his model is inappropriate for the red carpet.

Stella and Valerie: Georgina loves Valerie’s jumpsuit but says that it isn’t fancy enough for the red carpet. But Isaac thinks the construction and design are impeccable. Isaac says the fabric of her dress is awful and it looks like a garbage bag. It’s also unacceptable that they can see the lining of the dress. Georgina also thinks the slit is too high and doesn’t show good taste.


Kimberly and Karen pick Asha and Alexander as winners of the challenge. Asha’s proud of this one because she’s a fan of Little Big Town and she’ll be proud to have the Kimberly wearing her look.

Stella and Valerie are safe which means both Mitchell and Daniel are in the bottom (oh look, the same people who were in the bottom the first week). Daniel is surprised to hear it’s him. He obviously didn’t think it would be. But it is. Alas. Daniel Franco is finally out of chances on Project Runway.


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